How To Get Rid Of Ghosts

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Most ghost hunters spend all of their time speaking about looking for paranormal activity. We all crave the high of actually coming face to face with some type of entity. But, what happens once we do?

What do we do once we have actually found a ghost? This article will help define the guidelines behind getting rid of ghosts.

How To Get Rid Of Ghosts

What Are Ghosts?

Ghost are individuals who have undergone a sudden and tragic passing, therefore showing resentment on the physical plane.

They are people who have not yet gone through the tunnel of “light” and remain in a state of confusion. Their frame of mind is one of obscurity or lack of understanding, as they struggle with their present, past or future fears.

Ghosts are usually bound to the place of their death. However, they don’t necessarily have to be stuck to a specific location. Objects and even people can become haunted or possessed. If there was/is a deep connection, the ghost can make attempts to inhabit the person, place or thing.

Reasons For Getting Rid Of Ghosts

Reasons For Getting Rid Of Ghosts?

Sometimes finding a ghost is not the hard part of the situation. Figuring out what to do with it once it’s there can turn out to be the real challenge. There are a lot of situations in which a person might actually want to get rid of a ghost.

Whether it is just a product of a random sighting or an actual paranormal investigation doesn’t really matter. Below are three of the main reasons that people decide to drive a ghost away:

A Loved One

The entity in question might be a loved one that needs help moving on. It might not be a matter of wanting to “get rid” of it, but it’s just the right thing to do. A soul that has suffered a tragic death might not always be aware that they are no longer alive.

They will continue to linger around in our physical plane frantically. Such occurrence is not a healthy or pleasant existence to them. The person might want to help the ghost cross over to the other side and finally achieve peace.

Accidental Summoning

Accidental Summoning

There have been plenty of cases reported in which a ghost was summoned by mistake. The person might not have been well aware of what they were doing and unknowingly called upon a paranormal being.

This is a very common occurrence and one of the main reasons why someone might want to get rid of a ghost. Additionally, some of these unintended invocations are a result of inexperienced individuals using spirit boards as a mean of entertainment.

It all starts as a fun game to play until they actually summon a ghost and then get scared.

Malicious Entities

Dark or malicious entities are the most common reason why people want to get rid of ghosts. Although most paranormal beings are not evil or out to harm anyone, there are always exceptions.

When a dark entity is encountered it is almost never a pleasing experience. In fact, most people report it being quite uncomfortable, distressing, and an altogether draining circumstance.

Completely removing the being from our world might be the only way for individuals to feel safe after an encounter.

Getting Rid Of Ghosts

Getting Rid Of Ghosts

There are quite a number of people that claim to have the ability to banish spirits. Some will even offer their services and say that they can go to someone’s home and get rid of ghosts.

Most of the time that includes a hefty monetary fee. If a person/company assures or guarantees that they can rid a house, property, workplace, or person of a ghost, be cautious.

Think twice about what they are offering and do some research. Ghosts are free beings and there are no guarantees that they will leave when requested.

How the situation is approached will also depend on the reason that the ghost is being removed. For instance, dark entities will usually require more work and strength than a lost loved one.

The entire process of getting rid of ghost will also differ and take a different path.

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is something that will be extremely important and beneficial regardless of the reason why someone is choosing to get rid of ghosts. It is the first step in asserting control over the situation.

This is also a way of expressing your feelings to the entity. Getting a point across can be quite hard when it is not made clear from the very beginning.

 Most ghosts are people that no longer have a physical body. Just like we have specific preferences and thoughts, so do they. Also, just like we might be willing to listen to what someone has to say, they might as well.

However, there are no guarantees. Ghosts have as much free will in a sense as the living do. This is why it is imperative to be respectful when setting boundaries. Think of what is being asked and the reason behind it.

Be Assertive

Once boundaries have been set, it is time to make them known. Speak to the being just like you would to any other living person. Always remain calm and collected, but speak with an assertive tone.

Ghosts can sense when someone is scared and not confident in what they have to say. This will easily give the being the feeling that they are the ones in power and don’t have to listen to what is being asked of them.

The tone of voice alone can make a huge difference in how a message is taken. So, always be mindful of that.

Remember that ghosts don’t always know that they have passed away. They might be under the impression that you are the intruder instead of them. For this reason, you might need to explain the situation to them.

Let them know that this is no longer the world they belong in and moving towards the “light” is the best thing for them.

You can ask/say things such as:

  • Please do not move any of my belongings.
  • Do not disturb me when I sleep, please.
  • Please do not interact with my children.
  • I respect your presence but would like you to leave my house, please.
  • I understand this must be hard for you, but this is no longer your home.
  • Please leave my family alone.
  • It is time for you to move on now.
Withdraw Attention

Withdraw Attention

After you have made your point clear and spoken to the ghost about what you expect, stop all communication. Refrain from giving paranormal activity that is noticed any attention.

Continued communication will only strengthen the spirit and give them more power to linger around. It is what they feed off of.

It’s also a good idea to make sure everyone else in the home or location is on board. Everyone must stop interacting with the entity. All efforts will be useless if there is someone still giving the ghost the attention they want.

Stay away especially from things like spirit boxes or other devices to communicate with the dead. These will only invite them and other beings to remain in the location.

Seek Additional Help

If none of the above suggestions seem to be helping, looking for help is probably a good idea. Don’t ever feel like getting rid of a ghost is something that needs to be done alone.

There is still a lot unknown about the paranormal, especially if you are new to the field. Seeking someone who has more experience in the field can help you gain more knowledge and understanding. They can help explain how to handle the situation properly and smoothly.

In addition, there are certain rituals and ceremonies that can be performed to get rid of ghosts that might only be able to be done by professionals. This can be especially true when dealing with malicious or demonic entities that require more work and power.

If you are religious, you can always seek advice or help from a religious leader you feel most comfortable with.

Useful Tools For Getting Rid Of Ghosts

There are many people in the field who believe in the power of “safe zones”. This entails using different elements of spiritual healing to help keep ghosts away.

The components of energy healing being used, would protect a specific area and keep all paranormal activity away from there. Although it can be extremely helpful it is not a quick fix.

The ghost will not be banished and might still remain close by. However, it will create a safe space where entities cannot enter and interact.

There are several elements that can be used:

Useful Tools For Getting Rid Of Ghosts

Elemental Stones

Crystals are a popular way to help create a safe perimeter from ghosts. There are certain natural gems that are believed to have protective abilities against ghosts.

They work as a shield to keep any negative or unwanted energy away. Additionally, crystals can also help strengthen their user and help them remain calm and peaceful.

  1. Select the crystals that will be used in the ritual.
  2. Close your eyes and envision a bubble forming inside of you.
  3. Imagine the bubble growing in size and progressively getting bigger and bigger until you are now inside it.
  4. Allow the bubble to continue growing until it covers the necessary area. Make sure to imagine the bubble growing from within you, rather than around you. This will avoid the possibility of trapping any entities inside the protective space.
  5. Once the bubble is the desired size, sprinkle some crystal chips around the area. Make sure to announce that no entities are allowed inside of your energy field and must remain outside. This can be said out loud or internally as long as you hold your ground and remain confident.

Best protection crystals that can be used: Black Tourmaline, Jet, Labradorite, Fluorite, Blue Kyanite, Black Obsidian, Apache Tear, Infinite, Staurolite, and Spirit Quarts.

Sacred Herbs

Just like crystals can be used to create a space free from paranormal activity, burning sacred herbs can also help. They are another of nature’s way to help us. You will need herbs to help cleanse the area and then other ones to bring in positive energy.

  1. Light the chosen herbs and allow them to simmer. You might need to re-light the herb if it burns out before the job is done.
  2. Make sure to start at the front door of the location, but on the inside. Moving the smoke in a clockwise direction, and cover all of the front door or entrance.
  3. Continue moving in a clockwise direction around the location, and make sure to spread the smoke into all spaces/areas.
  4. Allow the smoke to cover any windows, showers, toilets, sinks, or other areas that serve as a connection to the outside.
  5. Continue the process until you have reached the location where you began.
  6. Once there, move the smoke in a counterclockwise direction to seal and finalize the protective energy.
  7. Put the remaining of the herbs on a plate in the center of the place and let it burn out on its own.
  8. Repeat the whole process about once a week to maintain the protection.

Best sacred herbs that can be used: Sage, Lavender, Cedar, Palo Santo, Agrimony, Angelica, Asphodel, Basil, and Dandelion.

Instrumental Sounds

Instrumental Sounds

You can also follow the same method used for burning herbs with sacred sound healing instruments. Instead of using the smoke, sound the instrument in a clockwise direction and allow the sound to vibrate and spread throughout all spaces.

Best sacred sound healing instruments that can be used: Rattle, Singing Bowl, Tingshas, Ghanta, Dorje, Tuning Forks, Chimes, Gongs, and Crystal Singing Pyramids.

In Summary

Even though there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to get rid of ghosts, there are a few different methods to try. Regardless of which one you choose to use, it is important to always have pure and clean intentions.

Having positive energy as well as strong willpower will drastically improve the chances of being successful. If one of the methods does not work, do not lose hope. Always remain optimistic and try another one.

In the case that it does work, do not forget to continue periodically cleansing the area. Other entities might come to try to through and reinforcing the protection can help keep them away.

Have you ever been successful in getting rid of a paranormal being? What worked best for you?  What advice would you give someone else facing a similar problem?

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