What is Ghost Hunting?

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So you want to become a ghost hunter…  Or maybe you are interested in learning more about a particular aspect of the practice in an entertainment sense… Either way, you might just be in the right place! This article will act as a complete guide for ghost hunting.

Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting is the attempt to investigate paranormal activity within what one would assume is a haunted location. The people who engage in the act of seeking supernatural presence are known as ghost hunters. Ghost hunters are also commonly referred to as paranormal investigators.

What is Ghost Hunting

The research is typically done in a team of two or more. It is highly recommended to never pursue this hobby alone. Members of the organized group collect data from a given area for evaluation to later determine if the accused place was in fact haunted. A good reference to follow for signs a place is haunted can be found here.

What Are Ghosts?

Ghosts are spiritual entities that roam in the physical world. They come in many forms and have different levels of strength depending on what type of ghost it is. These types of entities usually develop from the passing of a living individual who died a gruesome or sudden death.

Ghost can also spawn from other origins besides people or animals. The more sinister versions of the supernatural are referred to as demons or poltergeists. More about ghosts can be found here.

The History of Ghost Hunting

The profession of chasing ghost has been practiced since the late 1800s. Groups would formally establish organizations like the Society for Psychical Research, which was founded in 1882. Besides partaking in the research of haunted places, they also studied other closely related topics like hypnotism, mediumship, and dissociation

The study of the supernatural continued to gain traction throughout the 1900s. Books were written on the findings of paranormal activity further stimulating the curiosity of the general public. One of the first to be published in 1936 was a book called Confessions of a Ghost Hunter by British psychic researcher, Harry Price.

The History Ghost Hunting

Fast forward through history, the hobby became further recognized by TV Shows in the early 2000s. The shows like Ghost Hunter and Most Haunted have had a major influence on the general public as well. Movies like Poltergeist and The Conjuring have also played a huge role in popularizing the profession today.

In more recent times, the advancement of technology has also had an impact on the hobby’s likeability. Ghost hunting equipment has received some critical upgrades in the past few decades. Since the early 2000s, the market for investigating tools like EMF readers and spirit boxes have been developed to help assist hunters in their research.

It is also becoming more common to find businesses today that offer services regarding ghost hunting.

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost hunting equipment are tools used to aid in paranormal research. With industrial science becoming more and more advanced, the line of paranormal tools is becoming even more reliable than human senses alone.

Today’s professionals in the field all have their own preference on what equipment they swear by, all can agree ghost hunting gear of any kind is essential to a good investigation.

Ghost Hunting Gear

Some of the most talked-about tools on the market include EMF Readers which measure electromagnetic frequencies… Spirit Boxes which are great for picking up ghost sounds… And Thermal Cameras which are good for picking up cold spots as well as paranormal presence since ghost operates at cooler temperatures than we do.

Another awesome thing about living in current times is the development of mobile apps. Apps are essentially programmed versions of ghost hunting tools designed to be used directly from smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications have proven to be cheaper and more convenient in many cases.

That does not go without saying one could still pursue the hobby without advanced tools. In fact, Some experts prefer to work in a more traditional sense, relying solely on a developed sense of just their wits and intuition.

I must add that investigating any type of paranormal activity without proper hardware will take an increased level of time and patients to conclude evidence of the supernatural.

If you are just starting out and don’t want to invest right away in expensive ghost hunting machinery, I highly recommend this article.

Ghost Hunting Wear

Ghost Hunting Wear

One of the most over-looked things many amateurs don’t think of initially is the clothes on their back. Having the right wardrobe for supernatural research is often times the defining difference between a seasoned veteran and a first-timer. There are many factors that come into play unexpectedly that can be critical for an investigation if an individual does not come prepared.

There are often times many factors that will lead to an unsuccessful investigation that many won’t think of in the beginning. Being underdressed for the weather is something that could lead to illness for example.

A lot of abandoned places are weathered to a point that floors barely hold up and rust as well as mold has claimed much of the environment. Having things like the proper boots and gloves on hand will be preventive steps towards not putting you or your team at harm.

A final thought that should be considered is the professional appearance an agent will have showing up to a site. Ghost hunters already have a challenging time being taken seriously to skeptical naysayers.

The hobby is still largely disregarded and referred to as pseudoscience to many nonbelievers. Making a strong impression with branded apparel will not only lead to repeating customers and referrals… But make it easy for bystanders to recognize an investigator and prevent potential interfering while in the middle of a field analysis. Learn more about ghost hunting apparel in this article.

Ghost Hunting Influence

With an increase in popularity over the last couple of decades, it has been fascinating to see the influence paranormal investigation has had on the general public.

From the tech industry… All the way to the entertainment industry, ghost hunting has shown major significance in the creativity produced everywhere today.

There are now many ways to express passion for the activity… If one undoubtedly didn’t want to put themselves in the line of work directly.

Ghost Hunting Toys

Ghost Hunting Toys

Toys are an enjoyable source of amusement for people of all ages. Collectible figurines are growing in value for hardcore traders dying to get their hands on priced rarities. video games are becoming disturbingly more realistic each day.

Board games are even seeing its share of haunted houses stapled across its boxes. Subsequently, any paranormal enthusiast looking for a fun way to pass time will happy to know there is plenty of cool amenities available for entertainment!


Children are often not recommended to pursue ghost hunting due to the traumatizing effects it could have psychologically. As well as the dangerous environments they take place in.

Alternatively, it does not mean they cannot still partake in the hobby in the playroom. There are lots of toys on the market that are great for any enthusiast youth to enjoy.

PLAYMOBIL has an entire line of Ghostbusters influenced Lego sets that any tinkerer would find hours of entertainment with. For the more active kids that enjoy moving around more… I’d highly recommend shooting toys like the nerf shooting proton blaster or remote-controlled Ecto-1 RC car!

Video Games

Sometimes the best way to experience a potentially dangerous recreation is doing it virtually. The gaming industry has seen its share of paranormal investigating influence.

Games like Luigi’s MansionThe Hidden, and The Lost Crown, are all classic video games primarily based around ghost hunting. If you have a passion for developing software… Inspired by this line of work… And can come up with an interesting concept… Maybe consider your hand at making video games.

Furthermore, if the idea of going into creepy places doesn’t suit you… Then grab a controller and hunt the supernatural from the comfort of your own home.


Halloween is obviously one of the best times of the year to express love for ghost hunting. Everyone from toddlers to adults can dress up as their favorite Ghostbuster character.

For the shy individuals who may not be ready to become a full fledge investigator, there’s always the idea of either buying a ghost hunting costume or making your own realistic cosplay outfit based on a typical ghost hunter’s apparel.

Ghost Hunting Movies

Ghost Hunting Movies

The film industry is another heavily influenced line of business capitalizing on the paranormal investigator’s niche. Since the dawn of cinematics, the horror genre has exploded with movies revolving around hunters and their ghostly encounters.

For all the movie buffs looking to satisfy their supernatural cravings, grab a big bucket of popcorn and get comfortable knowing the list of ghost films is only getting longer!

The Conception Of Horror films

In the late 1800s, France pioneered in the horror film genre with The Haunted Castle. The silent three-minute short released in 1896, captivated the audience with a story about a man encountering satan and various minions.

Soon after, the UK followed with Photographing a Ghost in 1898. This short was a film about photographers attempting to take pictures of a ghost but ultimately failing. The two countries combined released a total of five films that century dedicated to paranormal investigation.

The 20th Century Influence

Throughout the 1900s, ghost hunting had notable impacts on the film industry. Blockbusters like The Haunting, released in 1963, was a movie adapted from the novel The Haunting of Hill House is still a treasure to watch today.

Whereas the timeless Poltergeist, which was originally made in 1982, still has major influences on films made today. But if I had to pick one movie from the 20th century that has arguably brought more awareness to ghost hunting niche than anything else… I would have to say Ghostbusters.

This 1984 comedy, has had so much impact on pop culture. That merch made from its original depiction still sells off shelves today.

Modern Remakes & New Age Horror

Going into the 21st century, ghost hunter related films have still made their share of noise on film sets. With a lot of popular movies from the past being remade, there has still been a silver lining of original motion-pictures being produced.

One of my early favorites FeardotCom, shot in 2001, is a very original take on a researcher investigating unusual deaths surrounding a paranormal website. The Conjuring is also a favored franchise of movies starting in 2013 about paranormal investigators.

A few honorable non-remakes I can’t go without sharing are Paranormal ActivityWhite Noise, and Insidious.

Ghost Hunting Shows

Ghost Hunting Shows

Even though motion-picture has played a role in popularizing paranormal investigation… Television has shined the spotlight on the subject pretty well in recent times too.

The reality-TV genre has had major influences from movies like Ghostbusters in recent years. Nonetheless, the early 2000s saw a domino effect of legitimacy work it’s way back to the ghost hunting community.

Early Ghost Hunting Shows

Before reality shows become a thing, supernatural research was still apart of the TV network but in an entirely different genre. The mystery fiction genre was the home of a series called Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! 

Scooby-Doo made its first appearance in 1968 on the CBS network. In the form of an animated cartoon, this show featured a cast of teenagers and their beloved dog, solving paranormal related mysteries. This show still currently airs today across various networks.

The Documentary Era

With the 80s coming into play, Paranormal shows took a turn towards reality. Before becoming the “in-person” experience we know ghost hunting shows to be today.

The show took a more formal approach in the style of documentaries. The award-winning show Unsolved Mysteries entertained millions with stories of supernatural phenomena told about real life occurrences. The first episode aired in 1987.

The show featured a series of reenactments that would keep it running for tens of years before ending and being reaired across other networks.

The Rise Of Reality TV

Once the 2000s came around, reality shows begin to emerge. The ghost hunting niche quickly took its place amongst the genre and quickly became a successful form of entertainment.

One of the most popular of these types of shows to come along and have a serious impact on the paranormal industry was Ghost Hunters. Debuting in 2004, this show was an interesting mix of traditional ghost hunting and interpersonal drama.

The attention this show as well as others have brought is impressive, to say the least.  Because of these shows in an incredible amount of awareness to the industry helping many manufacturing businesses do well in supernatural equipment.

Ghost Hunting Tours

Ghost Hunting Tours

The tour guide business is another industry that has seen a significant boom in paranormal influence. Often times a ghost hunting tour will consist of a vehicle riding around a specific location… Telling the history and other stories about the area.

Tour guides can be found all over the world and generally are pretty inexpensive. If you decide that you are ready to be more active but not ready to go full fledge… Consider going on a tour guide.

In Summary

Ghost hunting can be a very interesting hobby to engage in. With so much influence on mainstream media,  paranormal investigating is only becoming more and more popular.

If this subject interest you but you don’t know where to start, use this guide to help you get going. Furthermore, here is a really handy article on how to find ghost I recommend looking at as well!

There are plenty of ways a person could still conduct research on a given location… Even if they didn’t have any equipment yet. It will just take additional time and patience to develop a successful method. Did you find this article useful? If so what part made things so far more clear?

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