14 Disturbing Signs Your House Is Haunted

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As unfortunate as it might sound, some homes tend to experience more paranormal activity than others. A house can be considered haunted when lost souls of the dead can’t or refuses to pass on.

These entities will attach itself to that specific location. If that happens to be your home, then I can only imagine how concern you may feel right now.

But don’t pack your bags just yet… Just because you think your house is haunted, doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

Many events that might seem paranormal at the beginning, could actually have a completely logical explanation when you look a little closer.

Signs Your House Is Haunted

Is Your House Really Haunted?

Ok, so you’re laying in your bed… In the darkest part of the night… This unnerving vibe that someone is watching you falls upon you…

What random noises peppered throughout the day when you’re certain no one else could possibly be in the house with you… If any of that sounds familiar, there’s a good chance your house might be haunted.

Ghosts make contact in a variety of different ways. Depending on their intentions, strengths, and feelings they will manifest themselves differently to different individuals.

Entities can choose to use anything from touch, sight, sound, or even your own emotions and feelings to make their presence known to you. If you happen to be experiencing these manifestations in your home without any logical explanation, then we might really be on to something.

Before unraveling specific signs to pinpoint if rather or not your house is really haunted… Let’s put some light on a dark situation… A haunted house doesn’t always have to be a terrifying experience.

The entity that has attached itself to your home could be a peaceful one. It might even be a close friend or relative that is trying to say their goodbyes.

What Should You Do If Your House Is Haunted

Signs Your House is Haunted

Stop wondering whether or not a ghost might be around you! Instead, take some time to research and study what is happening in your home and what it could possibly mean.

Not only will it allow you to put your mind to rest at night… You might end up discovering that you share residents with an extraordinary soul who’s done incredible things for our society at some point in time.

Always remember to go into this process in a safe and respectful way. The last thing you want to do is open up communication with a ghost who has negative intentions. That will require the help of someone with much experience in the field.

Below is a list of examples that you might have a ghost wondering around your house:

1. Strange Sounds

One of the most common ways that spirits communicate is through the use of sounds. Most notably, during the middle of the night when the world is at its stillest.

Could it be that they know that it will be their best chance of being heard… Or is it because we tend to be more aware and vigilant at the peak of the night.

Although, we may not know for certain the reason. It goes without a doubt, ghosts find a strong urge to use our sense of hearing as a form of communication with us.

Some examples of strange sounds ghost make could be unexplained thumping, footsteps, crying, or even the occasional whisper when if your house is haunted. Consider picking up an EVP recorder to help seek out these types of spirits.

Unusual Scents

2. Unusual Scents

If you are experiencing bizarre odors around your house, it might be something more than the trash. This can be especially true if the smell always tends to happen in a particular area of the home.

Some smells coming from ghosts might have strong ties to smells associated with them when they were amongst the living. This smell could range from specific colognes to a distinct flavor cigar.

The smell of smoke and sulfur have also been associated with hauntings throughout the years.

Bottom line is, ghostly smells could be as pleasant as your favorite scents or the polar opposite.

3. Slamming Doors

Another frequently noted phenomena for ghost encounters are the infamous slamming of doors.

You might notice that doors around your home are being forcefully closed when there is no one around or wind in the area.

A number of haunting cases document people claiming to have a specific door in their home that continues to slam close despite their several attempts to keep it open.

Perhaps this manifestation does not require a lot of effort for ghosts to enact. Maybe the reported sounds are more audio illusions and not real doors closing at all. Either way, the loud sound it produces is definitely hard to go unnoticed.

Continual Electrical Problems

4. Continual Electrical Problems

One of the most signature occurrences that we see in horror movies about haunted houses is electrical problems. Everything from the flickering of lights… To static white noise from TVs… Or random electronic devices suddenly turning on.

Despite the fact that movies aren’t always the most trustworthy representations of paranormal activity, they are pretty spot on with the way this type of sign is portrayed.

If a ghost is attempting to make initial contact they might choose this type of notoriety by causing interference with your electrical appliances.

One tool that might really come in handy for picking up these type of ghosts is a spirit box.

The paranormal investigator,  Joni Mayan, has explained that “disruption to your electronics could be a ghost’s way of powering itself”.

She does make it clear having electrical issues around your house doesn’t automatically mean or prove that it is haunted. Instead, those particular occurrences coupled with other ones could be a strong sign that you should investigate more.

5. Strange Animal Behavior

Animals have unique abilities when it comes to the paranormal. They are known for having higher sensitivity and are capable of detecting levels of energy humans typically cannot.

Pets will growl, hiss, bark, screech, or even refuse to remain in a particular area of the house for no reason. This can all begin to happen unexpectedly and without any underlying cause.

A pet at home, especially a dog or cat, will show signs of distress if there is a ghost around. Undoubtedly, causing them to act unusually.

If you notice this behavior and are unable to find any logical explanation, it is time you start paying closer attention to your surroundings.

Sudden Temperature Changes

6. Sudden Temperature Changes

Experts believe that ghosts operate at different temperature levels than the living do. This is one of the notable ways ghost hunters track the paranormal in the physical world.

Their presence will often lead to noticeable cold spots in the house. Ghosts will absorb the heat around them to strengthen their energy. This is why the temperature in parts of the house will appear to drop when ghosts are around.

If you are experiencing these random fluctuations in temperature around your house… You might want to consider possibilities beyond logical explanations.

Make sure that windows aren’t left open… There are no electrical problems with your a/c system. In the case that no explanation can be found, you can always use an infrared thermometer to get more accurate information.

7. Randomly Occurring Stains

Another common sign that there might be a ghost lurking around your home is the strange and unexplained stains. Marks are often found around walls, floors, clothing, and even furniture.

These subtle clues are more physical and can happen without any previous warnings. You might notice peculiar footprints on your floors when there is no one else around. Some people even report seeing hand-prints on their mirrors.

There have been a number of reports about very disturbing messages being left in haunting places.

Others have reported things like excessive scratch marks left on walls or handprints on fabric found around the house. Such occurrences are often there inexplicably and can be quite alarming.

8. Justifiable Paranoia

Having a sense of feeling watched is usually one of the very first events to take place during a haunting. Some would even go as far as to say, being watched is a shared experience other people in the house feel as well.

Feeling extremely uncomfortable for no apparent reason falls under this category as well. Many would report, it’s like you are not alone even when you are the only person in the room.

Being paranoid can be beneficial. Grooming you to become more aware and hyper-vigilant of your surroundings.

Insomnia will often become a major drawback to paranoia. Constantly having this feeling will really throw any person off… disrupting the normal sleeping cycle. After all, who would be able to fall asleep if someone or something is always watching you!


9. Apparitions

Most paranormal enthusiasts have had encounters with very mysterious beings, known as shadow people. Shadow people are large, ominous dark shadows, that form the shape of a human silhouette.

What is even more strange about them is that you only tend to see them through your peripheral, because once you turn to look they disappear.

Spotting these strange creatures is a pretty good indication that you have a ghost around your house. Some believe that shadow people are simply ghosts that lack the strength to manifest a more observable form.

10. Missing Possessions

Sometimes ghosts will taunt subjects, temporarily revealing themselves for moments at a time. This often leads to confusion for the person they are trying to make contact with.

Ghost will often make small personal items disappear and reappear in random places of the house. This is especially apparent to those living alone knowing there is no possible way objects could move on their own.

Items of sentimental value such as keys, earrings, necklaces, or music boxes are notorious targets for mysteriously disappearing… only to reappear later with no explanation.

These items will either reappear in the same place they were before or in a completely different location in the house.

Odd Behavior From Kids

11. Odd Behavior From Kids

Kids are the true embodiment of innocence and purity. The environment around them easily influences their minds.

This is one of the reasons why children are thought to be more sensitive to the paranormal. Their openness makes them an easy subject for the paranormal to make its presence known around them.

If you notice your kid talking to someone who isn’t there. Or furthermore, willing to share stories of a person that doesn’t exist… Don’t always assume that it is just part of their imagination.

Do a little more research and talk to your child about the situation. If you suspect that your kid is, in fact, sharing a dialogue with an entity… Discourage any further contact.

You never know what type of ghost they might have encountered and what intentions it might have with them.

12. Being Touched

Feeling something brush against your cheek, or a soft embrace on your hand when no one around does not necessarily mean that you are losing your mind.

Sense of touch is another way ghosts will make their presence known. These feelings can be very subtle and soft in nature. You’ll want to pay close attention if you begin to notice anything of this sort.

Consider picking up a night vision camcorder you can set up around the house to monitor things while you sleep. Here is a review of the best cameras built for the ghost hunting enthusiast.

If you aren’t afraid when it happens and instead get a warm comforting feeling… It could very much be relative is trying to make contact with you.

13. Depressed Moods

Sudden changes in your mood, emotions, or personality can be a sign that you have been in contact with a ghost.

A deep and dark sinking feeling in your chest… Bouts of low mood, sadness or grief, especially when it only happens in your house are all signs you should pay close attention to.

Of course, it is always recommended you seek the help of mental health professional. Even if you believe the symptoms are being caused by a ghost. The more you can rule out, the better!

Phantom Mania

14. Phantom Mania

Perhaps one, if not the creepiest sign that you might be dealing with a haunting home, is the phenomenon better known as phantom mania.

According to numerous experts in the field, phantom mania refers to the sensation that someone is holding you down while you sleep. Most people who have experienced this, also report waking up with unexplained scratches, bites, bruises, or marks on their bodies.

This will most definitely indicate that the ghost you are dealing with is not friendly. They may even have intentions to cause harm. If you ever happen to experience phantom mania, do not hesitate to call for professional help. Time is of the essence at this point.

Be Skeptical

Skeptics of the field refuse to accept any and all paranormal activity as true altogether. They firmly believe that such events are people’s imagination or can simply be explained through science.

Personally, I have experienced and seen way too much to believe that is the case. None the less, I do consider it to be extremely important to do your proper research and observations before simply assuming a house is haunted.

Aside from keeping you from going crazy, it’s just proper investigative technique.

Occam’s razor is a principle of logic accredited to the medieval philosopher William of Occam. This principle tells us that the most uncomplicated theory or answer to a situation is usually valid.

Another way of saying it would be that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely that explanation is true. Of course, that isn’t always the case, which is what makes genuine paranormal events so significant.

In Summary

Although the idea of your house being haunted might frighten you, remain calm. Remember that not all ghosts are evil or have bad intentions. As I mentioned before, you may, in fact, be dealing with a lost loved one or even a peaceful soul who simply has not left our physical plane yet.

Gary Galka is an electrical engineer who lost his daughter at an early age. He later designed an amazing EMF reader that helped allow him to make a connection with her.

If you still strongly believe that the ghost in your house has bad intentions, do not try and engage with it. Instead, seek help from an expert in the field so that they can make recommendations on what to do next.

Have you ever had an experience with living in what you believed to be a haunted house? What were the signs your house was haunted? Tell us below in the comments!

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