How To Find Ghosts: A Proven Technique

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Ghost hunting is a challenging hobby many individuals enjoy pursuing. It does require a certain level of expertise and time devoted to developing that skill set though.

Lots of people find the niche interesting enough to try and initiate a search of their own but result in nonbelief due to not succeeding.

These types of negative experiences have led the general public to see ghost hunting as just pure amusement and nothing more.

If you have been struggling to successfully locate any type of paranormal activity, today’s article will be a perfect guide to teach you how to find ghosts.

How To Find Ghosts

What Are Ghost?

First and foremost, you will have to understand a few things about ghost before heading out to hunt for one.

Ghosts are individuals who have undergone a sudden and tragic passing, expressing resentment on the physical realm.

There are several different types of ghost, many more dangerous than others. Entities of this kind aren’t even always an energy that once lived as a physical being.

It would be wise to do research and have a proper understanding of which type of entity one might be trying to pursue.

In addition, a ghost is also not the same as a spirit. Spirits are usually a lot safer to pursue since they usually linger around for less deviant reasons. These entities were at one point a living person or animal.

They remain in a spiritual state while being trapped in the physical realm to fulfill a purpose. In many cases, They are more than likely just trying to pass a message along before transcending on.

I strongly recommend looking at this article going more in-depth about the various types of ghost and the difference between them.

What Are Ghost

How To Find Ghosts

Now that there has been a proper understanding of what a paranormal investigator is looking for, we can cover formalities that will lead to successfully finding a ghost.

One thing to understand about ghost hunting is that there is no one size fits all technique. Every professional investigator has a system of their own they have developed after years of practice.

The process being discussed here is one of many approaches I have successfully encountered paranormal activity with.

Before we begin, I want to emphasize the importance of expectations. Paranormal research will entail a considerable amount of patience. Even if you do everything right, there are no guarantees.

When it really comes down to it, we have to remember it’s entirely up to the entity to decide if rather it wants to reveal its itself or not.

If you use this guide and familiarize yourself with the process, you WILL experience a fair share of paranormal events within a matter of time.

Start By Gathering Material

As it usually flies over most amateurs heads, having the right ghost hunting gear is essential to a successful investigation.

Things like Spirit Boxes, EMF Readers and Night Vision cameras will go a long way… But at the very least, if you have a smartphone, You could download ghost hunting apps to help out with the hunt.

Some individuals do find luck ghost hunting without any equipment at all but if you are here to learn how to find ghosts… Seriously consider getting at least the bare minimum as far as supplies… Or a cheap ghost hunting kit before continuing on with this post.

Household supplies like a flashlight, compass, and thermometer will get you going for now.

Another very important, yet overlooked component is dressing properly for the occasion. It won’t make or break your ability to catch a ghost but it will make a difference in terms of longevity with you as well as your equipment.

A camera lens is not cheap these days, so get a proper backpack and protect your gear! Here is a really great article better explaining how you should dress as a paranormal investigator.

haunted places

Find A Good Location

At this point in time, ghosts can be found just about everywhere. It would be naive to think that spirits aren’t roaming every part of the world.

But for the sake of a beginner,  it will be wiser to investigate known locations of supernatural presence. Starting a hunt in haunted places will greatly increase the chances of experiencing a paranormal encounter.

The internet is full of most haunted places list so start your search there. I have an article of my personal favorite haunted places to go around the US you can check out.

For those of you who live in the state of Florida alongside me can also check out this list of local list of haunted places.

Another opportunity to find a good location might be even closer for some. If you think you might be having a paranormal experience right in your own home or know someone else who is…

Skip this step because you are already on your way to learning how to find ghosts!

Scout The Potential Area

Once an ideal location has been chosen, head out and do some recon on the area before you do that actual investigation.

The best time to scout potential investigation zones will be during the day. Since the best time to ghost hunt is at night, scouting is a safety precaution that can really benefit a ghost hunting team.

Look for possible fall through areas where floors might be too weak to walk on. Make sure there isn’t broken glass or other sharp objects that could create a major problem if bumped into at night. Take this time to also look for early signs the location is haunted.

If you are going outdoors, look for poisonous plants and make sure there aren’t any dangerous animals residing within that habitat.

I personally like to take this time to move large rubbish that might create obstacles for intended paths later. If you stumble across immoveable objects, find a workable reroute and work it into your overall strategy.

Proper preparation beforehand like this could be the difference between a fun, interactive mission and the emergency room!

Setup Camp for ghost hunting

Setup Camp

Sometime after nightfall has set in, begin setting up equipment and putting together gear that will be used to operate.

If you are going to be illuminating the environment, you should already know where lights will go and where they will receive external power from the last steps preexamination. For tips on best lighting practices look at this article.

In a team, everyone should know exactly what to do and work as a collective to get everything up in going.

With good timing, there should be some type of paranormal activity beginning to immerge. Being in the right place at the right time is the name of this game so do not spend more time than necessary on setup.

I would expect to see things really start to take off around the Witching Hour at this point. Be mindful to your surroundings. Acknowledge the fact that you are the intruder to an entity and recklessly leaving trash or breaking things will be an extreme offense to even the living.

In other words, Don’t litter, destroy, or pee on anything… Even if you are outside!

Gather Evidence

Try to accumulate as much documentation as possible. If there are technical issues with equipment, write that down! You honestly never know what could be paranormal and what isn’t.

Keep track of what time that event happened and feel free to cross check time with teammates if you are uncertain. Some ghosts are notorious for their psychological abilities.

If you start to notice a change in behavior in fellow investigators or yourself, document that experience as well. Voice recorders are excellent for this type of collective testaments.

This is a good time to put that ghost hunting kit to use. Check thermal cameras for change in temperature readings. See if you hear any ghost sounds with your spirit box.

Use your own personal wit as well, most of what is collected on footage might not reveal much until later after the evaluation phase. Embrace the very moment, what you experience with your very own senses will be what matters most at during this time.

Sometimes paranormal activity may not present itself right away. you may have to take matters into your own hands and “stir the pot” a little.

If you are doing any attempts to evoke spirits, document that process as well. The saying always goes… “Be careful what you wish for” right… This is usually the last resort for me personally.

Cleanse Everything

Cleanse Everything

After completing the investigation it is time to wrap things up. Clean everything up and make sure not to forget any of your personal possessions.

Cross check all gear and staff before leaving the site. If you moved any objects during the scouting phase or in general, be sure to move them back.

If you feel you need to even bless personal property before loading it back into your vehicle, it would be a great time to do that as well.

I failed to mention this earlier but it is always a good idea to take pictures of the location when you scout.

Not only does it help assure items are back in their intended spot… But it also can provide a solid comparison for possible paranormal interaction with the environment itself.

Remember, it is always, always, always better to have more than less!

Evaluate Results

Here is when things get good! If everything was done correctly, there should be tons of evidence for you to evaluate.

Take your time with this part. It is always exciting to rip open a present to see what gifts might have been granted from a nights work… But rushing and looking over the footage with a tired eye could lead to overlooked data.

Take your time, appraise all of the collected content after a good nights rest. If possible look at footage separately and at your own individual pace.

A member from my team will upload all data to a server space so that we could all inspect footage individually before meeting back to discuss the results.

When evaluating footage with others, never point out things you think are possible paranormal activity first. Have everyone form their own opinion first, then compare results.

Jumping the gun and pointing something out can compromise the validity of the accusation and cause others to see something they may have otherwise never saw on their own.

On the contrary, if several people point out what is believed to be a paranormal incident… You may very well have successfully found a ghost!

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it, folks… How to find ghosts! Hopefully, this article gave anyone looking a possible direction to start. Or for the non-first timers, some tips on improving your supernatural investigations.

I personally know how hard it is to come across a solid how-to guide with ghost hunting. Many refuse to give up their trade secrets but I do not mind at all. This is an underresearched hobby in my humble opinion.

The more evidence collected on the subject, the better our understanding will become with the afterlife.

If you still don’t find success on the initial quest after reading this guide, hang in there. Rome was not built in a day! It will take time to develop the expertise needed to successfully encounter a ghost.

It also will depend entirely on the entity you are researching as well. Some will require specific tools… Like an ultraviolet revealing ghost that is only visible under that specific wavelength…

Others might require repeated engagements before feeling comfortable enough to give a response to your presence.

If you would like to learn additional tips on ghost hunting, this site is filled with ways you could improve on your craft. Here is an article for beginners that give tips on ghost hunting.

With luck, you found this guide useful but if you have any questions feel free to leave it below and I will elaborate more on it.

Have you had any luck finding ghost on any of your investigations? If so, did any of your methods differ from the ones listed above?

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