Summoning Ghosts: The Beginners Guide

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Exploring the mysterious and unknown can present many perks and rewards. Be warned though, summoning ghosts does come with its fair share of risks and danger though.

Always be well prepared and informed before attempting any type of evocation. We want the experience to be as safe as possible.

If you are a beginner considering conjuring of any type, use this article as a guideline to follow.

What is Evocation?

Evocation is an attempt to summon or call upon a spirit for an intended purpose. This ceremony has been used throughout history to make contact with many types of entities.

Many use tools like Ouija boards or spirits guides, but others will use traditional methods. While some individuals perform such rituals to gather more information and further research, there are those who have commands or requests for the deity to carry out.

Whatever your motives are for trying to conjure a spirit or ghost, this act should be taken very cautiously.

You must keep in mind that you will be unlocking the door to a whole other world. The spiritual world is not something that you should play around with or take as a joke.

It’s knowledge, wisdom, and powers are far beyond anything that we have on our physical world.

Reasons For Summoning Ghosts

Majority of the time, ghosts will make efforts to interact with subjects without any intentional summoning.

It could be a relative saying their goodbyes or a past homeowner annoyed about an unwelcomed guest. (Here’s a good article about what to look for if you think your house is haunted.) This type of correspondence will be completely on their terms. Initial contact without summoning does require patience.

Conjuring a spirit puts you in charge of the situation. At least more than we would normally be. You’ll get to ask questions you may have and hopefully dictate the tone and course of the interaction.

Most people looking to perform an evocation do so because they have been experiencing some sort of paranormal activity. They are probably not aware of who or what this possible entity is and hope that invoking it will bring them the answers they desire.

Dangers Of Summoning Ghosts

Dangers Of Summoning Ghosts

Yes, of course, there is risk involved! Opening the doors of the paranormal means welcoming the unknown. Done incorrectly can lead to an extremely dangerous experience.

When conjuring spirits you are potentially offering yourself as a vessel. There is no guarantee the specific diety you are calling upon will, in fact, be the spirit that comes forth.

Confidence in yourself and your ability to perform the evocation is one of the most important factors when it comes to summoning ghost as a beginner.

Be sure that your intentions are positive and good. After all, the energy that we put out will have a great impact on the one that we receive.

Your attitude and energy that you put out need to be in balance and in complete harmony. Give a strong impression about the fact you are humbled and respect the entity you’re trying to welcome the presence of.

Don’t Show Signs Of Fear

Spirits have an unmistakable ability for sniffing out fear or anger. They’re drawn to your general sense of emotions.

The moment you give a spirit the impression that you are scared, you will quickly lose control over the situation. Remember, if you lose control, you will appear submissive and at their total mercy.

Spirits are intricate beings and their behavior cannot be predicted with certainty. By remaining calm and surrounding yourself with positive emotions, you are creating a more secure environment to work with.

Best Approach To Summoning Ghosts

Best Approach To Summoning Ghosts

Although there are many different ways to summon a ghost… If you are a beginner, I highly suggest you follow these techniques further stated:

1. Use A Familiar Evocation Practice

Sticking to one specific practice has proven to not only be the safest approach… It will lead to many successful encounters with such an enigmatic matter.

Once you have performed several evocations successfully and feel confident in your abilities, then you may want to explore other ways and practices. Until then, it was always the smartest choice to play it safe.

There is already enough unknown surrounding this matter as it is. Pick up a good night vision camcorder as well to review the session after the evocation to learn from any mistakes or uncover unnoticed events.

2. Conjure Spirits With Others

If this is your first time ever performing an evocation, it is highly suggested that you do so with a group of people.

This is not something that you will want to be doing alone, especially your first one. Finding the right people to join and help you in calling upon a spirit might not be such an easy task, but it will sure be worth it.

In order to have a more successful experience, you will want to search for individuals who have some sort of understanding of the subject. It is important that they are respectful and don’t show any lack of belief.

A well rounded and serious team will strengthen your chances of reaching your goal.

I would suggest a group of at least four well qualifying people to begin the summoning. Remember, quality over quantity! It is also important that you and the rest of the group agree on who will be leading the evocation.

Do Not Use An Ouija Board In Your Home

3. Don’t Be Indecisive

Some entities can be very mischievous and sneaky, therefore it is imperative that you make a decision as a group on what entity you will be trying to contact.

The more confident and united you are as a group, the better. There are a number of darker entities out there that thrive on uncertainty.

You might have a diety falsely represent an entity you intend on making contact with. If your whole group is aware and well informed on who you are trying to contact.

This will make it easier for members to recognize the deceitful ghost and take further action.

4. Prepare Request Before Conjuring

Always go into an evocation prepared. A well thought out plan will always work in your favor when it comes to indulging with the spiritual world.

I would suggest everyone in the group write down a couple of questions that you would like to ask the spirit. If you end up coming up with too many requests, decide as a group on the best 3 to 5 and give those request priority.

Try to keep your request simple and easy for the ghost to respond to. Questions with “Yes” or “no” answers or other one-word responses are usually ideal.

You never know how well the spirit will be able to communicate or how long their strength will allow them to keep an established connection.

The easier the questions are to answer, the more informative the experience will turn out.

How to Summon a Ghost

How to Summon a Ghost?

Once you have enough strong-minded individuals working with you, you’re ready to begin the conjuring.

gather around together in a huddled way you’re able to face and see the entire group. Light candles and place them all around you.

I would recommend brand new, unscented white candles to avoid any unknown circumstances. The candles will offer a pure, well lit and welcoming environment.

On separate pieces of paper, write down the letters of the alphabet as well as the words yes and no on each individual piece. Place them all on the ground or table in between the group members. Spread the paper out in a circular ring fashion and set a clear glass cup in the middle of the circle.

At this point, each person participating in the summoning will need to lightly place their index finger on top of the glass. It is important that everyone keep their finger on the glass until the procedure has officially ended.

Begin the evocation session by advising the group to manifest the intended spirit with first their thoughts. Continue to encourage group members to draw in the entity with all of their thoughts, emotions, and energy.

Remind members to be patient, this can and will take as long as the spirit will feel comfortable taking.

1. Summoning Chants

As a group, repeat the below phrase 3 times:

“(Name of spirit), we call upon you today to join our group of light.”

After repeating the phrase the third time, ask if the spirit is now with you. If things have gone as planned and the spirit wishes to come forward, the glass should slide (on its own) toward one of the scattered pieces of paper.

Once this happens, ask the spirit verifiable questions to make sure that it is, in fact, the intended ghost you hope to make contact with.

If anyone in the group has any doubts about the true identity of the spirit that has been contacted… Terminate the session immediately. With all of your fingers still on the glass cup make sure to say “goodbye”.

The last thing you want to do is communicate with an unknown entity who is not being truthful about their identity. Malevolent entities can be very tricky and even pretend to be harmless in order to win your trust.

2. Questions To Ask Spirits

Once you are certain that the right spirit has come forward and is willing to make contact, you may begin asking your questions. Try to stay focused and on track with the questions that you had previously put together and selected.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and get distracted during such an emotionally charged situation and environment.

Staying on track and not deviating too much from what you wanted to ask will help you remain in control and accomplish the intended purpose of the seance.

Sometimes simply feeling the presence of a lost loved one or relative can be sufficient gratification for an individual.

3. Ending The Evocation

It is extremely important that once you have gotten all the answers or information that you were looking for, you close the portal.

Even if you believe that nothing really happened or the evocation process wasn’t successful, you still want to be on the safe side. Closing the portal to the spirit world will prevent any unwanted spirits from sneaking through.

You’ll want to say something along the lines of “I absolve this space of any and all negative energy. May only light, love, and good spirits remain. I now end this Evocation. Goodbye.”

Even if you have followed all the procedures properly and closed the session, you should always continue to pay attention and be aware of any signs that may come to you. Be very vigilant and pay close attention to what is happening around you.

Once you have used yourself as a vessel and opened your soul to the spirit world, you may begin to notice things that you might not have before.

Tips For A Safe Summoning

Tips For A Safe Summoning

It is never a bad idea to take extra steps to have a safe experience. As an amateur, it is always recommended you go the extra mile and follow a few tips when performing your first few evocations.

Lack of experience and care can make it easy for plenty of things to go wrong while dealing with the spirit realm. Even though ghosts or spirits don’t usually want to hurt you, anything is possible.

1. Prepare Mentally

Making sure that you have a strong emotional and spiritual health will be very helpful when performing evocations. Meditation or even yoga can be great ways to strengthen your own spirit prior to summoning.

This type of preparation will help you achieve higher levels of calmness as well as better self-awareness.

A strong bond between your mental and physical state will help you protect yourself against any undesirable entities or energy.

2. A Safe Place

Another thing that you should do, in order to facilitate a safe experience, is to perform the summoning in a location that you feel comfortable with. Choosing a place that you feel protected in will help you remain calm and promote good energy.

Not only will picking a safe space benefit you, but it will also allow the spirit you are trying to summon to be more trusting and genuine to the whole process.

Compliment the safe place with protective herbs, crystals, or items in the space to help absorb any negative energy.

3. Set Boundaries

Make sure to set firm boundaries for what you will and will not tolerate. If you are not certain of your own boundaries, it is very easy for any entity to take advantage of you.

Knowing that you are confident and well aware of what your expectations are will help discourage any negative intentions a spirit might have.

Have clear intentions and make them known when performing any type of seance. Stating your intentions and expectations out loud in a clear and confident tone will help give them power.

4. Cleanse Yourself and Your Space

Once you have performed a summoning, you should always take the appropriate time to cleanse yourself and space the summoning took place in.

There are plenty of different ways that may choose to cleanse your self depending on your beliefs. You could use sage smudge sticks, natural herbs, crystals, stones, or plants to assist you in the ridding of any leftover negative or dark energy.

If you are religious, you might choose to contact a religious leader to help you or perform the cleansing themselves. If you are not sure what you should choose, I would recommend doing more detailed research on your own to see what might work best for you.

In Summary

Above all, always remember to tread carefully and with its deserved respect. Opening the gates to the spirit world can be an incredibly enlightening experience, but it can turn dangerous very quickly. Do you have any experience with summoning ghosts?

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