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Camping is definitely one of the top best outdoor experience you can experience in either a small or large group. Many families use camping to bond together. Camping takes you outdoors, helps you disconnect from the rest of the world and help you create deeper bonds with people who are there with you to share the same experience.

It is also a good way to build some survival skills. It is important to pack the right camping gear for safe and comfortable trip while you have fun outdoors. We recommend these camping tents based on camping tent reviews we did to select the best camping tent.

If you a person who camps overnight, the you understand the importance of having quality sleeping bags. There are several options available and you when selecting one you should be mindful of the purpose of the sleeping bag, how often are you going to use it? Will you be carrying it for long distances?

Will you be using is primarily in cold or warm weather conditions? With sleeping bags, one size does not fit all, so if you are a tall person, be sure to go for the taller versions of the design you like. Sleeping bags can make a world of difference to your camping experience and can also come in handy if you have guests over :).

Kayaking is a fun way to get outdoors alone or with a group of friends and family. Every summer I like to go kayaking at least once, it is a break from all the other form activities, it peaceful, its relaxing and if you want you can burn calories while kayaking. If you kayak with any regularity, kayak rentals can add up so it is often better to buy your own kayak instead of renting every time.

While kayaks can be an investment, the main issue however with buying a kayaks is not cost its space. The solution is inflatable kayak, when done using them, you can deflate them and store them away. In our reviews of these fishing kayaks we have identified some good inflatable options for you.

Trampolines are not just for kids and Trampolines are not just for fun – they can be used for serious workouts and can help you achieve physical and mental agility. Bouncing on trampoline can help you improve your balance, tone your muscles, stimulate metabolism and numerous other benefits while providing a lower impact alternative to running on a treadmill or playing active sports.

The need to maintain your posture while bouncing, anticipating your landing, balancing and next actions also helps improve your coordination and motor skills. Looking for the best trampoline? Use our buying guide and trampoline reviews to navigate the various size and price options for trampolines available in the market with trampoline reviews and make your choice.

Hiking is a very good outdoor activity for groups. It gives you enough opportunities to burn calories, challenge yourself and bond with people and nature. Look up for the best trails near you and pick a difficulty level that suits you and head out into the woods.

Several hiking trails have a history associated with them that will appease the historian in you or offer great views as a perk for pursuing the hike. Hiking test your fitness as it require stamina and good reflexes. Be sure to prepare for a hike in advance by packing all the items you may need during the hike including the best hiking boots, food, drinks and emergency medical supplies.

This is the team behind the creation and daily operation of this website:

jeffpatton writer of anthonyarms

Jeff Patton

Senior Writer

Jeff has years of experience in business, blogging, and efficient test-taking. He joined the Utep Prospector team to provide great tools and strategies for students helping them pass various exams.

Anthony writer of anthonyarms

Anthony Foster

Hunter for over 30 years

I got inspired by my namesake and favourite pedagogue Paulo Freire, to share my passion for hunting and the great outdoors so you can become a better hunter.

Our Editorial Policy

Here you will find hunting tips and insights me and my buddies have gained from hunting in many places around the world.

This extends beyond the mechanics of hunting to the REASON we as hunters enjoy a special relationship with each other and with the natural world.

I believe in our rights to hunt and enjoy the outdoors lifestyle.


The Prospector has been the official student newspaper of The University of Texas at El Paso since it was founded in 1914.

With a circulation of about 10,000 per week and distribution throughout the university, The Prospector has a long-standing tradition of excellence as the assayer of student opinion.

As a laboratory for students majoring in business, communication, and advertising, The Prospector provides students with professional work experience.

UTEP is located at one of the largest border cities between the United States and Mexico, and the student newspaper and Magazine celebrate the binational and bicultural traditions that exist at the only research-intensive university that serves a Hispanic-majority student population.


You are a keen hunter and love all things hunting and the great outdoors. Spending time in the field whether it be chasing big game, deer or small game is your ultimate passion.

Learning about and importantly giving advice about hunting to others is one of your favorite pastimes.

Your big problem is so many hunting websites are simply trying to sell you something. Usually cheap junk, and they offer no new or unique insights about the hunting topics of interest to you.

This site is different.

Our Values

  • I believe in passing on to you the best quality hunting advice and insights so you may share these with others.
  • I believe in our right to own firearms.
  • I believe in our rights to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • I DO NOT believe in political bulls..ht.

I have been an avid hunter for over 30 years and wanted to start a website to share my passion with others.

Like you I enjoy reading and watching anything about hunting and sharing what I know and learn.

You will find a range of interesting hunting articles and information on this site. My true wish is for you to become a better hunter and help others to become better hunters so our lifestyle continues to grow and improve.