3 AM Challenges: The Definitive Witching Hour Guide

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The spiritual relation with the later hours of the night has been a part of humanity’s culture since the beginning of time. Many find the hour associated 3 am and 4 am to be better off avoided altogether.

But there are those who find it an interesting hour and seek insight or just pure entertainment. In recent times, that period of time in the early morning has earned the name of the devil’s hour or the witching hour.

Today’s article will be very indulging for those interested in the witching hour and looking for what is considered 3 challenge.

3 AM Challenges The Definitive Witching Hour Guide

Participating in activities revolving around this time period can be a dangerous one and should be taken with a high level of seriousness as well as respect. Ghost hunters will also find this time frame interesting since many feel spirits are at their most active.

Some of the 3 am challenges we will cover today aren’t just for entertainment. These tactics can also be used as ghost hunting methods to provoke entities enough to initiate a successful session of ghost hunting.

The Witching Hour

The witching hour is the specific time of night that is associated with supernatural entities. Although there are different opinions regarding what the specific time frame is, it is generally accepted that it takes place between 3 am to 4 am.

Beings such as ghosts, spirits, demons, witches, etc. are believed to manifest and be at their strongest during this time period.

The History Of Witching Hour

The History Of Witching Hour

The phrase “Witching Hour” was first documented sometime around 1835. 3 am to 4 am was believed to be a time of evil due to the absence of prayers during these canonical hours.

Any women that were caught outside during that period were automatically believed to be a witch and killed. The concept or belief behind the term seems to have originated a lot earlier during a period of time in 1535.

The Catholic Church had already decided to forbid any sort of activity between 3 am and 4 am due to the growing fear of witchcraft in Europe. From that time on, demonic activity, exorcisms, witch hunts, and any supernatural rituals have become associated with the Witching Hour.

Many religious experts even assure that the number 3 is a direct mockery of the Holy Trinity. Jesus Christ is believed to have been crucified at exactly 3 pm. This would make 3 am the direct opposite of what is considered to be the most “godly” hour.

Therefore, demons and evil entities choose to be more active as a sign of disrespect and denial towards the religious figure, Jesus.

Is The Witching Hour Evil?

There is a lot of controversy and misconception when it comes to the Witching Hour. Some people believe that it is simply a time when the supernatural is more active.

On the other hand, there are those who believe it to be more about evil and demonic beings specifically. These are the individuals that will refer to it as the devil’s hour. In the past, this was pretty much the common belief b most people.

It was said that 3 am was the time that the doors between the living and the dead would open. Demons were believed to roam about freely and possessing any innocent person they pleased.

As time went on those beliefs have proven to be quite outdated. Now, many are more accepting and understanding of the paranormal world and Witching Hour.

People are significantly more open to the idea that connecting with the spirit world can be a positive and illuminating experience. More and more people continue to report cases of extremely constructive encounters during the Witching Hour.

At the end, how you approach the situation will have the biggest impact on what kind of experience you have. Negative thoughts and fears will easily attract dark entities regardless of the time. Keeping a positive outlook and surrounding yourself with good energy will help bring about more light.

The 3 AM Challenges List

3 AM Challenges

3 am challenges are activities people do during the witching hour with the hopes of encountering a paranormal entity. One might be doing it with the intention of hunting a spirit while others might be doing the challenge as a form of amusement. 

The term 3 am challenges has most recently been popularized by youtube channels like Guava Juice and IamJayStation. These channels make videos that are mostly geared towards parodies of reality ghost hunting shows and more or less made for entertainment.

The 3 AM Challenges List

Regardless of whether you decide to participate in a challenge for pleasure or hoping to make contact with a loved one… Any activity involving ghosts should always be taken with respect.

Many of the activities on this list could not only compromise you or others around you, but it could bring on longlasting, unfavorable circumstances in the area you perform these projects within. Furthermore, here is a list of 3 challenge you could do during the witching hour:

Playing Board Games

Ouija boards and other types of spirit board games have been around for generations. The main purpose of these types of board games is to summon a particular type of ghost and communicate with them.

These are used as a form of entertainment by many but professionals will use these for more insightful purposes as well. The idea behind using some type of spirit board at 3 am is to possibly make a stronger connection with the paranormal as opposed to any other time of the day. Find out more about the specific rules of using an Ouija board here.

Playing Video Games

As if some paranormal-themed video games aren’t terrifying enough to play during daylight hours. Many will choose to intentionally play scary games like Five Nights at Freddy’s or Silent Hill during the witching hour.

This entertaining aspect of the challenge is to add an additional level of thrill to the experience. Even though this might be one of the scariest of 3 am challenges, I personally feel it might be one of the safer choices since it doesn’t directly antagonize or summon paranormal entities.

If you are interested in taking on this challenge, try doing it alone and in a place known for being hunted.

Slumber Party Games

CandymanBloody MaryLight As A Feather, and Sandman are all games I recall growing up too. These terrifying group activities are games intended for the darkest parts of the night and do extremely well on their own without the witching hour.

An Ouija board would also be better played within a group of two or more and could make a worthy challenge to have at a slumber party. Though the concept of a slumber party might sound like it always involves PJ’s and a friends basement…

It could very much partake in a camping area, a haunted location or a lodging area like a hotel.

Ghost Hunting

Many researchers find that ghost hunting in itself is better experienced during the witching hours of the night. If you are new to ghost hunting and want the ultimate experience, grab some ghost hunting gear, and find a suitable location to explore during the hours of 3 am and 4 am.

This type of activity is always to better to do as a group but one could easily venture off on their own even though that would be highly not recommended.

Waking Up At 3 AM

Waking Up At 3 AM

So what if you don’t wish to participate in any sort of 3 challenge? what if you honestly just find yourself in the wrong place… At the wrong time… Whether involved in the paranormal community or not, many people have experienced waking up at 3 am.

This could seem like a fairly normal and innocent occurrence on its own. However, it might become a little suspicious when it becomes a nightly routine. Almost all individuals that report having this experience will also assure there are no underlying medical problems or logical explanations to explain what is happening.

Such an event is not something new. People have been experiencing this strange phenomenon since the beginning of time.

Tips On Coping With The Witching Hour

People that have experienced waking up during the Witching Hour also report having an eerie feeling. Could it be that their subconscious automatically associates it with something frightening?

Well, even those that have never heard of the term or the history behind it have expressed having the same feeling of doom. It’s hard to know for sure, but its correlation to the supernatural definitely cannot be denied.

Those who are still experiencing this phenomenon should keep a few tips in mind. Being awake during the time of most supernatural activity can become a manageable ordeal.

Always Remain Calm

Always Remain Calm

There is absolutely no use in getting all worked up. Even if something “evil” were to be around, panicking is not going to make things any better. Paranormal beings are not usually evil in nature or have any intent to cause harm.

A large number of people that find themselves woken up from 3 am to 4 am, also describe feeling paralyzed and tightness in their chest. Most of the time this can easily be explained by still being half asleep. Other times, it is simply their mind and body shutting itself down out of fear of the unknown.

Whatever the situation is, take in big breaths and always remember to focus on breathing. Make sure to only think positive thoughts. This will help to keep any negative energy away. Dark entities are known for feeing off of fear. The more that they can sense it, the stronger they will become.

Remaining calm and collected also allows for better and more clear communication with the paranormal. Messages and signs being sent will not be as likely to be overlooked due to a lack of concentration.

“The belief in such a time, the Devil’s Hour, could be fueling its power.”

Ben Eno Paranormal Researcher

Be Willing to Communicate

Lack of communication and understanding can be a person’s biggest enemy. The willingness to be open and accepting of any messages can turn a scary experience to a very enlightening one.

If a person is ready and prepared to communicate, they will most likely receive clear messages. Therefore, understanding what a ghost is trying to say can immediately make the experience more enjoyable.

The more resistance that a person projects, the harder that the entity will have to work. Their methods of communication may also become more drastic and physical. That could then end up being interpreted as dangerous or malignant.

Document Your Experiences

Whenever dealing with any possible paranormal encounters, it is extremely important to document the experience. The more details and information that there is on what happened, the easier it will be to make sense of it. Especially when it comes to dealing with the Witching Hour.

When someone has just abruptly woken up, their mind is not working at full speed yet. Any signs, symbols, or messages that are being sent can easily be misinterpreted or forgotten altogether.

Keeping a journal next to the bed might be an easy way to make sure there is always somewhere accessible to write down what is happening. Make sure to document how you feel physically and emotionally while it is happening.

It is also common to see strange images or symbols as messages. Even if it seems a little complicated, try to include those in the notes as well. Make quick sketches or drawings, in order to be able to analyze them later on.

Don’t worry about how neat or organized the notes are. Simply write down everything and anything that comes to mind during the time. The more time that is wasted in trying to make the notes “pretty”, the more signs that could be missed.

Seek Guidance

If still confused or even scared by what is happening, looking for help is probably a good idea. Don’t ever feel like overcoming the Witching Hour is something that needs to be done alone.

There is still a lot unknown about the paranormal, especially if you are new to the field. Turning to someone who has more experience than you can help gain more insight and understanding. Keep in mind that there are also individuals out there who specialize in interpreting signs and messages from the spirit world.

This is where keeping detailed notes and even drawings can be very helpful! Providing the expert with your journal will give them a look into exactly what was going on. If you are religious, you can always seek advice or help with a religious leader you feel most comfortable with.

what is Witching Hour

In Summary

There is still a lot to be learned about the Witching Hour and what it truly means. Regardless of what your beliefs are it is definitely a time to be respected. Never take anything that has to do with the paranormal as a joke. It is a serious matter and should be treated as such.

That does not mean you should be scared of it. Although there is always a risk of a dark being trying to make contact, it most likely isn’t. In fact, most of the time it turns out to be a lost loved one or relative that is simply trying to say goodbye.

When participating in any of the 3 am challenges, always remember to keep your intentions pure and innocent. Don’t put yourself in situations that you might not be prepared for and end up regretting.

Take it slow and steady. The more time that you dedicate to this special time, the more that you will enjoy it. Which one of the 3 am challenges do you find the most interesting? Have you ever had any strange experiences during the Witching Hour?

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