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I’m so delighted you are here! At AnthonyArms, we are avid detectorists with a passion for history and being outdoors. We noticed early on in our journey that the world of metal detecting can be confusing and pose a number of challenges. After years of playing, learning and lots of trial and error (and fun), we gathered up all of our collective knowledge into one place to help you. 

Getting The Most Out Of AnthonyArms


I remember when I was a beginner and things got a little overwhelming. I had a bunch of questions and no idea where to find the answers. What detector do I buy? How does it work? Where can I go? What are the laws?

This is why I started this site – to help the beginner detectorist get a metal detector and hit the ground running.

There’s nothing worse than having your metal detector and being stuck in limbo. Not knowing where to go, what to do, or how to do it.

If you’re just getting started, head over to the Ultimate Beginners Guide To Metal Detecting. This has everything you need to know about metal detecting so you can get straight into this wonderful hobby, today. You’ll learn about how metal detectors work, metal detecting terminology, choosing the right metal detector for you and a whole lot more.

Starting Out

Once you’ve got your bearings and have covered the basics, it’s time to get out and get detecting. Within Detector Reviews, you’ll find several ideas on where you can go metal detecting and we’ve even created a complete guide to Beach Metal Detecting.

We know how hard it is trying to work out the best equipment, so we’ve reviewed the latest and greatest metal detectors to help you find the right machine for you. We’ve also covered off things like, what you should wear when you go metal detecting, the types of insurance you’ll need when metal detecting (or digging up your finds), and how to research areas to go treasure hunting.

Finding Like-Minded Detectorists

Nothing beats doing something you love more than when you can share it with others that love it as much as you do. That’s why we’ve collated a list of Metal Detecting Clubs around the UK. Here you can find a club near you, meet up with like-minded people and have yourself a great day out (and hopefully find friends for life)

If you know of a club that isn’t on the list, please send me a message, this will help any fellow detectorists in your area.

Magnet Fishing

Sometimes Metal Detecting isn’t enough – or perhaps you just want a change of scenery. That’s where magnet fishing comes in. This is a sport that can be played on land or on water. If you’ve never heard of Magnet Fishing before, the hint is in the name. It is fishing for magnetic objects (the fish) using a magnet (the bait) and rope (the rod) to pull it up to you.

All you need is a strong magnet and somewhere to fish.

Latest News

As well as providing you with the ins and outs on how to get started with metal detecting, we like to showcase what other detectorists have found around the country. We have a country rich in history, sometimes good and sometimes bad but nevertheless, we cannot change it. What we can do is try to understand it and finding relics from the past is a way to do this.

Where to go Metal Detecting in UK

Where to go Metal Detecting in UK

So you’ve got yourself a metal detector and you’re raring to get out there and start hunting when suddenly…