What Is The Best Pistol To Suppress? [Solved]

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A .45 caliber handgun is the best pistol to suppress. A .45 caliber pistol fires suppressible subsonic bullets. A 9mm pistol, on the other hand, primarily shoots supersonic bullets that are not suppressible. You can still use a suppressor with a 9mm, but the sonic boom produced by the supersonic bullet will give you away.

Continue reading to learn why a .45 caliber handgun is the greatest pistol to suppress, how to suppress your pistol, other great pistols to use with a silencer, and more.

Best Pistol To Suppress

What Is A Pistol Silencer?

Any device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable firearm is referred to as a “Firearm Silencer” or “Firearm Muffler.” This includes any combination of parts designed and intended to assemble or fabricate a firearm silencer.

How Do Pistol Suppressors Work?

A handgun suppressor functions similarly to a car muffler in reducing vehicle exhaust noise. Both types of mufflers are cylindrical devices with a significantly bigger capacity that allows hot gases to expand before leaving into the air with less energy and noise.

A cylindrical shell separates chambers called baffles in most handgun suppressors. Each baffle provides a channel for the bullet to travel through.

When the cartridge is discharged, the bullet traverses the length of the barrel as well as the silencer. As the bullet exits the suppressor, the gases that drive it to expand and depressurize into the baffle chambers. When this occurs, the gases decelerate significantly and produce less sound.

You can learn more in our article about how silencers work.

Why Do People Use Suppressors?

Unfortunately, suppressors do not altogether remove the noise of a rifle. Instead, they aim to reduce noise. Suppressors reduce the sound of combustion gases leaving the barrel, lowering the ‘boom’ to something more like a ‘huff.’ They may also make your gun appear sleeker and more stylish.

When shooting, bear in mind the amount of sound that will be produced. The sound of a rifle might be bothersome not just to you but also to your neighbors. Suppression with a handgun is the solution. You’ll have more fun shooting, happier neighbors, and your hearing will thank you in the long run.

Are There Any Hunting Benefits to Suppressing Your Pistol?

Decreased noise pollution, reduced recoil, reduced muzzle blast, reduced hearing damage, and enhanced accuracy are just a few of the advantages of utilizing firearm suppressors for hunting.

Suppressors for .30 caliber rifles will lower the report by 25-30 decibels, bringing the noise level below 140 decibels. Although suppressors make shooting more comfortable, it is always recommended to wear hearing protection since hearing loss occurs over time.

Are Silencers Legal?

Suppressors are allowed in most states according to the Second Amendment. Suppressors are governed by federal and state legislation. You will be arrested and prosecuted in court if you are discovered with an unlicensed suppressor. You will not be charged if the silencer is registered.

Suppressors are prohibited in Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, New Jersey, Illinois, Rhode Island, and California. You’ll be arrested and punished for breaching state laws if you’re caught with a suppressor in these eight states.

It’s crucial to note that suppressors are contentious since many people believe they encourage gun violence. As a result, legally obtaining a silencer might take many months. Check out our article on silencer legality to learn more.

Who Can Own a Pistol Suppressor Legally?

The National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934, which is a section of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, regulates firearm suppressors (BATFE). An individual, a living trust, or a company can register NFA goods.

To lawfully acquire or possess a firearm suppressor from a dealer or an individual on an ATF Form 4 to ATF Form 4 transfer, you must be at least 21 years old, depending on state regulations.

A person must also be a US citizen, legally eligible to buy a firearm, pass a BATFE background check, pay a $200 Transfer Tax, and live in one of the 39 states that now allow civilian possession of suppressors.

Can You Get Jail-time if You’re Caught With An Unregistered Silencer?

You don’t need to buy a silencer from a store if you can make one yourself.  A handmade silencer is more accessible to obtain than one purchased from a gun store. Nonetheless, you must register the silencer according to the legislation.

Possessing an unlicensed silencer may land you in federal jail for up to ten years. Sentencing recommendations suggest a jail sentence of two to six years.

Possession of a suppressed firearm during a violent crime, such as drug trafficking, can result in an extended prison sentence of up to thirty years. This is a mandatory minimum sentence, so if you’re found guilty, you’ll get at least 30 years in addition to the years you get for the crime.

The months you’ll wait before you can legally obtain a silencer are nothing compared to the time you’ll spend in jail if you’re arrested and convicted guilty.

Can All Pistols be Suppressed?

Not all handguns can be silenced. Pistols that lack a threaded barrel, such as a normal Glock 19, cannot be suppressed without modification. Others aren’t designed explicitly for suppression, but their qualities allow for it.

Then there are some handguns that are ready to use right out of the box. Threaded barrels and suppressor height night sights are included with these handguns.

Do Older or Newer Caliber Models Suppress Better?

Due to their supersonic nature, newer handgun calibers are difficult to suppress. As a result, ‘older’ calibers respond better to suppression. Again, supersonic bullets can be suppressed, but the supersonic boom they produce diminishes the suppression efficiency.

How Does One Suppress Their Pistol?

There are three methods for suppressing a pistol: integral suppression, thread-on suppression, and quick detachable suppression.

Integral Suppression

Integral suppression is the process of permanently suppressing a firearm by constructing a suppressor around the barrel. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it if you have a gun that isn’t inherently suppressible.

It’s pricey, but it’s worth it if you have a gun that isn’t inherently suppressible.

Quick Detachable Suppression

Attaching a detachable suppressor to the handgun is what Quick Detachable Suppression entails. They are most effective in circumstances requiring alternate suppression because they detach readily from the muzzle.

Thread-On Suppression

Thread-On Suppression is accomplished by tightening a suppressor onto the barrel thread. The majority of handgun suppressors are thread-on.

What Pistol Caliber Is Best for Suppression

What Pistol Caliber Is Best for Suppression?

The .45 caliber is the most effective handgun caliber for suppression. All .45 caliber shots are subsonic and readily suppressible. It compares favorably to the subsonic 9mm caliber and is considerably more widely available.

.45 Calibre Vs. 9mm Calibre

The gun community is split between the .45 caliber and the 9mm caliber. Proponents of the 9mm claim that it is substantially quieter when suppressed. .45 caliber advocates argue that the difference is insignificant and refer to the availability of .45 caliber bullets as a benefit. To quiet a 9mm, you need special subsonic rounds, which can be difficult and expensive to get.

Overall, the 9mm is quieter than the .45 caliber when suppressed. There’s roughly a 6-10 decibel difference between the calibers.

Hearing loss might be irreversible if noise levels exceed 140 dB. Both have been repressed. 45 and 9 mm firearms produce around 140 dB.

What Is the Loudness of a 9mm With a Silencer?

The decibel level of an unsuppressed 9mm is roughly 165 to 167 dB. Hearing loss might be irreversible if noise levels exceed 140 dB. When suppressed, .45- and 9-mm firearms produce around 140 dB. If shot without ear protection, it might result in irreversible hearing loss.

Between 134 and 140 dB are produced using a 9 mm silencer. As a result, the silencer decreases gun noise by 30 to 40 decibels. When non-linear sound reduction is used, a suppressed 9mm will be much quieter than an unsuppressed 9mm.

Which Suppressed Pistol Is the Quietest?

A .22 caliber handgun is the quietest suppressed firearm. Even without suppressors, the .22 caliber is the quietest handgun. However, adding a suppressor to a .22 caliber rifle can make it even more silent.

A suppressible .22LR pistol like the Ruger Mark IV is a great example. It sports an 11-round magazine, a gentle recoil, and makes almost no noise when suppressed.

Professional assassins, interestingly, prefer the .22 caliber. It lets you go close to the target and discharge many quiet noises with little recoil. Due to its moderate velocity and minimal noise, the .22 is an excellent cartridge for indoor shooting.

Downsides to Suppressing A .22 Calibre

The downside of the .22 caliber is that it is a very sluggish round, making it inefficient for long-range shooting. Since the .22cb does not use gunpowder and instead relies on powder, the heated gases that cause the loud pop do not exist.

Beyond 50 yards, however, the .22cb is ineffectual. A silenced .22LR will kill everything within a 100-yard radius, but beyond that, the pistol is extremely ineffective.

What Are Some Other Great Pistols for Suppressor Use

What Are Some Other Great Pistols for Suppressor Use?

The best suppressor-ready pistols include the FNX-45 Tactical, Remington R1 Tactical, Beretta M9A3, HK45 Compact Tactical, Springfield Armory XDM Threaded, and Shadow Systems MR920, among many more.

1. Tactical FNX-45

The FNX-45 Tactical exemplifies why FN America ammunition is popular among military and law enforcement personnel.

The Tactical has a threaded barrel and suppressor height night sights. This intense weapon was built for demanding military missions, so it’ll stand up to whatever abuse it takes at home. The FNX-45 Tactical comes equipped with a slide for red-dot optics for more fun and accuracy. The FNX-45 can hold 16 rounds of .45 caliber.

2. Tactical Remington R1

The R1 from the 1911 pistol cartridge has been toughened up for this Remington jewel.

The Tactical Remington R1 includes a threaded barrel that precisely mates with your choice of suppressor. It also has elevated night sights for better visibility when the suppressor is installed. The R1 Tactical holds 16 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition and features unique laminated grips for improved comfort and safety.

3. M9A3 Beretta

The Beretta M9 used to be the official sidearm of the United States military for 32 years. The M9A3 was the most recent variation used by our armed forces.

Many people wish to carry and shoot what the military uses; therefore, the M9A3 was the most recent variant used by our armed forces. It includes ambidextrous controls and a Picatinny accessory rail and can be shot as double or single action. The best part is that this rifle comes with a threaded barrel, so it’s ready to use with a suppressor straight out of the box.

The M9A3 Beretta is also considered a valuable weapon to have at home. In addition, the Beretta can hold 17 9mm rounds, which is rather outstanding.

4. Compact Tactical HK45

Heckler; Koch has a reputation for producing high-quality handguns, with the HK45 Tactical serving as an excellent example. A threaded barrel is included with the rifle to accommodate your silencer. It also features elevated night sights to help aim when the suppressor is attached.

One disadvantage of the HK45 is that it only comes with 10 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition. However, finding a handgun that is better suited to bullet suppression is challenging. It also comes in various colors and has replaceable grip panels to accommodate different hand sizes.

5. M&P M2.0 Smith and Wesson

Smith & Wesson’s M&P handgun line has proven to be quite successful, and the M2.0 version improved on an already excellent weapon. This suppressor-ready variant is ideal for concealed carry and target practice.

The M&P M2.0 Smith and Wesson has a factory threaded barrel, a slide cut for your choice of red dot optic, and suppressor height night sights. In the range, on your bedside, or in your holster, this pistol will fit right in.

6. Threaded Springfield Armory XDM

These handguns from Springfield Armory generated quite a stir in the suppressor industry following their debut. You may choose between a 9mm and a.45 caliber type. The 9mm can hold 20 rounds, while the .45 can hold 14 rounds.

The XDM comes with a threaded barrel and elevated night sights as standard. Keep in mind that you’ll need subsonic 9mm bullets for best results.

7. Tactical Ruger Mark IV

The Mark IV Tactical variant improves on a design that was already almost flawless. For starters, all Mark IV pistols are far easier to disassemble and reassemble than their predecessors. However, the Tactical model has two significant suppressor advantages straight out of the box, a threaded barrel and suppressor height sights.

The Tactical Ruger Mark IV is ready to become your ultimate bespoke silent plinking pistol, with Picatinny rails above and below the barrel.

5. MR920 from Shadow Systems

The threaded barrel variant of the Shadow Systems MR920 easily supports a silencer. It’s also a pretty lovely pistol to look at, with interchangeable backstraps to fit various hand sizes. The MR920 is equipped with 16 9mm rounds.

9. The P-09 CZ

This superb range rifle and home defense alternative comes with a threaded barrel, suppressor height night sights, and a Picatinny rail.

Having to stop and change magazines is one of the most inconvenient aspects of the range, as it disrupts your trigger time and pulls you out of your shooting stride. Fortunately, the CZ P-09 corrects this with its unequaled factory magazines, holding 21 rounds.

10. Custom GRP Nighthawk

Almost all 1911 pistols come with conventional barrels that are not threaded. That’s how they’ve been since John Moses Browning designed them 110 years ago. There are, however, a plethora of aftermarket threaded barrel alternatives to pick from.

Still, buyers should beware that most of these barrels will require installation by a gunsmith owing to the design of the 1911.

You may prevent this by investing in a top-of-the-line 1911 from Nighthawk Custom with a factory threaded barrel option. While the GRP handgun is expensive for what they claim to be their entry-level pistol, you can expect top-notch performance from it, suppressor or no suppressor.

What Is the Best Way to Purchase A Silencer?

A silencer can be purchased in two ways, either individually or through a firearms trust. The ATF requires your fingerprints, a permission card from your local sheriff, and a photo from you as a person.

The ATF will not demand a permission slip from your local sheriff as part of a firearms trust. Pay the $200 Transfer Tax to get the silencer registered to you if the ATF approves your request.

Make sure you’ve completed all of your state’s registration requirements. If you skip any stage of the registration procedure, you’ll be in legal danger.

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