4 Best Places To Sell Guns And Ammo Online

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Gun Broker, Gun Auction, Rock Island Auction Company, and Firearms America are the three greatest venues to sell guns and ammo online.

All three are great options since they are all well-known in the market and have many years of experience selling online.

Continue reading to discover more about the best places to sell guns and ammo online.

Best Places To Sell Guns And Ammo Online

The Largest And Most Popular Gun And Ammo Selling Website: Gun Broker

GunBroker.com is the world’s largest auction website dedicated to purchasing and selling weapons and accessories. The website caters to hunters and gun enthusiasts and allows certified vendors and purchasers to undertake lawful gun and gun accessory sales.

You may buy weapons, ammo, and hunting gear safely on Gun Broker.

Gun Broker is a similar-to-eBay-style listing service. They use registered firearms dealers as transfer agents to allow third-party vendors to sell their stock while ensuring that any ammunition supplied fulfills federal and state regulations.

The majority of transactions on this site will need the transfer of ownership between the buyer and seller by a registered firearms dealer. Before bidding on an item on the site, customers are encouraged to have a local FFL dealer available.

How Does Gun Broker Work?

GunBroker.com is precisely what it says: a broker. Essentially, you connect people who want to sell weapons with those who wish to acquire firearms.

Gun Broker does not sell weapons; instead, it acts as a middleman between two parties, taking a share of the transaction, similar to eBay or Craigslist. Users can bid on an item when a vendor posts it.

Again, similar to eBay, the seller is free to list the item for whatever price they like to attract customers.

Costs and Fees of Gun Broker

There are no costs involved with listing on gunbroker.com. For transactions under $250, the prices are 6% of the total amount. It’s 6% of the first $250 and then 3.5 percent of the remaining amount above $250.

Oldest And Most Reputable Gun And Ammo Selling Website

The Oldest And Most Reputable Gun And Ammo Selling Website: Guns America

Since 1997, GunsAmerica.com has been online. The website links buyers and dealers of firearms and ammunition. Participants must be as open as possible when offering products for sale on the internet.

Your buyers will have more faith in you if you provide detailed and precise information with images. Buyers should be aware that this website does not provide any safeguards. While most vendors are honest, fraud does happen, and customers are left to submit police reports.

Double-check any seller’s details and only buy from trusted merchants to avoid problems.

These are private transactions, just like Gun Broker. Therefore, there’s a potential for fraud, especially from non-dealers.

Feedback on vendors is allowed on Guns America, but sellers can opt to hide it. So don’t assume that everything is fine because there isn’t any input. Also, customers cannot provide reviews on the site, so be cautious while selling.

How Does GunAmerica.com Work?

There are three tiers of membership. Basic Seller, Trusted Seller, and Platinum Access all grant you access to their site as a seller.

The higher your level, the lesser your costs are and the more perks you receive. The two higher-level choices, however, include a monthly fee. The simple option is good if you’re only seeking to dump a gun here and there.

On the other hand, the trusted seller option is excellent for persons who sell five or more weapons every month. Platinum Access is for firearms stores that want an online sales gateway.

Gun America’s Fees and Costs

The usual after-sale charge on gunsamerica.com is 4%, with a minimum sale of $20 for guns and $4 for non-weapons. A trusted seller account is also available for $49.95 per month. As a trusted seller, you can sell up to $10,000 every month without incurring an after-sale fee.

When the limit is reached, a 2% surcharge is applied. There is never a mailing charge; instead, the cost is generally collected after the item has been sold.

The Best Website For Specialised Weaponry and Ammo: Rock Island Auction Company

Rather than typical antiques, Rock Island Auction focuses on guns and associated objects, such as bladed weapons and military equipment.

Rock Island has a long history in the industry and a solid reputation. In fact, Rock Island has handled some of the most expensive gun deals in history.

They offer some pretty interesting items, and their auction catalogs are worth looking through just to see what they’re selling, even if you can’t or don’t want to buy anything.

However, not everything is prohibitively pricey. While Rock Island Auction specializes in unique and collectible products, you may still get fantastic discounts on more familiar, cheap second-hand weapons.

How Does Rock Island Auction Work?

Each year, Rock Island Auction holds up to seven Online Only Auctions. This is where you’ll locate the less expensive things.

Furthermore, they offer up to three Premier Auctions every year, where rarer goods might be discovered.

Beginners To Sell Guns And Ammo

Best Website For Beginners To Sell Guns And Ammo: Gun Auction

Auction Arms, the predecessor to Gunauction.com, was founded in 1998. It would alter its name, but it would remain one of the greatest resources for learning about firearms and researching gun and ammo pricing.

You may buy and sell weapons, ammo, and accessories on GunAuction.com. They provide you access to closed auctions to get a sense of how much people are willing to pay for your specific brand of ammo.

Fees and Costs on Gun Auctions

To list your items with Gun Auction, you will be charged between 2.5 and 5%. Local businesses and consignment auctions will charge a fee of 15% to 35% of your overall transaction. You may save money by selling your ammo on the internet.

Is Selling Guns and Ammo Online Legal?

It is legal to sell firearms and ammunition over the internet. Many businesses have been doing so for a long time. If you want to sell them online, though, you must be aware of both federal and local regulations governing ammunition sales.

Selling guns, in particular, is something you should inquire about directly with auction houses to check if it is legal. When selling ammo online, the rules and regulations differ according to the state.

Navigating Local Gun And Ammunitions Laws And Regulations

Local rules can be challenging to navigate. Ammunition sales regulations vary by state in the United States. While most states follow federal ammunition regulations, certain conditions have more stringent weapon prohibitions. More gun and ammunition rules may be found in California, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.

California has the harshest firearm regulations in the country. Only licensed dealers are allowed to sell ammunition. However, these merchants must document all purchases. Anyone buying ammunition is required by law to pass a background check.

These regulations make it more difficult for internet businesses to operate in California.

Customers in California are now able to buy ammunition from several online ammunition retailers. Online vendors in California must utilize a middleman to conduct business. This intermediary is a licensed vendor who can perform background checks.

Rules And Regulations For Selling Ammunition Online

Ammunition for shotguns and rifles can be sold to anybody above the age of 18 according to federal law. Anyone older than the age of 21 can legally purchase pistol ammo.

There are no particular regulations prohibiting internet sales; however, you must have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) certificate to sell online.

The FFL certificate protects both the buyer and the seller in every ammunition transaction. You must apply with the necessary credentials in order to receive an FFL certificate. A background check will be performed to guarantee this.

Your certificate will be mailed to you if you pass the background check.

Who Are You Selling Your Ammunition To?

When selling ammo online, you must consider who will get your ammunition. Fugitives, drug addicts, domestic violence convictions, criminals, undocumented employees, restraining order subjects, and dishonorably discharged veterans are all prohibited from purchasing ammunition.

Section 922 of the United States Code can be consulted for more details.

It’s also crucial to keep track of the buyer’s location, especially in areas like California, which have distinct laws and regulations. The federal government and the state government of California are at odds over these ammunition background checks.

As a result, it may be preferable for Californians, or residents of states with comparable regulations, to acquire ammo locally.

Are You Selling to a Legally Qualified US Citizen?

As an online seller, your main priority when selling guns and ammunition must be to follow all laws and regulations.

However, you will unfortunately not know if the person purchasing your gun or ammo is qualified to own one. The FFL Dealer will determine the buyer’s qualification during their background check. 

Transportation Of Sold Guns And Ammunition

UPS Ground must ship ammunition or FedEx Ground once purchased, not from your local UPS Store. You must locate a UPS Customer Service Center. Become familiar with DOT standards as well as UPS or FedEx rules.

You may find a shipping hazardous materials guidance on UPS’s website or call the UPS Hazardous Materials Support Center at 1-800-554-9964.

FedEx also provides an online guide for transporting hazardous items, and you may get further information by calling FedEx Customer Service at 1-800-463-3339.

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