Best Car Holsters of 2024

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If you are spending a lot of time in your vehicle, traveling around the country, and you would like to keep a gun with you for security matters, we suggest you think about installing a car holster.

With this device in your car or your truck, you will have your pistol in a reach of your hand at any moment, in case you need it.

What Is The Best Car Holsters?

What Is The Best Car Holsters

1. Vehicle Holster Multi-mount

Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount


  • Deep concealment
  • Reliable
  • Made of plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install

If you are looking for a car seat holster, this is the model you will probably find to be adequate. It is a redesigned version of the previous original concept, with some new extra features. We are talking about a holster that has a mounting platform that fits the space between seat and console, that’s super reliable and effective.

It is based on a mechanism that will provide you with deep concealment. It should be installed on the side of the driver’s or passenger’s seat with at least one-inch gap space. It can be adjusted even when the seat is moved, and it welcomes perfectly the traditional gun case with metal belt clips.

This model of a car holster will be suitable for most vehicles that have the gap between seats and the console. It is positioned in a way that will allow the driver to easily and imperceptibly reach for the gun while being in its seat. The product is made from ABS plastic, and it weighs only 10 oz. It can be easily removed and reinstalled on another vehicle.

This mounting base can be used for mobile cases, other electronic devices, or some personal items, too, not just for gun holsters, which is an additional plus. But bear in mind that the base and the holster are being sold separately. This multi-mount piece is compatible with several gun holster brands.

2. Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster

KEEPER MG Gun Magnet for Vehicle - Magnetic Quickdraw Holder for Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun, Pistol up to 35lbs - Tactical Car Holster & Mount for Home, Desk, Truck Accessories for Men


  • Reliable
  • High-quality made
  • Shock-resistant
  • Anti-scratch cover
  • Easy to install

Now here is something quite modern – a magnetic car gun holster that’s compatible with most gun brands and most firearm types. It can be used for pistols, rifles, handguns, shotguns, but also magazines. It is high-quality made, and it’s designed with rubber-coated magnets.

This car holster looks like a simple tile, but it can hold your weapon firmly without scratching it. With this piece, you will have quick and easy access to your guns at any time. The best thing is that it’s not designed only for cars, so you can use it at your home too, for gun storage purposes.

It can be easily mounted, and it comes with all the necessary screws. The package includes a black metal single-piece back, neodymium magnet, and anti-scratch cover. With this car holster model, your weapons will remain well hidden if you want them to be.

This gun magnet is proven to be reliable by more than 40.000 users. It’s shock-resistant, it has a unique setup, and it will not interfere with the car’s electronics. You can use it in your car, truck, at the vault, safe, doorway, desk, etc.

3. Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder

Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder w/Safety Trigger Guard Protection, w/Heavy Duty Sticky Pad Non-Drill Wall Mount Gun Rack Handgun Shotgun Firearm Conceal


  • Sticky pad
  • Rubber coating
  • High-quality made
  • Easy to install
  • Adhesive tapes included

Here is another magnetic vehicle gun holster that will provide you with concealed weapon carry. It is very lightweight and thick, but it holds various types of weapons, including handguns and shotguns, keeping them safe and in their place no matter what.

This magnetic holster can be attached to wood, concrete, plastic, or metal, which means you can use it in other places than just a car. It is designed as a heavy-duty sticky pad, which implies there won’t be wall drilling if you decide to purchase and use it.

The neodymium magnet can hold up to 15 lbs, so if your gun is an appropriate weight, it will remain still even on a bumpy road. There is a soft rubber coating on top of the magnet, which will keep your weapons safe from scratching. It’s very affordable and practical, and it is compatible with most gun brands.

This piece can be easily installed, but you will have two options – to use screws that come in a package, or 3M adhesive tapes so you can avoid damaging the mounting surface. There are also included. Given its compact design, it can fit pretty much any place and provide you with gun concealment.

4. Jotto Gear Quick Access Locking Handgun Holster

Quick Access, Rugged Steel, Locking Handgun Holster for Car, Office, Many Locations


  • Multi-practical
  • Durable
  • Trigger guard trim
  • Easy to install
  • Locking security system

This gun holster for the car is very popular, so we decided to present it to you like the first one on our top ten list. It is small, and it has a simple design. It looks like the regular holster case, with the slight difference of this one being made out of rugged steel.

This actually isn’t just a car holster, it is a multi-practical piece you can install in your office desk, on the side of your bed or some other piece of furniture. It has a locking security system, which will make sure your gun is not only hidden but protected as well.

With this car holster, you will have quick and easy access to your weapon, and it’s very simple to install it. You will have several mounting options, and you will get everything you need in order to do that. It is a piece that’s made in the USA, it’s very firm, durable, and easy to maintain.

This holster is designed to keep your weapon clean from dirt and to protect it from scratches. It comes with a barrel lock and trigger guard trim. Its lined silicone interior will make sure your gun slides easily in it every single time.

5. Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

GERUSEA Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount (Mount Only)


  • Easy to install
  • Quick access
  • Affordable
  • High-quality made
  • Gun case not included

This is a perfect concealed carry car holster, according to many Gum Creek users. It is designed to fit both small and large handguns, and it’s very effective and practical. This gun holster is designed from two parts – from a base and a holster with a gun case.

It is an item that goes under your steering wheel, so you will have easy and quick access to your weapon at every moment, and it is very easy to install. This model works with a huge number of belt loops holsters. The mount part has two metal hooks that need to be connected so that the holster can be attached properly.

The manufacturer wanted to make sure your gun isn’t placed unsafely under the seat or stuck down between seats, so they invented a solution that puts the safety of the weapon, and your own, as a priority. This holster is everything you hoped for.

It should be mounted to your steering column, and you won’t be needing tools for that. This is a no-drilling type of installation that will keep the interior of your car in an impeccable state. It is pretty affordable, but it doesn’t come with a gun case. That part is sold separately. You will get a lifetime limited warranty.

6. Cojo Mfg. Gun Holster

Gun Holster for Car, Under Steering Wheel, Under Dash, Console, Glove Box, ATV, UTV, Golf Cart, Night Stand, Closet, Desk,


  • Easy to install
  • Trigger cover
  • Ambidextrous
  • Lightweight
  • Fits over 500 guns

Here is another concealed carry vehicle holster you will find to be super practical. It is a mountable model that should be placed under the steering wheel, but it can be used in many different ways and several different positions. It’s very lightweight, high-quality, made, and durable.

It is a universal magnetic car holster that can welcome and protect a variety of handguns. It has a base made of magnet, but also a “ring” that imitates the holster case where your gun should be placed. It fits over 500 weapon items.

This car holster can be installed in many ways. Besides the most obvious place we previously mentioned, you can also put it under the dash, on the side of the console, or any other spot. It will provide you with a sense of security, and it will make sure you can approach it easily.

The great thing is that this item can be set up for both left-handed and right-handed people. Also, it comes with two screws you will need in order to mount it. It’s the only magnetic gun holster that fully protects the trigger guard, which makes it one of the safest options in the market regarding this category.

7. Explorer Ch88 Vehicle Holster

EXPLORER Car Holster, 21 x 13-Inch, Black


  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Detachable holster case
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality made

This is not just a car holster, it’s a set of bags and cases that can welcome your gun, but also ammunition and all other pieces of gun gear you might need at some point. This kit comes with a base and four elastic hooks that will allow you to attach it next to your leg area.

The gun case, which is the most important part, comes with a belt clip, and it will allow you to detach it if you need to bring it with yourself somewhere. Also, the three-extra mag pouches are removable as well, just like all other bags.

The system of Velcro taps is the one that will make sure each part is adjustable and removable. This is a very durable, lightweight, and practical set you can use in various different cars. As long there’s enough space for the whole composition, you can place it anywhere.

The heavy-duty polyester will provide you with maximum performance, and the best thing is that you can fully customize this holster in the way you need it. This holster is compatible with a great number of different guns, including Beretta, Glock, Smith & Wesson, etc.

8. Grand Gun Works Ride Ready Car Holster

Ride Ready Car Holster - Black


  • Simple design
  • Ambidextrous
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Leather case included

If you are looking for a car pistol holster, you just find one that’s very efficient, durable, and reliable. It has a pretty simple design that’s based on a connectable strap that goes under the steering wheel, and it can be very quickly and easily mounted.

However, it is important you know that this car holster mount cannot be set up in vehicles that have a steering column airbag. Also, the vehicle’s molding needs to be at least 9-inch deep in order for this strap to be safely attached. But the good thing is that this holster comes with a lifetime warranty.

The holster includes the leather made a gun case that will keep your pistol in its place and properly secured, and it can be adjusted for both left-handed and right-handed people. The product is made in the USA, it’s very affordable, and it can provide you with a concealed carry.

It is compatible with both small and large handguns and calibers 9mm, .380 ACP, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, and more. It can even welcome small frame revolvers. There’s no doubt you will have a great hidden mechanism for your car with this holster if you wish to carry a gun while driving.

9. Hochoek Adjustable Universal Versatile Gun Holster

Gun-Holster Universal-Gun-Holster Pistol-Holster Handgun-Holster - Fit All Gun for Mattress Vehicle Wardrobe Couch Chair Door Wall


  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Multi-practical
  • Lifetime warranty

In the end, let us present you with a great car holster that’s adjustable, quite affordable, and universal. It is a model that can be used for vehicles, but also for mattresses, tables, wardrobes, doors, etc. It is made of very durable and reliable fabric that won’t be easily damaged.

This holster comes with three anti-slip friction stripes and two anti-slip tapes. It can be attached to most common surfaces firmly, so you won’t have to worry about it sliding around. We are talking about an excellent self-defense tool that can welcome a great variety of guns.

It is made from high-quality 600D nylon that’s super resistant, and strong Velcro tapes will hold your gun in its place. There’s an extra pouch for magazines or a flashlight as well, so you will be fully prepared no matter if you are home or on the road.

The manufacturer is offering a lifetime warranty on this product, and you will be able to return the item for free if you are not satisfied with it. Also, their support team will answer all of your questions within 12 hours. It is a reliable holster model you won’t regret purchasing for sure.

How to Choose the Best Car Holster

We cannot say that finding the right car holster is difficult, but it’s important for you to know what is that you are looking for, and what are the options you can choose from. Also, it would be good to establish whether or not you prefer concealed carry and how much money you are willing to invest in this product.

How to Choose the Best Car Holster


Car holsters, as you can see from our list above, can be made from various different materials. There are those designed from rough steel, those made of plastic, some created as magnets, and some made from tough and durable fabrics and straps.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and it will depend on your personal preferences, which one will you choose. If you ask us, it would be good for the car holster to be lighter.


This is the crucial thing about car holsters. If you are willing to keep the gun in your vehicle, you need to make sure it is in the reach of your hand if you need to use it.

That’s why you should pay attention to how each car holster can be installed, and where it will be positioned. You should have easy access to it at any moment, with your dominant hand.


Some car holsters are pretty bulky, and they are often designed to be placed at some specific spots, which can be a problem in the sense of making you uncomfortable. If it goes between seats or between seat and side console, you need to make sure it’s not pinching you are annoying you in any way.

If it needs to be positioned under your seat, check if it stands in the way of your legs when driving.


The security needs to be a top priority whenever we are talking about guns. When it comes to car holster, it means that you should pick the one that will make sure your weapon is always in its place, no matter how fast you drive, or how bumpy the road is, and it would be good for it to have a retention strap or some other security feature. It’s very dangerous to leave these things to chance.


Most car holsters will provide you with concealment carry, but there are few that are not designed in that way, so make sure to check that out with the manufacturer if hiding the weapon in your car is something important to you.

There are many mechanisms and patents that can make sure you have a concealed carry, so you should probably study all the options before deciding which one is the adequate solution for you.

Is It Legal to Have a Gun in Your Car

Frequently asked question

Is It Legal to Have a Gun in Your Car?

This can be tricky. First, the answer depends on where you live, in which state. And second, given that you want to have a gun on you when traveling, whether or not it is legal to have a gun in your car depends on where you are traveling to. You need to make sure to check the law regulations in each state when it comes to this matter, so you don’t have problems along the way.

How Reliable and Safe Are Car Holsters?

If you choose a high-quality made piece that has some great reviews from other users, the chances are it’s pretty reliable and safe. The market is full of car holsters, and you need to make sure you choose the right one – a piece that will make sure your gun is always in its place and in the reach of your hand.

How Hard Is It to Install a Car Holster?

Usually, they come with very simple mechanisms, so you will be able to install them on your own in a short period of time. Some brands will deliver all the necessary parts, like screws you will need in order to do that correctly. Magnetic holsters and strap-based ones are especially practical since they can be attached and detached quickly, in various different places.


Having a car holster is a great idea, especially if you are spending a lot of time on a road, in front of the steering wheel, and you would like to make sure you are always safe.

Thanks to the fact this product is very popular for years now, gun gear brands made many different holsters that can answer all your needs. We made sure to present you with various different options, and to point out all their advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the right one more easily.

Also, before you engage in the purchase, make sure to check out our list of car holster’s main features you should bear in mind.

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