What Is Silencer Tax Stamp? – Everything You Need To Know

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If you are reading this article, you have probably bought your suppressor and completed all the following paperwork.

And now it is the time to talk about the silencer tax stamp and whether you need it or not. We will also talk about how do you get it. First, let us tell you the most important thing: you have to get a silencer tax stamp for your suppressor to be legalized.

Although it is still allowed to shoot with your silencer without your suppressor tax stamp in some places, it is better if you get your ownership legalized with ATF approved silencer tax stamp.

You don’t want your home defense or hunting tour to be disrupted. Do you? Here we have presented all the information that you need to know.

Let us dig deeper to clear all your queries on how to get your silencer tax stamp and everything that you must be aware of.

What Is Silencer Tax Stamp

What Is A Silencer Tax Stamp?

If you are a first-time buyer of a silencer for your rifles, you might find it all confusing and overwhelming.

Let us introduce the silencer tax stamp, a form, and stamp from ATF (Alchohol, Tobacco, Firearms). Silencer Tax Stamp is a federal tax stamp implemented in 1934 to purchase NFA firearms.

So that your family, friends, or anyone you trust can use your suppressor without you having to be around all the time. A Silencer Tax stamp makes your shooting safe and saves you from further hassle.

How does it do that? We have discussed every bit of it to make it easier to understand. Keep reading!

Why Do You Need A Silencer TAX Stamp?

There is mainly one primary reason you need a Silencer TAX Stamp: to prove your ownership for your NFA to BAFTE or the IRS on demand.

It is always a convenient idea and, in some cases, mandatory to carry a copy of the ATF-approved paper with the federal stamp. It will help you show lawful ownership of your firearms, and you can use it on any rifles or even on machine guns as per your need.

Also, it will save you from getting rejected from shooting in the range that needs approved paperwork.

The silencer tax stamp is a golden ticket to your rocket trip that can benefit you from having to choose any place for your shoot learning or preventing unnecessary calls from the NFA and IRS.

How Much Does A Silencer Tax Stamp cost?

Silencer Tax Stamp cost $200 Federal tax implemented in 1934 and is still the same.

Back in that era, $200 was first put on the astronomical fee that was much higher and was hardly affordable. It caused many to drop their suppressor and guns for the revenue charges.

But honestly, today, it cost next to nothing to buy one $200 bucks Federal Tax Stamp. However, many still do not like paying extra money to buy a tax stamp for their silencer.

Where Can You Get the Silencer Tax Stamp?

If you want to buy the Silencer Tax Stamp, you have two routes to choose from.

One is to buy an off-the-shelf suppressor from the ATF Form 3. Then you have to buy this from a third party or the FFL dealer. Then they would be the ones to deal with your paperwork and all the background checks.

All the Form 3 works are up to their shoulder. Secondly, if you are good with machine tools, you can quickly fill up ATF form 1, an NFA item application. You can choose either of the ways to fill up your ATF form to legalize your revenue payment.

But how long does it take to get your Suppressor Tax Stamp depends on the forms you have filled. If you have filled the e-file using Form 1, you must wait for around 30 days.

On the other hand, filling the e-file using form 3 will take a bit longer, approximately 12 months. The excellent news is ATF has hired more examiners to speed up their work in approving your federal stamp so that you won’t be waiting much with your silencer.

Now you may ask whether you need a stamp for each suppressor. Yes, you will need a Tax Stamp for each suppressor before your ATF form is shifted to the ATF for review.

Also, you can buy suppressor tax stamps whenever you want. You can also purchase a suppressor and tax stamp both at the same time that will positively speed up your procedure to get your ATF form.

What about shooting your suppressor while waiting for your tax stamp to get approved? In that case, you need to find out the laws regarding shooting in your area. Some ranges let you shoot while waiting for the ATF-approved tax stamp.

Also, if you are in an emergency, you can always call your FFL dealer to search the suitable places where you can continue shooting with your silencer.

Forms You Need to Fill Out

Where Can You Get the Silencer Tax Stamp

As discussed earlier, there are two forms. One is Form 1 that you should get if you are a machine tool expert.

Another way is to get the ATF Form 3 to fill from the third party or, more profoundly, to take help from your FFL dealer.

Both the forms take different timing of approval. For instance, Form 1 needs 30 days waiting for span, whereas Form 3 needs you to wait 12 months. Now for the procedure of your ATF form to shift to ATF for review may seem a little bit confusing as you must know all the details on what you need to submit while filling up either of the forms.

To get approved by ATF, you need your tax stamp, silencer, fingerprints, passport size photo, filling information, demographic details. Unfortunately, if any of these are missing, your FFL dealer will send you an email with the missing information to continue the procedure. Make sure you have filled in all the details to get your silencer tax stamp.

Once the ATF approves your silencer tax stamp, your FFL dealer will shoot you a call regarding the approval. Hence you can get to the shop to get your ATF-approved suppressor tax stamp for the rest of your lifetime.

You need not carry your original silencer tax stamp everywhere you go, but it is necessary to carry the approved paperwork with you to avoid any further hassle. Please keep the original safe, as you won’t get it back without getting into some real troublesome work.

What if you lost your original ATF-approved stamp? Does that forbid you from shooting your suppressor? Yes, you can say that.

You need the approved paperwork for shooting your suppressor. Or the laws regarding it won’t allow you to enter the place. It is always desirable to wait until you get your copy tax stamp from the ATF.

You can call them or mail them a request for your copy, and they will send you a certified copy of your silencer tax stamp. That, even if you have lost your originals, saves you from getting rejected from shooting and reduces the hassle of getting back the originals.

Now we come to how you plan your trust for registration? There are two ways of doing it. Firstly, you can do it by signing as an individual trust. Another way to do it, which is considered a common way of filling the trust, is choosing an NFA gun trust.

In this, you can make estate planning easier by including your family members and spouse to use your suppressor or other NFA items. Also, that makes the e-filling for ATF easy for you.

What if you want to change from the Individual to the trust option? Can you do that without paying another $200 bucks? Unfortunately, you can’t.

If you are filing a new suppressor tax stamp, you need to pay for each of your suppressors again for each suppressor another $200 bucks. If you are unsure of filing the form, consult with your FFL dealer to get you on the right track.

Once it is filled and shifted for review, it is already gotten into the system. Filing another will cost you more time separately and the loss of cash.


Now, you are equipped with all the necessary information about the Silencer Tax Stamp.

We hope we have answered all the queries regarding your tax stamp and the procedure to acquire it. We have put out all the information regarding the form-filling process that might help you get your silencer tax stamp.

It is always good to use your suppressor without any legal hassle, no matter what happens. It is easier if you buy the silencer tax stamp while buying the suppressor of your choice.

Once you get your silencer tax stamp, no legal body can disrupt your home defense or shooting.

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