Best Rifle Silencer (Lightweight Suppressors for Hunting)

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Rifle silencers are the most preferred accessory for shooters as it helps them concentrate on their shooting without the noise bothering them.

These silencers lower down the sound of the gunshot and mask the noise. These silencers help shooters improve their shooting accuracy and are also used for hunting.

Rifle silencers are making a big comeback and for a good reason. In addition to reducing the noise of a shot, they also cut down on muzzle flash and the amount of gunpowder residue you leave on the walls, ceilings, and floors.

The modern technology of today’s rifle silencers is so effective and efficient that they are making the use of earmuffs and earplugs obsolete. In addition to all of these benefits, they are also effortless to install, especially when you factor in the right tools to help you with the job.

So, without further adieu, let’s check out the best five rifle silencer:

Understanding Bullets Starting From The Tip

Best Overall: Aac Titan ti Thread Mount .338LM Silencer

Short Summary

These silencers are superb for large-caliber firearms and crossbows. Instead, they don’t need timing; they’re drop-in ready with a simple hand screwdriver.

Quick Facts

  • Length: 10″
  • Weight: 21 oz
  • Material: Grade 5 & 8 Titanium

Because of their overall size and multiple ports, TITAN silencers are best suited to large caliber rifles. They resist turning on the rifle while showing excellent reliability and durability while reducing felt recoil by as much as 70%. They deliver excellent signature and recoil reduction and enhanced accuracy on precision rifles.

The TITAN line of silencers was created with one thing in mind – to be the most accurate suppressors available in the market. This goal has been met with many different unique features that all come together to make this product incredibly durable, and allow for peak functionality.

One of these special features is the patented “Hyposone Mono Baffle Module,” which allows for smooth flow and durability, unlike other competing products that utilize cheaply made aluminum or stamped steel modules. TITAN silencers are 100% CNC fusion welded from premium grade high strength stainless steel vs. other manufacturers who use lower grade materials.

The TITAN series of suppressors, made by PWS, was designed to be some of the most rugged and durable on the market today. It delivers excellent signature reduction and enhanced accuracy in a package built with high-quality parts meant to last.

The incorporated Hyposone monolithic baffle module makes this suppressor limitless in its capabilities, providing an optimal solution for any precision user with a .338 caliber rifle looking for a combination of unrivaled accuracy, damage reduction, and durability.


  • Huge calibers that long-range shooter will love to use
  • It puts out a remarkable amount of noise
  • The baffle is one solid block of stainless steel that is milled to fit the shape
  • A machine performs the milling process, and a human operator overviews the entire process.
  • Can suppress the noise of larger rounds, including the. 338 Lapua Magnum
  • Suppresses the visual effects of shots as well
  • There is nothing to take apart or clean each time – so it is easy to maintain


  • With an $1195 price tag, this silencer is pretty expensive

Runner-up: Banish 30

Short Summary

The Banish 30 (bann30) is the most versatile suppressor in our line of high-quality hunting accessories.

Quick Facts

  • Length: 7″ to 9″ (depending on whether the tube extension is open or not)
  • Weight: 10 oz (7″) or 13 oz (9″)
  • Material: Titanium

If you consider a suppressor, you should investigate the BANISH line, which is found in calibers ranging from .17- to .30-caliber magnums. This fully auto-rated rifle silencer ships as a 9″ suppressor but can be easily broken down to reassemble it into a 7″ one.

All Banish suppressors are designed for unmatched sound suppression. Testing shows that Banish 30 reduces the report of a 308 by a whopping 34 decibels or more! Like all Banish suppressors, the Banish 30 is made from a strong, Titanium alloy for unmatched durability at an incredibly lightweight.

The Banish 30 comes as a 9-inch suppressor holding eight STifle baffles, yet for tighter shooting platforms or blinds, it can easily break down and assemble into a 7-inch configuration.

At seven inches, you’ll hardly notice the suppressor on the end of your rifle – great whether out in the field hunting big game or just taking your firearms to the range. Perfect for any gun caliber, including those larger calibers like .338 or .50 semi-automatics or lever guns in .30-30 or .45-70.


  • It cuts down 34 decibels of noise or even above
  • Maintenance is pretty easy. You can take the can apart and do the cleaning yourself
  • The buying procedure is relatively easy and ships with an ironclad warranty for any manufacturing defect
  • One of the most lightweight silencers out there


  • It comes with a $979 price tag which can be pretty expensive. Note that the price tag does not include the $200 tax.
  • The direct thread mounting process could be annoying at times
  • It takes a long time to screw onto the rifle

Alternative 1: Silencerco Hybrid 46

Short Summary

Irrespective of what kind of firearm you use, whether it’s a pistol, rifle, or SMG, the Hybrid has the versatility you need for whatever application you’re using it for.

Quick Facts

  • Length: 7.8″
  • Weight: 17.3 oz
  • Material: Titanium and stainless steel

The Hybrid 46 from SilencerCo is a silencer that performs exceptionally well on any rifle, shotgun, or handgun—compact or full-size —and with any caliber from 9mm to .45–70 GOV. 

One thing that comes to mind when we think of SilencerCo is innovation—and there’s no shortage of it with the Hybrid 46. So, where does the term “hybrid” come into play? Well, the Hybrid 46 is a multi-caliber and multi-platform suppressor.

What do you mean by that exactly? It controls pistol calibers from 9mm to .45 ACP, rifle calibers from 5.56mm to .45-70 Gov’t, and those in between such as .458 SOCOM. Now maybe the “hybrid” distinction makes a little more sense! It is both magnum and full auto-rated.

On top of that, this silencer is compatible with a wide array of accessories, including muzzle devices, Q.D. Mounts, three-lug mounts, and pistol housings. Whether you prefer shooting with a pistol, a rifle, or a submachine gun, this silencer can be a jack-of-all-trades type of silencer that is versatile as well as durable.


  • Works on a wide variety of firearms
  • Enables the shooter to remove the front module
  • Swappable parts are interchangeable
  • Great sound suppression results


  • A substantial amount of extra weight than its competitors
  • It doesn’t tame recoil as well as expected
  • You have to spend extra money on adapters and other accessories

Alternative 2: Solo 22 Rimfire

Short Summary

The SoLo 22 is a compact and lightweight silencer that’s great for .22LR firearms, including pistols and rifles.

Quick Facts

  • Length: 6″
  • Weight: 2.7 oz
  • Material: Aluminum

It has a stainless steel blast baffle and an aluminum outer body with no exposed fasteners or welds because we wanted to keep the design simple and lightweight. It is the perfect suppressor for your Ruger MK series pistol or your Ruger 10/22 or carbine rifle. It can be used dry or wet and disassembled and cleaned with a regular ¼” hex key wrench.

The SoLo 22 is a popular rimfire suppressor that utilizes aircraft-grade aluminum and is anodized matte black. The SoLo 22 is a silencer designed for .22lr rifles and pistols. It can be used on both a Ruger 10/22 and a Colt 1903. It does not have a wooden end cap, making it lighter than most rimfire suppressors.

Its weight is just 1.3 oz. It is available in both 1/2×28 and 5/8×24 threads. A suppressor allows you to practice shooting without having to worry about hearing protection. It’s also a lot of fun to shoot suppressed.

The Solo 22 is one of the quietest rimfire silencers. It is hushed and adds minimal weight. The SoLo 22 is $345. It is not particularly cheap, but it is also not priced out of line with other rimfire suppressors. At a price, it is a good choice for a rimfire suppressor.


  • This. 22 L.R. silencer is pretty cost-effective
  • With a mere 2.7 oz weight, it is incredibly lightweight
  • The dimensions are very compact that making it easy to carry
  • Durable
  • User serviceability is great
  • It can be used with magnum cartridges


  • Lacks in point of aim, point of impact shift, and accuracy
  • Difficult to clean

Alternative 3: Yankee Hill Machine TURBO T2 5.56

Short Summary

YHM built the Turbo T2 suppressor to give the modern suppressor community precisely what it needs to get the job done: high quality, effective performance, and an affordable price.

Quick Facts

  • Length: 6.5″ with Q.D. adapter
  • Weight: 12.8 oz
  • Material: Inconel 718 and 316L Stainless Steel

With an MSRP of $525 (including a Q.D. Muzzle Brake, Phantom Q.D. Adapter, and two tools), this no-nonsense can will be everything you need to get rid of noise pollution without robbing you blind!

The Turbo T2 5.56 is a silencer that features notched rims and tri-ports at the end caps. The 17-4 stainless steel body and heat-treated 718 Inconel blast baffle make this suppressor fully-auto rated. Therefore it’s more than capable of living up to its name by decreasing the sound pressure level by 31 decibels. The average dB for this device is 131, making it safe for most rifles that shoot 100 grain or less ammunition.

This suppressor, designed especially for those who want something more substantial and more robust than our other models, such as the Turbo S or G2, looks and feels great, making it a perfect fit for any rifle with a barrel length greater than 10 inches. With an average dB rating a mere 2 decibels higher than that of a .300 bolt gun dedicated suppressor and looking as good as it does.

The Turbo T2 is a lightweight, compact, high-performance silencer that will not break the bank. The Turbo is built on a precision machined 17-4 stainless steel tube and included Quick- detach Muzzle Brake and Recoil Reducing Phantom Flash Hider to complete the package.

The result is an integrated solution that offers reduced recoil, flash signature reduction, full-auto rated, and user-serviceable baffles. For shooters who demand quality products at an affordable price point, look no further than the new YHM Turbo T2.


  • Lowers sound up to 34 decibels
  • Increased durability and effective sound suppression
  • It can be detached very quickly
  • Compatible with many mounting solutions
  • It comes with an updated end cap
  • The notched rim and tri-port muzzle suppresses flash significantly
  • With a $449 price tag, this silencer is budget-friendly
  • Designed for rigorous use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with Q.D. break
  • Compatible with smaller calibers


  • Noticeable blowback
  • It is not direct thread compatible and has to be used with supplied break
  • Does not have a Titanium version
  • Not user-serviceable

Rifle Silencer FAQ

Is a rifle suppressor legal?

Is a rifle suppressor legal?

A rifle suppressor is legal, but it comes under the most highly regulated gun accessories. The regulation is managed by the National Firearm Act (NFA) branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). Consumers have to apply for their purchases under federal law.

If you want to purchase a suppressor, you must pay a fee to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. This is followed by an extensive screening process. In addition, only 42 states in the U.S. allow their citizens to purchase and own a suppressor without a permit.

To own a suppressor legally, you need to qualify some of the conditions that are put forth by the regulation body:

  • You must be 18 years of age to buy a rifle suppressor from a dealer.
  • You must be 21 years of age if you want to buy a rifle suppressor from another citizen.
  • You must be a resident of the United States of America.
  • It would be best to be a resident of one of the 42 states where owning a rifle suppressor is legal.
  • You must be legally eligible to buy and own a firearm.
  • You must go through BATFE screening and pass it.
  • It would help if you did not have any felony convictions against you.

Can I put a suppressor on any rifle?

Yes, one suppressor can be used with more than one rifle, given that they are compatible with each other. If you intend to use one suppressor on multiple rifles, ensure to purchase the model designed for the most significant caliber. The drawback to using a single suppressor on various rifles is that it won’t be as effective in sound suppression if its exit hole is much larger than the bullet escaping it.

You can also use One suppressor on many rifles if you select a model that comes with an adaptor that can be used with various sized barrel threads. You can change the attachment thread size and the end cap to fit multiple calibers and provide maximum efficiency. The drawback here is that not all suppressor companies design and develop such models. Therefore, you have minimal choices available.

There are two attachment systems for suppressors: direct thread and QD or quick detachment systems.

In a direct thread system, the suppressor has built female screws that fit well with the male screws of a rifle barrel. It is the most accurate system. When you worry more about accuracy than speed, you should strongly consider a direct thread system. It is also the least expensive system. The drawback of this system is it takes nearly 30 seconds to install the suppressor on the suppressor.

The quick detachment system consists of a quick-release collar that fits into the threads of the rifle’s barrel. One quick twist can help you put on the rifle’s suppressor or release the suppressor from the rifle. The suppressor can be installed anytime in a fraction of seconds when needed. Their drawback is that they are less accurate than detect thread system. But as time pass, they are catching up with the accuracy provided by the direct thread system.

When you use a single suppressor on multiple rifles, you need to have all the information you need to know which suppressor can be best suited with which rifle. If you make a wrong choice, the setup won’t work.

Why are silencers so expensive?

Why are silencers so expensive?

There are several factors due to which the silencers are more or less expensive. These factors are as follows:

High regulation

As already discussed, silencers are highly regulated gun accessories. Since they are highly regulated, not everyone can manufacture them. Also, they are not legal in every state. The disparity also drives to the added prices.

Relatively small market

The silencer market is skyrocketing, but it is still relatively small. Since the market is small and the demand is less, the prices are higher.

The materials used

The metals used to make the silencers are expensive, and these metals are heavily machined while manufacturing the silencers. The machinery used in this process is heavy and costly, and the wear and tear of the machinery involved in the process add to the cost.

The silencer’s finish

The finishes on the silencers protect them, and they protect the silencers from any natural wear and tear. These finishes come with their expenses.

The quality control process

You need to spend more money on their manufacture for excellent silencer quality. Silencers are designed to fit a specific firearm. Because of this factor, they must be made with the utmost precision. This requires skilled labor and heavy machinery, which adds to the cost of the silencer. If you want to maintain the quality of the silencer, you need to spend a few extra dollars to get it.

The brand

Yes, you always pay for the brand. The good news is all the silencer manufacturing brands are great. So you would not regret choosing any one of them.

How quiet is a silencer?

How quiet is a silencer?

Silencers do not silence the firearm. It more likely suppresses the sound of the gunshot. Therefore, they are also called suppressors. They bring the sound of the gunshot in a range that is not so dangerous for human ears.

Hearing the sound of a direct gunshot is extremely dangerous for human ears. Repetitive hearing of such gunshots can result in the loss of hearing forever. Silencers dampen the gas exiting the barrel after each gunshot, and that’s how they reduce the sound. Using a modern-day silencer may reduce the gunshot sound by 14.3 dB to 45dB depending on various factors. These factors include whether the bullet is subsonic or not, the length of the barrel, etc.

The average sound reduction caused by the silencer is 30 dB. It is still a loud noise than normal human speaking since the silencer reduces the noise to a range of 130-150 dB in the supersonic cartridge and 117-130 dB in the subsonic cartridge. The hearing loss can occur as low as 85 dB. Hence, most silencer manufacturing companies recommend wearing some hearing protection even with the silencer on the firearm.


Rifle silencers are an essential accessory for rifles that help shooters in several ways. The first and the most important way is that it lowers down the noise of the gun so that the shooter can concentrate on the target.

The best gun silencers are made from high-quality, durable materials that can absorb a lot of the sound and not just be a plastic attachment. The other way a silencer is beneficial is that it helps the shooter improve their shooting accuracy.

It doesn’t matter if you are after trophy bucks or just a little game; the accuracy and stealth you gain from using a silencer will be a huge advantage. It will also be safer for you and those around you, so we hope you enjoy your next hunt with a rifle silencer.

And that is why we have provided you with the best options you can find on the market that are affordable and effective. We hope this article will enable you to find a rifle silencer that fits your needs perfectly and will serve you for years to come.

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