Best 9mm Silencer

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Finding the best silencer adapter for your 9mm rifles is challenging, and one must know the details before buying a product that ensures lifelong usage.

Before spending several bucks on the adapters, you should know some of the best and well-known silencers and suppressors in the market.

We have selected the best 9mm silencers with superb user-friendly features. If you are new to this market, you might be wondering to find the best and easy installation for your rifles.

Do not worry. We are at your rescue. The listed silencers are the best and have the best features for learners and match first-time buyers’ expectations.

This guide will explain which one of these silencers you need and which will work best for your needs.

Best 9mm Silencer

Best Overall: Banish 45 Silencer

Short Summary

This Banish 45 silencer is light and weighs just 11 ounces that are pretty handy and user-friendly with a short configuration of 6.7″.

Quick Facts

  • Length: 6.7” or 8.6”
  • Weight: 9.6 or 11 O.Z.
  • Material: Titanium and Aluminium

Banish 45 Silencer is the best 9mm silencer made for handguns with excellent sound suppressing quality. The best thing is that it is made up of titanium, which ensures the excellent durability of the product without a doubt. Banish 45 has made shooting safer for anyone, and it reduces the sound of 9mm Pistols up to 36 decibels.

With Banish 45 silencer, you can enjoy shooting more safely. It applies to pistols and handguns. This best 9mm silencer has an impressive look made of titanium that reduces its weight to 11 ounces with exceptional durability.

This Banish 45 lets you increase your configuration to 8.6″, keeping the weight at 11 ounces. Users can run it on eight or twelve baffles, depending on needs. It is ideally designed for three guns or target shooting. Banish 45 is an ear pro that perfectly protects the shooter’s hearing and his companions.

The best part of Banish 45 silencer is that its configuration is easily dismantled, and it can be cleaned and maintained without the help of an expert. You can easily clean the baffles in your hands or by your ultrasonic cleaner, Tumblr.

Thanks to its titanium body and easy setup qualities. It saves your time and money with the maintenance part. Banish Suppressors have set the standard for modular suppressor design.

BANISH Suppressors are more than just a multi-caliber suppressors; they are also packed with innovative design features. It was designed to be the most user-friendly suppressor in the market, and it is the most user-friendly and multi-caliber, and fully serviceable.

If you are bothered by the paperwork part, you must know that Banish 45 will do it all by itself for you. You need to sit down and relax while you watch your Banish 45 silencer arriving at your doorstep. They even set up NFA trust for you to make your holding safe and smooth so that others can use your silencer with ease.


  • Banish 45 weighs 11 ounces
  • It is made with Titanium and Alumunium to ensure excellent durability and aesthetics
  • Ear pro silencer device with promising hearing protection for the shooter
  • It comes with easily dismantled baffles with the self-maintenance feature


  • It is an expensive silencer device, and it can be unthreaded after some shots

Runner Up: Dead Air Wolfman

Short Summary

The Dead Air Wolfman comes with an excellent air modular suppressor for handguns, light-duty rifles, sub guns, pistols.

Quick Facts

  • Length: 5.13’-7.5’
  • Weight: 9.80 OZ to 14.40 OZ
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Wolfman provides an impressively quiet shooting experience in the full-length configuration. It comes in 5.13″ and 7.6″ and weighs 14 ounces. The winning feature is the rubber wiper cap, which furthers the sound. The Dead Air Wolfman is a redesigned version of Dead Air’s Wolf 9SD specializing in sub-gun, pistol, and light-duty rifle use.

The Wolfman provides top-tier suppression in its full-size configuration, but it can be reduced in length by nearly 2.5″ for applications where overall size is essential. Wolfman’s new end cap allows for the use of user-created wipes, which Dead Air does not provide. Adding a wipe to the Wolfman, while entirely optional, can reduce decibel levels even further.

The Dead Air Wolfman, no wonder, increases the quality of your shooting experience beyond your expectation. It is made of stainless steel of excellent strength durability, keeping the weight as light as possible with exceptional durability. The cap with the rubber wiper can be the best part to shoot with minimum noise or next to quiet.

Dead Air Wolfman is among the best 9mm silencer, tough enough to handle some supersonic rifle guns. Wolfman is the best choice for first-time suppressor buyers as it covers all of the most common calibers in one can. Subgun shooters are split into two teams when it comes to whether a huge, quiet suppressor or a short, light silencer is superior.

Some people believe that a compact suppressor is ideal for a compact gun, and some focus on having the best sound suppression. The Wolfman combines the best of both sides by effortlessly switching between sizes. It incorporates Dead Air’s existing mounting methods.

The Key Micro Adapter is the cherry on top. It allows the Wolfman to be mounted on existing Dead Air muzzle devices, which is required for use with rifle calibers.

If you are up for hunting or duty at night, Wolfman can be the best option to choose for your sub guns or pistols. Wolfman comes with a great deal of ½*28 thread mounts, wipe compatible font cap features, with replaceable wipes.


  • Wolfman is a dead air modular that works with all the common calibers
  • It will give its best shot with a pistol booster
  • It is designed specifically for light guns, sub guns, light-duty rifles
  • It is made of stainless steel with fantastic toughness and still comes with light-weighted cans of up to 14 ounces
  • Dead Air Wolfman gives an ultimate shooting experience for long and small configurations


  • It weighs heavy in the long configuration
  • It is not serviceable

Alternative 1: Ultima 9mm

Short Summary

Ultima 9mm is made of Alumunium stainless steel with excellent strength durability with lightweight.

Quick Facts

    • Length: 9.5”
    • Weight: 10.4 OZ
    • Material: Aluminum Stainless Steel

    Among the best 9mm silencer, the Ultima 9mm super silencer comes with a black matte anodized finish. It is made of Alumunium stainless steel with excellent strength durability with lightweight. The shooter can use it wet or dry with super sound reduction with round pop. It looks nice and can be disassembled for self-maintenance.

    Ultima 9mm silencers are the best 9mm silencer with impressive sound reduction features. Ultima 9mm silencer is significantly designed for aircraft. This coastal gun works best among semi-auto pistols.

    Ultima 9mm has utilized the R.A.D. Design so that it can work for semi-auto pistols. It is reliable to work under tremendous pressure and both in wet and dry regions. Ultima 9mm benefits the user with self-maintenance and the unsealed unit.

    The black matte anodized finish makes it look good, and the aluminum stainless steel gives forth great strength when working. This unit is not sealed, so it can be disassembled for cleaning and comes with a disassembly tool as standard.


    • Ultima 9mm is not a sealed unit, and it can be disassembled and is easy to reassemble
    • It utilizes the Recoil Atteunuartion Device for pistols overcoming excessive weight
    • It is made of Alumunium stainless steel with more excellent durability, and it works well in dry and wet regions


    • It is a heavy coastal suppressor
    • Not effective as an ear pro silencer

    Alternative 2: SureFire Warcomp Flash Hider w/Suppressor Adapter

    Short Summary

    This SureFire Suppressor is made of heat-treated stainless steel bar stock, and SureFire has an ion bond DLC coating that offers excellent protection from harsh elements.

    Quick Facts

      • Length: 2.67”
      • Weight: 3.8 OZ
      • Material: Heat Treated Stainless Steel

      The SureFire Warcomp Flash Hider w/Supressor adapter is designed for shooting the best targets without any miss. These Flash hiders are developed by the surefire guarantees 99% of flash elimination for the accurate target range. These SureFire Flash Hider are specially designed for upgrading your shooting experience.

      The SureFire is designed for the shooters to have greater accuracy and upgrade their combat skills. The heated stainless steel provides the ultimate strength durability to its users. These SureFire Suppressors deliver the perfect mounting platform and are crafted for durable performances.

      It is designed the way so that you don’t have a chance to miss a shot. The flash hider is effective even in the low-light areas. The SureFire Warcomp is the best 9mm shooter in the market. These are the best choices for students and can be installed without modified firearms. It is durable and has a lifelong guarantee of usage. It can be a rock-solid mounting adapter for SureFire Warcomp Suppressor.

      Its trademark design serves three essential purposes. To begin with, it reduces muzzle flash by almost 99 percent compared to the plain muzzle, which aids in concealing the shooter’s location and preserving his dark-adapted vision. Second, muzzle rise is nearly eliminated, making it easier to monitor target response and stay on focus for faster follow-up rounds.

      Finally, it acts as a rock-solid mounting adapter for all SureFire SOCOM Series 5.56mm Fast-Attach suppressors, including the SOCOM556-RC variant.


      • It is an absolute flash eliminator
      • The heat-treated stainless steel makes it durable
      • DLC coating provides maximum protection against harsh elements


      • No noticeable muzzle rise

      Alternative 3: Noveske KX5 Flash Suppressor

      Short Summary

      Noveske KX5 Flash Suppressor is designed for small barrel length, but it can work for any barrel length.

      Quick Facts

        • Length: 3.25”
        • Weight: 4.5 OZ
        • Material: CM heated steel with a back nitrate finish

        Noveske KX5 Flash Suppressor is designed for small diameter handguards, and its slim design allows for installation under many other popular slim diameter rails. It has been crafted to upgrade reliability for short-barreled AR-15 pistols to shoot up backpressure.

        Noveske KX5 Flash suppressor is ideal for A.R. platforms. It is manufactured from CM heated steel with a back nitrate finish. The KX5 is perfect for suppressing the expelled gas for alluring directions. It helps the shooter to get the target with its flaming pig.

        The Noveske Flaming Pig also serves as a muzzle brake, reducing recoil impacts on the rifle. The product is reliable for forwarding the appealing gas, ensuring the safety of anyone standing adjacent to the shooter.

        The CM heated treat gives durability in long-run firing sessions. The Noveske KX3 flash suppressor has specific unique dimensions that may be a significant benefit depending on your setup.

        The Noveske flaming pig has a length of 3.28 inches and a diameter of 1.35 inches. This small flash suppressor looks fantastic on a shorter barrel with a longer rail. That menacing little snout just peeking out of the rail will attract your attention if your weapon proportions are correct.

        If you’re building a home-defense weapon, the Noveske KX3 flaming pig is the way to go. We never recommend firing a weapon without muffs, and you might not have time for muffs if you are inside your house at midnight.


        • It ensures easy installation into smaller diameter rails, and it is also applicable to any barrel length
        • It is the best unit to work in dim lights


        • It lacks efficiency as a sound suppressor

        9mm Silencer FAQ

        What size suppressor is needed for 9mm?

        What size suppressor is needed for 9mm?

        9mm guns are widely used more than .45mm or .4mm guns. So, it is essential to know what suppressor should you use with your 9mm gun.

        As the name suggests, a suppressor reduces the intensity of the sound of a gunshot by modulating the speed and pressure of the gas. It comes in many sizes and dimensions.

        Not all suppressors can work well with all the guns. So, we need to choose the suppressor wisely. Most of the suppressors you can use for 9mm are 6.7 or 8.6 inches, and the lightest and shortest 9mm suppressor is 3.3 inches. The suppressor and gun you use have to be compatible with each other. The suppressor’s size does not matter if they are compatible with each other.

        Are suppressors illegal?

        Suppressors are not illegal at the federal level, but they are highly regulated by the Nation Firearm Act (NFA) branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE).

        The state laws can vary. Suppressors can legally own private citizens without a permit only in 42 citizens. It would be best if you qualified to purchase the suppressor. These are the qualifications to buy the suppressor:

        • It would be best to be a resident of any 42 states that currently allow the citizens to own a suppressor.
        • It would be best if you were a United States of America resident.
        • You should be legally eligible to own a firearm.
        • You need to pass the BATFE check.
        • To purchase the suppressor from a dealer, you must be at least 21 years of age.
        • To purchase the suppressor from another citizen, you must be 18 years of age.

        What are the downsides of a suppressor?

        Using a suppressor creates additional heat

        A Suppressor has advantages when used, but it has some downsides to its usage. Here are some of the downsides of using a suppressor.

        Additional weight

        Adding a suppressor to your gun adds weight. It is more difficult to use when you add the suppressor at the end of the barrel when you use a long gun, and this additional weight affects the balance of your gun.

        Additional heat

        Using a suppressor creates additional heat. When you shoot, the cans get hot, and the heat produced is so much that it can melt your clothes. Using covers is recommended for high-intensity use.

        Gas blowback

        It is one of the biggest problems of using a suppressor. The gas blowback adds additional blowback pressure into the gun. You can see the gas escaping from the rear of the gun when you shoot your target.

        The gas usually comes out from through the cracks around the hammer, and another place where the gas escapes are between the slide and the frame.

        The gas can go in the shooter’s eyes. It won’t affect you much if you are shooting outside, but shooting in a confined place will disturb you and others around you.

        Also, many rifles available in the market have a large gas port. If you use such a rifle, adding a suppressor amplifies the backpressure.

        More wear and tear

        The gas blowback causes wear and tear of the inside parts of the gun. The more the backpressure, the more wear and tear the pieces.

        Extra carbon buildup

        When you use a suppressor while shooting, the gun gets very dirty. The amount of dirt varies from suppressor to suppressor, but generally, the gun gets at least twice as dirty as a standard gun. You can see the increased amount of nitrocellulose even when using quality ammo.

        Poor sight picture

        The use of a suppressor makes shooting at a distance harder. It is because the top of the suppressor usually covers the sight posts. So you have to raise the sight picture. Since the sight system in the rifles is much higher than the bore, they are not usually affected by this.

        Do suppressors affect accuracy?

        Do suppressors affect accuracy?

        It depends on the setup of your gun and suppressor combination. Your accuracy will most likely improve if your gun to suppressor combination is appropriately set.

        On the other hand, if this combination is incorrect, the accuracy decreases. The lower recoil you feel from the suppressor because it is used for more than lowering the decibels.

        If, however you see a decrease in the accuracy, you can take several measures to ensure the accuracy. These measures are listed below.

        Ensure proper alignment of threads

        This one is a no-brainer. Even the slightest misalignment of threads or cross-threading that causes misalignment of threads can cause the reduction inaccuracy. Make sure that the suppressor is aligned correctly on the barrel’s threads.

        Take the suppressor off and inspect if the suppressor’s threads and the rifle’s threads align with each other.

        Consider the ammunition

        Not all the bullet weights and loads perform the same in all the guns. It could be because of the twist in your barrel’s rifling and how it impacts the bullet’s performance. It holds even when you use a suppressor. So, you might need to switch to a different load while using a suppressor to get better performance.

        Resight your scope

        Sometimes it happens that your rounds do not hit at the same place where you were hitting before using a suppressor, but still, group well. In cases like these, resight the scope to the new point of impact. If you are going to switch between suppressed and unsuppressed shooting, this can be tedious, but it can be an easy solution.

        Use a thread adapter if needed

        It can happen that the threads of the suppressor or your gun aren’t right. Sometimes, the threads on these tools can be appropriately machined and still don’t work well together.

        If something like this happens, you don’t need to invest money in purchasing a new barrel or suppressor. You can use a thread adapter. It acts as a mediator, and it helps to diminish the inconsistencies between the suppressor and the barrel.


        We have guided the shooters to select among the best 9mm silencers in the market.

        The above mentions are the best 9mm silencer adapter that can help you to upgrade your shooting experience. If you want to get more of your rifles and guns or if you need your home defense, these silencers can help you out.

        We have also presented this guide keeping in mind the needs of the learners and the new buyers to make their suppressor shopping easier. We hope that you have found our selection to your best use.

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