Best Concealed Carry Holsters of 2023

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After you decided to purchase a gun, it is now the time to think about carry holsters. Their main goal is to hold and protect your firearm and to provide you with safe and quick access.

They are super practical and necessary if you want to have your gun with you all the time. So we are now going to present you with a list of best-concealed carry holsters. But remember, the most important rule is to have your gun’s safety on and to make sure nothing touches the trigger.

What Is The Best Concealed Carry Holster?

What Is The Best Concealed Carry Holster

1. Concealment Express Iwb Holster


  • High-quality design
  • Adjustable cant
  • Lightweight and undetectable
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Among the most popular concealed carry gun holsters is this minimalist IWB one that’s designed in a way that makes it comfortable and easy to carry inside of the waistband. This moulded shell is made of durable .08 inches KYDEX, and it’s very lightweight and fit for everyday use.

The undercut trigger guard of the holster won’t be on the way of your draw, and the over-cut open-space design will welcome threaded barrels. Another feature that’s on the advantage list of this product is a full-length sweat guard, which means your weapon will be protected from the sweat, from bottom to the top.

When you put your gun into this holster, which is completely undetectable, if your shirt is untucked, you will hear a click sound that will let you know the weapon is secured by the holster in the right way. So it won’t be able to come out unless you take it out. The carry angle of the holster is adjustable from -5 to +20degrees, which implies you can find a perfect position for it, the one that will feel most natural to you.

The manufacturer is very proud to say these holsters are made in the USA by Americans, and on US-made machinery, and they are so confident about their product that they are ready to offer you a lifetime warranty.

2. Concealed Carrier Universal Neoprene Ankle Holster


  • Padded
  • Breathable
  • Designed by US military veterans
  • Fits all leg size and all gun size
  • Extra pouch

This ankle concealed holster is created from padded surgical grade elastic neoprene that makes it super comfortable, but also breathable, thanks to the fact there are little air holes all over it. They will allow ventilation for your legs.

Even though most of these holsters can be really unpleasant to wear, this one has foam innards that are very thick, so they will prevent rubbing sensation and other kinds of discomfort, even if you wear it for hours.

Given that the team of US military veterans are the ones who stand behind this product, and that they used all their experience and knowledge in order to design the most effective ankle holster on the market, it’s no surprise it can fit all gun sizes and all leg sizes. It’s quite a universal product suitable for both left and right-handed carry.

You can run, exercise, jump or walk, and this double strapped holster won’t slip down your leg. And, the way it is designed will allow you to pull out your weapon quickly and effectively. It will stay hidden and unnoticed under your trouser leg. As an additional plus, there is a pouch for an extra magazine, paper spray, folding knife, or some other piece of equipment.

3. Galco Classic Lite Shoulder


  • High-quality made
  • Very comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Medium-width harness
  • Vertical magazine holder

If you are looking for the best-concealed carry holster made of leather, here is what we suggest. This classic leather shoulder holster is one of the most popular ones since it’s super comfortable to wear and super tight, so it won’t move while you walk, run, and behave in normal ways.

It has a center cut steer hide leather harness that’s connected with four independent and pivoting straps, it’s flexible, and it can welcome accessory attachments and cuff cases. The medium-width harness won’t be visible underneath your clothes, and the whole holster is designed in a way that ‘s suitable for several Glock models of guns.

You can carry your gun in a horizontal position, and there’s also a vertical magazine holder secured with flaps. The price is quite affordable, and it will be an investment, because the quality of the holster is exquisite, and it will last for years.

Galco is known as a brand that makes the most versatile, comfortable and the most copied shoulder holsters ever since 1970. With this product, you will have all the benefits of wearing professional rigs, since they use the same patented connectors for all their models to achieve the perfect fit and functionality.

4. Blackhawk Serpa Level 2 Chest Holster


  • Flexible
  • High-quality made
  • Audible click
  • Left hand orientated
  • Rubber-based leg straps

BLACKHAWK SERPA is a leg holster designed specifically for tactical operators. It has a flexible thigh platform that suits all leg shapes and sizes, and thanks to the Y-harness suspension system, the weight of it will be evenly distributed.

The swivel buckles can be quickly disconnected from belt mounts, which will provide you with excellent maneuverability. The holster is designed for vertical gun carry, and it will stay that way even if you are kneeling, but it’s created only for a left-hand orientation.

The patent is super easy to mount and dismount, and it is very practical since it has an option and place for accessories like pouches for knives, and mag cases. The holster has rubber-based leg straps that will prevent it from sliding, and it’s defined by the SERPA Auto Lock release.

The position of the gun case will allow you to have superior draw technique, and there is also immediate retention and audible click you will hear when you put the weapon back in the holster. That’s the feature that guarantees extra safety.

5. Barsony New Gun Owb Belt Holster


  • Made from Cordura nylon
  • Waterproof foam padding
  • Pouch for the magazine included
  • Right side oriented
  • Lightweight

If you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a carry holster, you can think about buying this one, made from military-grade Cordura nylon that’s pretty durable and easy to use. The material is sweat proof, so your weapon will be protected and dry while holding it in your holster.

You can wear it on your waist, on the right side, because that’s how it’s oriented, and you will have an extra pouch for spare magazines on the side. The holster has thumb-break retention and adjustable retention strap, so you will see how easy it is to use if you handle it correctly.

No matter what, if you are walking, running, or bending over, it will stay attached to your belt or pant top thanks to the strong clips. It’s a suitable solution for belts that are 1.75 inches wide and backed with premium leather.

When it comes to the quality, it features waterproof closed-cell foam padding and smooth nylon lining, so your handgun will be well protected. Bear in mind that it’s not an IWB, but an OWB holster, so it will show on your waistline.

6. Creatrill Bundle of Belly Band Holster


  • wo product in a price of one
  • Suitable for many firearms
  • Breathable
  • Universal size
  • Non-slippery system

CREATRILL is offering you a great deal that includes one belly band holster, and one ankle holster for easily concealed weapon carry for a price of one. You must agree that it’s an awesome deal! Both of them are made from soft and comfortable neoprene material, and they are quite simple to attach.

They are ventilated, allowing your skin to breathe, lightweight, which means you won’t feel them of your body as a burden, and they have anti-sweat feature, so you won’t experience wetness in the places where they stand, even if you wear them for a while.

They are created in one size only, but in a way that fits everybody. They are five inches wide, the belly band goes up to 45 inches, and the ankle one 16 inches lengths, so they are pretty much universal. The holster you carry on your belly can also be placed upon your chest, and it can be rotated right or left, depending on which hand you use for a gun drawl.

The ankle holster can be attached to your both legs, and it has calf straps that made it non-slippery, so it won’t come off even if you are running. These products are suitable for many different gun types, and they can be used for a primary and secondary firearm.

7. Ambidextrous Horizontal Shoulder Holster


  • Strong and durable
  • High-quality made
  • Adjustable
  • Both hands oriented
  • Pouch for two magazines

One of the best concealed holsters is this horizontal shoulder one. It comes in black, it’s fully adjustable, so you can tune it up in a way that it doesn’t bother you while you walk, and it has a double magazine pouch. Both the gun case and the pouch can be oriented to the left and right.

No matter if you are shorter or taller, all four shoulder straps can be set up in a way that suits you the best. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and easy to carry. There’s an elastic band section that can expand and contract with your body movement. The holster is very affordable, but it’s made in a high-quality manner.

Your firearm will be safe in it, given that there are tie-down straps, as well as an adjustable thumb break. You will hear it snap when you connect them, so the pistol won’t go anywhere without your knowledge. Everything is built from strong and tough PVC material.

You can wear this holster under your jacket or coat, and it will be unnoticeable. The great thing is that you can put different size guns in it, and you can attach it to your belt or belt loop for extra security. The additional pouch can welcome two standard sized double pack pistol magazines.

8. Concealment Express Owb Paddle Kydex Holster


  • High-quality made
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the USA
  • Posi-click mechanism

If you are looking for great outside of the waistband holster, this is definitely the one you should consider. It’s another KYDEX model that’s designed in a minimalistic manner that can be worn comfortably under the untucked shirt.

It has an adjustable carry angle, from -5 to +20 degrees, so you can find the perfect position for your handgun, the one that will feel the most natural to your grip. It’s built in a high-quality way, with full-length sweat guard, and overcut open face for the threaded barrel.

Thanks to the undercut trigger guard, you won’t have a problem pulling the gun out, and there is a fibre-reinforced stealth belt clip, so no one will suspect you are carrying a firearm on you. It’s made in the USA, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This super durable and very sturdy item won’t disappoint you for sure. When it comes to safety, it has a posi-click mechanism, which means the click you will hear when you holster your weapon will be a sign it won’t move unless you take it out.

9. Bulldog Cases Nylon Hip Holster


  • Very durable
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality made
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant outer shell

There are not many affordable, but yet good quality made carry holsters that are intended for concealed use. This one, in particular, might be the best solution for you if you are looking for a suitable holster for revolvers and semi-automatic guns.

It is created from durable and sturdy nylon and water-resistant outer shell, so your weapon will be safely protected from water impact. Thanks to the top grade padding that’s fused, it will be a great fit for everybody, super comfortable and easy to wear.

This holster includes an ambidextrous belt loop as well as a metal clip, and its inner lining is soft and scratch-resistant, so your pistol won’t be damaged while it’s in the pocket. Also, the spine protector will keep the firearm from tearing the inner holster lining.

It’s very lightweight and compact, so you can have it on you when you walk or run, bike, travel, or workout on different machines like the treadmill. There is an adjustable thumb break, and it can be used by both right or left-handed people.

10. Western Express Leather Gun Holster


  • Real leather
  • Very durable
  • Elegant design
  • High-quality made
  • Right-handed oriented

The last one on our list of the best holsters for concealed carry is this Western Express leather gun holster that looks like those you saw in the cowboy movies. It’s manufactured from brown genuine natural leather, with very elegant design, and it has an open-top suitable for a quick draw.

It is followed by a leather thong you can tie to your leg, so it won’t move when you are walking. It can welcome three different gun types, and it’s created for right-handed individuals. It can fit up to six inches long barrel.

The manufacturer says that this is the best holster for hunting or pasturing. It’s made to slide onto the belt for single-action revolvers that are not too heavy. It has high-quality stitching that will guarantee it’s durability and long use.

There are not many holsters that are elegant and refined like this one, so if you are searching for a model that will stand out and complement your style, this is definitely the perfect one for you. It is marketed by Country Western USA.

Concealed Carry Holster Types

Concealed Carry Holster Types

IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

Inside the waistband or IWB holster is a perfect choice if you want to conceal your weapon. It is designed in a way you can carry it between your underwear and your pants, so you can keep the gun safely, very close to your skin. Because of that, nobody will notice you have it.

Chest Holsters

If you like hiking, backpacking, camping, or pretty much any other outdoor activity, chest holster is an ideal solution for you. It goes around your back and your shoulder, with a gun case in the middle of your chest, so it will keep your firearm safe, but on a quick reach of your hand. And you can move effortlessly, without feeling the burden of it.

Shoulder Holsters

The shoulder holster is created in a super comfortable way. You can carry it around both of your shoulders, and it will look like you are having a pair of suspenders. They are a good choice if you are wearing a jacket and like having your weapon on your side, next to the ribs.

But according to statistics, the firearm tends to fall out of it much more often than from any other holsters.

Ankle Holsters

This type of holster is mostly used if you want to hide the fact you are carrying your weapon on you, or when you need a backup gun, just in case. It has straps that will keep the whole thing tight and undetectable, so you can run or walk freely without worrying it may fell off.

How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Most of the concealed holsters can welcome many different types of guns, but it is important to know which one you will carry in it before purchasing one. They need to feel comfortable enough so you can forget you have them on you and having safety features, so you can be calm, knowing your weapon will stay where it should unless you take it out. There are a couple of things you should bear in mind while choosing the ideal holster for you.

How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Trigger and Material

It is crucial that your holster is made in a high-quality matter, with strong and sturdy material, so it cannot break or let loose while you are carrying your weapon in it. In that sense, leather or Kydex is a great option. It would also be good if it has some sort of patent that keeps the trigger safety, and out of the reach of your clothes or body parts, so there’s no possibility of discharge.

The market is full of holsters that are not covering the trigger area, or they do, but with flimsy material. We recommend you to bypass those ones and go with an extra secure product that will make the safety a priority.


Most people would like to keep their holsters hidden from others. The fact you are carrying a gun on you is not something you want to brag about. So the level of holster’s concealability is quite an important issue.

The OWB holster will probably do the best work, when it comes to this aspect, way better than the OWB one. But you need to bear in mind that concealability depends a lot on how your body is shaped, so you just need to try them on and see which one works the best on you.


The grip is another thing you need to pay attention to if you want your holster to be fully functional, which is pretty much the essential thing. The way it is built needs to allow you to have quick access and a full grip when you reach for a weapon and want to take it out of the case.

It cannot be uncomfortable and clumsy, you cannot be distracted by some pieces of the holster while pulling the gun out because it can be quite dangerous. You should be able to draw and fire from any position, and it would be good if you could reach it with both of your hands.

Good Retention

Carrying a gun on you is not a joke, so one of the things you need to make sure of is that you and everyone around you are safe. In order to do that, you need to have a holster that has great retention.

That means you cannot allow for your gun to slide and drop off from its case, it needs to stay put. If you want to see if the holster has this feature, you should put your weapon in it and then turn it upside down. There have to be some kind of straps or knobs that will keep it in its place.


The excellent quality holster will keep your weapon intact and undamaged. It shouldn’t be too tight and build from a material that will scratch it every time you put your gun in a case or take it out of it. It would be good if it’s water and sweatproof, and it needs to be built in a manner that won’t tear your clothes or the furniture when you are wearing it.

Also, some of the holsters can be quite stiff and rub on your skin in a very uncomfortable way, and you really don’t want that. So it would be best if you could try it on first and see if there are any flaws of that kind.

What Holster Is the Most Concealed One

Frequently asked question

What Holster Is the Most Concealed One?

It’s probably the IWB one since it’s designed to be worn inside of your waistband. It’s super undetectable, whether you wear your shirt untucked or tucked in. If you tuck your shirt, it would be even more hidden, but that way, you won’t be able to get to your weapon as quickly. Another benefit of wearing an IWB holster is the fact you can position it anywhere you want.

Does Concealed Carry Have to Be in a Holster?

Well, no, you don’t need to have a holster to conceal your weapon, but there are a lot of advantages if you do. First of all, the holster will keep your trigger protected, so you will eliminate the risk of a negligent discharge.

Second of all, it will provide you with quick and easy access to your gun, which is super important. And also, by wearing a holster, you will make sure your gun is safe and protected while being in your possession.

What Is the Most Comfortable Concealed Carry Position?

The experts say you will feel most comfortable by using a strong side hip holster. It can be IWB or OWB one, whichever you prefer. They are considered to be the most practical because you can access your firearm very naturally and quickly with your dominant hand, and they are the most popular holsters as well.

Are Leather Holsters Bad for Guns?

Even though they are very elegant and pretty, there are some shortcomings to wearing a full leather holster. As it turns out, they can leave certain blued marks on gunmetal because of the chemical reactions leather provokes. Because of that, it is suggested that you don’t leave your firearm for too long in your leather cases.


Don’t think that buying a holster is an easy peasy thing, there are important things you need to consider. And after you decide and purchase one, our suggestion is to stand in front of a mirror and practice your draw and re-holster move for some time. It is essential you feel it as a natural thing to do, in case you need to.

The market is full of these products, and most of them are quite affordable, but make sure to consult with some experts and see a few reviews before you set your mind on one of them. The good holster can keep you safe and protected, while the wrong one may put you and the people around you in danger.

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