Best Chest Holsters of 2023

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Sure, the chest holster isn’t probably the first thing that will come to your mind when thinking about what type of holsters you should purchase because IWB and hip holsters are the most popular ones. But there are situations when those may be a bit uncomfortable to wear. 

Chest holsters are the best option for you if you are a passionate climber, biker, or horse rider, and you want to make sure you will have your gun on you for self-protection purposes.

What Is The Best Chest Holsters?

What Is The Best Chest Holsters

1. Hosking Chest Holster for Glock


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Provides quick hand draw
  • Made of Kydex
  • Scratch-resistant

Hosking Chest is a chest gun holster you can wear anytime you engage yourself into some sort of sports activity. If you plan on going fishing, backpacking, jogging, or cycling, for example, this is the holster model you should use because it will provide you with comfort and security.

It is made in the USA, for all Glock pistol models, and it is designed from one firmer central piece that goes on your chest area, and stripes that go around your upper body in order to hold it in its place. These stripes can be adjusted easily, depending on the height or the tightness you want to preserve.

The buckles are not fixed, they also can be attached to several holes, which will provide you with additional comfort. Most similar products from other brands do not have this option. You can wear this holster at the upper or lower chest area, and you can set the preferable cant.

This item is super durable, it’s affordable and very practical to wear. The central piece is made from Kydex that’s scratch resistant, and it is created for a quick hand draw. But even though it has no patent that keeps gun in its position, the firearm cannot fall out of it because of the tight and compact design.

2. Linixu Deep Concealment


  • Suitable for all body types
  • Quick gun access
  • Made from elastic
  • Allows you to move naturally
  • Fully adjustable

This is a bit different model than the previous one. It is designed for concealed carry because it goes tightly around your entire upper body and above one shoulder, while the gun has a place far left or right, almost under your arm. You don’t even have to wear a jacket or suit in order to hide it.

Thanks to its specific construction, it will distribute the weight of the gun to your back and shoulders so you can comfortably wear it and move without any problem. You can wear it all day long, and it won’t print on most clothes. So if you are looking for a chest holsters for concealed carry, this is the one for you.

The product is designed in the United States, it is fully adjustable and based on Velcro tapes, and there is extra padding at the gun pouch that will protect your weapon from perspiration and provide you with some additional comfort.

Even though it is a chest holster, and it doesn’t seem like your gun will be on a quick reach of a hand, you will be able to draw it in case of an emergency in a second. The entire holster is made from an elastic material so it will fit any body type. It comes with a retention strap, so you won’t have to worry your gun will fall out of the casing.

3. Galco Great Alaskan Shoulder System


  • Leather made
  • Suitable for hunters
  • Fully adjustable
  • Retention strap included
  • Reliable

Even though there is word shoulder in the title of this holster, it’s actually a chest based model since the gun pouch is placed in this area, and the stripes that go around your body will go across your chest too in order to attach all the parts into one piece.

This is one of the chest pistol holsters since that’s super reliable, sturdy, and comfortable to wear. It is made of soft brown leather, and it is designed to meet the needs of hunters and outdoors shooters who need a solid carry piece for their firearm.

This piece is fully adjustable since you can move the stripes and tighten them as you like, and there’s even a small pocket attached where you can place some smaller pieces of gun gear or a few rounds of ammo. This is an ideal holster for a fishing expedition, camping, hiking, and other activities where you need to have protection on you.

You won’t have to worry about your pistol dropping out of the pouch since there is a reliable retention strap. The weight of the gun will be equally distributed thanks to two-inch harness pivots, and you will be able to quickly draw your weapon if needed.

4. Galco Kodiak Hunter Holster


  • Leather made
  • For scoped handgun
  • Includes two straps
  • Silent unholster
  • Open top

Chest holsters for pistols can have quite an interesting design. This one, in particular, is a bit retro, like the one a cowboy from the movie might wear across his chest and plaid shirt. The gun pouch is created from high-quality leather, in dark brown color, and there is decorative stitching in contrasting shades.

This holster model is designed for revolvers with a big borescope, but it can also be used for those without the scope. There is, as expected, a retention strap that will keep the gun in its place no matter what you do, and stripes that go around your body that can be fully adjusted.

No matter how tiny or big you are in the upper body area, you will be able to position and attach those stripes in the right way, so that your gun remains near your body and doesn’t slide around. The stripes are made in a combination of nylon and leather, while the main parts are suitably padded.

This is the perfect holster for hunters since you can unholster your weapon in absolute silence. Kydex holsters, for example, are always too loud in that matter. It comes assembled, with an open-top, and it includes three parts – holster, torso strap, and shoulder strap.

5. Man Gear Alaska Ultimate Chest Holsters


  • Simple design
  • Made of nylon
  • Adjustable stripes
  • Retention strap
  • Concealed carry

Some chest holsters are more simple than others. This one made by Man Gear Alaska has a quite basic design, and because of that, many people do not believe it can do the job right and keep your handgun in its place when you are on the move.

This model is made completely from nylon, it has several metal D rings, and straps that go around your body. This model can be worn in three different ways, depending on where you want your pistol to be placed.

We are talking about a chest holster for a semi-automatic pistol that also has a magazine pouch installed. You can get this holster in several different sizes so it can welcome more than one model of a handgun.

The retention strap will keep your pistol inside of the holster even if you bend forward, and you can choose between a left-handed model and right-handed model. It’s quite small and lightweight so you can wear it under your jacket for a concealed carry.

6. Rothco Deep Concealed Carry Chest Holster


  • Deep concealment
  • Retention strap
  • Fully adjustable
  • Equally distributes weight
  • Two sizes

The last one on our chest gun holsters list is the one made by Rothco. It is a tight chest model that comes in white and goes all around our body and has two shoulder straps. If you are a right-handed person, you should keep your weapon on the far left side, and vice versa, if you are a left-handed individual place it on the right side.

It is a holster designed for deep concealment since the six inches wide elastic band made from polyester covers most of your back and your chest. It has hook and loop closure, two pouches for extra magazines, and the main pistol pocket.

The retention strap is also included, so you can be relaxed even if you are running, dancing, hiking, etc. because your gun won’t be able to come off easily. The entire weight of your firearm will be equally distributed on your shoulders and back, which will provide you with the most comfortable wear.

It is fully adjustable in both height and width domain, and you can get this chest holster in two different sizes so it should fit pretty much everybody. Since the weapon is placed almost under your arm, there won’t be printing, so you won’t even have to wear loose clothing in order to keep it hidden.

How to Choose the Best Iwb Holsters

As we already explained, a chest holster is great for people who like action. But going on hiking, biking, or at some other type of expedition with a gun implies wearing a holster for many hours.

That’s why it is super important for you to find the one that feels most comfortable. Besides that, here is the list of features you should bear in mind when choosing the right chest gun holster.

How to Choose the Best Iwb Holsters


Chest holsters, just like all others, can be made from different materials. There are those created from leather, Kydex, nylon or elastic bands. There are benefits and shortcomings that each material brings, so it all just about what you prefer and what are the priorities for you.

For example, Kydex is super durable, but it cannot be silent when unholstering; leather is comfortable, but it can leave marks on your weapon; the elastic band is great for concealed carry, but it keeps the gun on the side, which is uncomfortable for some people.

Moisture Control

It would be really good to have a chest holster that has excellent moisture control. That means that it has an ability to keep your weapon safe from the sweat your body produces in order to prevent any sort of damage from happening.

The breathable holsters that don’t hold on to the moisture will protect your firearm from creating corrosion or rust, and they will prolong the holster’s lifespan. This is sometimes an issue with leather holsters.


Given that you will wear your holster probably for hours, in situations that demand from you full-body movement, you need to make sure it is super comfortable to wear and that it won’t restrain you in any way.

Chest holsters should equally distribute the weight of your gun and place it on your back or shoulders, and they must be fully adjustable so you can make them fit you perfectly.


When we talk about the safety of chest holsters, we need to consider the quality and materials it is made of. Holster needs to stay put, at the perfect position no matter what, and it needs to keep your weapon inside of the pouch always, up to the moment you decide to draw it out yourself.

The belts and the pouch need to be connected with sturdy and durable material so it cannot happen it breaks or loosen at any moment.


The retention strap on your chest holster, on any holster if we are honest, is one of the most important details you should pay attention to. That’s the small strap that goes from one side of the gun handle to another and prevents the weapon from dropping out of the holster pouch.

You really should purchase and use only holsters with this feature because you don’t want to think there is even a possibility an accident like that may happen..


The reason you are wearing a holster is to have your weapon on you in case you may need to use it. That’s why it is crucial you can have a nice and easy grip on your pistol handle, and super easy access to it.

Make sure when looking for the right one to check if the holster comes naturally to your primer hand, or it is a bit difficult to reach it.

How Does a Chest Holster Wor

Frequently asked question

How Does a Chest Holster Work?

There are always several stripes and the main pouch for the gun. You need to assemble the whole thing and then to put it on you the right way.

Stripes should be adjustable, so you can set everything the way that allows you to feel comfortable. Put the gun into the holster, check if it comes naturally to your strong hand, and place the retention stripe across it.

Can I Practice Concealed Carry With a Chest Holster?

This depends on the model of the chest holster. Most of these models are designed for an open carry, but there are few suitable for the hidden one.

For example, you have chest holsters that are made from an elastic band that goes tightly around your upper body. The pistol pouch is placed just next to the arm, so you can simply put on a jacket and hide the fact you have a weapon on you.


After all these reviews and explanations, it is clear that chest holsters are super practical and probably one of the most comfortable holsters you can wear.

There is no doubt if you are an active person who likes adventures that this is the right fit for you. It’s just important to determine if you want to purchase a holster for concealed carry or if you don’t mind people can see it on you and try the favourites on to establish how comfortable they are.

Also, there is the matter of retention, availability, and safety, in general, you should bear in mind.

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