Best Crossbows Bolts for Hunting of 2023

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When it comes to hunting with a crossbow, it is crucial to have all the right gear in order to achieve success. Among other things, that means having the perfect, high-quality made bolts that will hit the target precisely, and with a strong impact.

Below is the list of the best crossbow bolts you can choose for your endeavors.

Crossbows Bolts for Hunting

Top 10 Best Archery Crossbow Bolts & Arrows

1. Barnett 16075 Crossbow 20-inch Arrows


  • Carbon shaft
  • Field pints included
  • 5-piece set
  • Affordable
  • 5-year warranty

If you are looking to invest in great quality crossbow arrows that come with excellent field points, here is what we suggest. These are Barnett’s 20-inch long carbon shafts that are pretty affordable, durable and have a great consistency.

Some experts say that these bolts are ideal for high-volume shooters. They will provide you with expected accuracy, and they are made in a high-quality manner. These bolts will be a good investment since they don’t cost a fortune, so if you lose or damage one, it won’t be such a big deal.

These bolts feature a lightweight shaft that’s also very durable, and strong. Each one of these five arrows that come in a set weight a bit over 8 ounces. They will be fully ready for usage, given that the field points will be in their position, as well as half-moon nocks.

Now, this may come a little bit surprising, but you will get a 5-year limited warranty on these bolts, from the manufacturer. They are ideal for hitting targets that are 50 yards away maximum, but they are not heavy enough for a large-distance shooting.

2. Bloodsport 20-inch Crossbow Bolts


  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • 6-piece set
  • Blood Ring technology
  • 400 fps velocity

BloodSport bolts are ideal to be paired with today’s high-speed crossbows. They will provide you with great performance and good accuracy, thanks to the fact they are hand-sorted and hand-graded. This package includes six bolts in total.

They are 20 inches long, and each bolt weights 325 grains if you take away field pints and broadheads. That means that you can customize these bolts by choosing the weight of these separate parts, and adapt them to your specific needs.

With a velocity of over 400 feet per second, they will hit the target with impressive penetration strength. You can use the BloodSport bolts for deer hunting since they are made to be very durable and resilient.

The great accuracy is another feature you can count on, but the patent-pending Blood Ring technology is the reason most hunters feel in love with these crossbow bolts. The specially designed ring on the shaft of the can collect the forensic evidence from the shot animal, so you can know immediately if it was a killing one.

3. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter


  • Dual spine weight forward design
  • Great accuracy
  • Camouflaged cover
  • Reliable and durable
  • Good speed retention

Some of the best crossbow arrows you can currently find in the market are these made of carbon with dual spine weight-forward design that will allow you to manage their energy better, and make sure bolts can recover faster.

They are made for a big game hunt, so you can rely on them if you are thinking about chasing a buck. These bolts feature great speed retention, tremendous strength and unparalleled accuracy, and the way they are precisely crafted will offer you more consistent performance.

If you are looking for camouflaged bolts, this model is covered with the brand’s famous Mossy Oak Treestand pattern that will make them almost undetectable when in woods. They are fletched with 3-inch long fusion vanes and are laser-checked for straightness.

You will get six crossbow bolts in the package, where each has 22-inch length and weighs 416 grains. Given the quality, you will get they are pretty affordable and will last for years if you treat them right.

4. Carbon Express Piledriver


  • Bone crushing penetration
  • Extremely durable
  • Great accuracy
  • Advanced construction
  • Reliable

Here are crossbow arrows that are known for their strengths and bone-crushing penetration. Thanks to the fact they have a heavy grain weight when being shoot, they will create maximum kinetic energy that will lead to their tremendous impact power.

The manufacturer made sure to bring in the advanced technology into bolt construction, which leads to them having a great speed consistency and even better accuracy. The materials bolts are made of are super durable, so they won’t easily break when they hit the target.

They are very reliable, even when it comes to a repeated performance, and they are designed for professional hunters who need great penetration strength so they can make sure their target will stay in its place when being hit.

These crossbow bolts are 20 inches long, they weigh 442 grains, they are fletched with 4-inch vanes, and they come six in a package, with just as many universal nocks, moon nocks, and c nocks. They are the top choice for ambitious crossbow hunters.

5. Tenpoint Pro Lite 20-inch


  • Lightweight
  • Very accurate
  • Made in the USA
  • Well-balanced
  • Hand-sorted

If you are looking for the best bolts for crossbows, here is another suggestion. They are lightweight, fast, and accurate, which is pretty much all you need from bolts in order for them to help you catch a game. These arrows are 20 inches long, and they weigh 370 grains.

They are made in the USA, and their biggest advantage if you compare them to other similar bolts, is that they will lose very little speed in over 50-yards flight. Also, you won’t have to worry about bolts not being consistent in their quality, they are all aligned with the same standards.

They come with 25-grain aluminum inserts, and brand’s neon green Omni-nock that will eliminate the problem with indexing. These bolts are well balanced and hand-sorted, and they end up with 3-7/8 inches long elite plastifletch vanes that are designed to help achieve consistent accuracy.

The hunters praise these crossbow arrows because you won’t have to give up on speed on the count of accuracy, and vice versa. Thanks to their carbon shaft they are very durable and reliable, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking after several uses.

6. Tenpoint Xx75 Magnum


  • Affordable
  • Great accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Durable and firm
  • Magnum shafts

In case you are not ready to invest a huge amount of money in crossbow bolts, but you want to get yourself high-quality arrows that can provide you with great accuracy, think about buying these Tenpoint ones.

The consistency is what they can be proud of, as well as great precision when hitting the target. Their magnum shafts are tested for straightness, they have a low tolerance for deviation of any kind, and they are hand-sorted and well balanced.

These bolts come with neon orange Omni-nock with three bowstring channels that will make sure you don’t have indexing problems. They are fletched with offset vanes, which will bring the level of their accuracy up.

Tenpoint XX75 bolts are 20 inches long, and they weigh 435 grains, which includes tips. You will get three arrows in the package. They are durable and able to withstand a bit of rough usage, but you need to treat them well if you want them to last.

7. Tenpoint Pro-v22 22-inch


  • Durable
  • Great accuracy
  • Design to last
  • Well-balanced
  • Affordable

In front of you is a set of 22-inch long crossbow bolts that are high-quality made in the USA. They come in a package of six, and each arrow weighs 420 grains. Given they are a bit heavier and a bit longer than some others, they will probably be a bit slower, but still very precise.

They are designed to last, so you can be sure these bolts will remain in one piece even after bone-crushing shoots. They are durable and very accurate, and consistency was the manufacturer’s number one priority.

Their shafts are made from carbon, and each bolt comes with 24-grain aluminum inserts, as well as with fluorescent orange and green Omni-nocks that will improve their performance significantly. They are well-balanced and hand-sorted for consistency.

For little more than 50 dollars, you will be able to own these high-quality bolts that end with slightly offset Easton BTV vanes. According to some reviews, these are the best crossbow arrows for deer hunting.

8. Victory Archery X- Crossbow Bolts


  • Reliable
  • Very accurate
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Consistent
  • Great strength

This is another set of crossbow arrows you can count on to do the job correctly, since these bolts are made in a high-quality manner, and are aligned with the most relevant standards. We are talking about universal 20-inch long arrows that are known for their consistency.

Their shafts are made completely out of carbon, and they are paired with precision components, so they created great balance in front-of-centre. Most users claim that they are a perfect combination of strength and accuracy.

If you decide to purchase them, you will get six same bolts that are fletched with Bohning x vanes, and come with moon nocks and brass inserts already installed. Besides in this size, these bolts are available in 22, and 24 inches lengths.

They weigh 325 grains without points, and they are really affordable since this 6-piece set costs a little bit under 40 dollars. With Victory Archery, you won’t experience failure. That’s why crossbow enthusiasts love them and choose them as their number one bolts option.

9. Excalibur Diablo 18in.


  • Designed for recurve crossbows
  • Superfast
  • Silent
  • Very reliable
  • Durable and strong

Excalibur Diablo are specially designed bolts for compact recurve crossbows, and they are a bit different than all the others we previously mentioned. They are shorter and come with 18 inches of total length, and they can be compatible with both mechanical and fixed broadheads.

These arrows are very fast, they are super quiet, so the game won’t be scared by the sounds of the bolts, and they will prove to be extremely accurate. Even though they are quite small in size and weight, they can easily drop big animals from the intermediate distance.

Diablo bolts are fletched with 2-inch long vanes, they are made of carbon, and therefore are very durable and reliable, and they come in a package of six. Thanks to the heavier front inserts, the weight of bolts will be increased in the front-of-centre area, and it will lead to even better accuracy.

Also, if you want a more natural and reliable contact with the string, these bolts will provide you with that. Since they are filled with flatback inserts, there is no need for using nocks. You will get tremendous spin and speed with these bolts.

10. Tenpoint Evo-x Center Punch


  • Great consistency
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Reliable performance
  • Durable
  • Well-balanced

As you will be told by the manufacturer, consistency is the main feature of these EVO-X bolts. They are designed to deliver and boost accuracy and to provide you with reliable performance, which they will, without a doubt.

They are made of Laser-Tech carbon weave that will increase the arrow’s strength and reduce their spine variation in a great amount. That means they will experience less damage and breakage, while they will continue to serve you with great speed and precision.

These bolts come in a package of six, and each one will have 84-grain lead-free brass inserted. Also, arrows are fletched with 3.5 inches long Bohning x vanes. They weigh 445 grains and are 20 inches long.

Well-balanced, and inspected for straightness that allows the smallest imaginable tolerance, they also have aluminium-based nocks you will find very pleasing. So if you are looking for the best crossbow arrows for deer hunting, this is it.

How to Choose the Best Crossbows Bolts

How to Choose the Best Crossbows Bolts

When you are choosing bolts, you wanna purchase you need to make sure they are the perfect match with your crossbow. They need to be the right size and speed, and you should make sure they are accurate enough for you to hit the target you are aiming at. Below is the list of features you need to consider before deciding which bolts to invest.

Bolt Length

Usually, you will find bolts that are somewhere between 16 and 22 inches long. The average and most common length is 20 inches, and those bolts are compatible with most crossbows.

But again, you cannot purchase them without knowing the exact length that’s suitable for your weapon because otherwise their performance will be compromised, or even worse, their usage will be dangerous. For example, if the bolt is too short, the tip can be in the way of the rail when you try to release it.

Bolt Weight

When we talk about the total weight of the bolt, we need to include the weight of the shaft, but also the weight of insert, nock, and field point. If you are looking to achieve better target penetration, then you should choose a bit heavier bolts.

But you should know that their speed will be lower than the one lighter bolts would have. Again, it would be good to consult with the manufacturer about what’s the most suitable solution for your crossbow.


Shafts are the main and central part of every bolt, and they can be made of carbon, which is the case usually, and aluminum. Either way, these are lightweight materials so that’s not something that will affect the performance of the bolt.

But also they are both pretty durable and bent resistant, so bolts won’t break easily. Aluminum ones are more affordable, and they have more spin choices while carbon bolts shoot flatter, and they reduce wind drift better.


You all probably know that fletchings are those beautiful and often colourful fins that go on the back of the shaft, near the nock.

When you are choosing the right bolts, you should look only for those that have three, no more and no less, fins made of plastic, because they are the proper option for this sort of weapon. They can have different lengths, and they will affect the stabilization trajectory of the bolt.


You can use your bolts without nocks, but that’s not something that’s recommendable, especially if you are a beginner. Most shafts will come with this part, but if not, you can insert it easily.

Nock goes in the back of the shaft, and it helps to keep the bolt in place as you are trying to line up your shoot. It’s made from aluminum or plastic, and crossbows usually use those half-moon nocks or flat nocks.

Crossbow Heads

When we talk about crossbow heads, you should know that they can come as field points or as broadheads. According to the experts, if you want to use your crossbow only for target practising and small game hunting, you should use field points.

But since they don’t have very sharp edges, for a big game hunt is recommended the usage of broadheads. While the field points vary only in weight and size, there are three types of broadheads – removable blade, fixed blade, and expandable blade.

How Much Do Crossbow Bolts Weigh

Frequently asked question

Which Are Better – Aluminum or Carbon Shafts?

Many crossbow shooters decide to buy aluminum shafts because they are cheaper and because they are allegedly equally durable and light as carbon ones.

But that’s not really the case. As it turns out aluminum shafts will bend more easily than carbon ones, and their lifespan is way shorter. But if you are a beginner and on budget, or you are looking for bolts adequate for target practising only, aluminum shafts will serve you well.

How Far Will a Crossbow Bolt Travel?

Usually, modern crossbow bolts can fly as far as 500 yards. But there are very few chances you are going to hit the target in that distance.

When in hunting, the professional and skilled shooter will be able to hit the target that’s up to 80 yards away, while beginners won’t be able to do the same if the target is further than 30 yards.

What Is the Difference Between Crossbow Bolts and Arrows?

Now, this is not something that all crossbow shooters agree about, but in most cases, they will refer to arrows if the shift is longer than 22 inches.

Therefore crossbow bolts are shorter versions of arrows, and they go from 16 inches to 22 inches of length. Also, they are usually heavier than arrows.

How Much Do Crossbow Bolts Weigh?

Really light crossbow bolts weigh between 350 and 399 grains, standard ones go from 400 to 459 grains, and heavier bolts are those that weigh more than 460 grains.

But bear in mind that we calculated the standard 100-grain weight of a field pint. Sometimes you see smaller numbers than these, but in those cases, the field point is not calculated, and you will have to add that number on.


It’s needless to say how huge role crossbow bolts have in hunting, and how their main characteristics can make or break your success for the day. If you manage to find ones that are in perfect balance between speed, accuracy and strength, you will be able to hit both big or small games.

The market is full of many different bolt types and models, so it is crucial to master this subject and consult with professionals before you decide which set to buy. This is something you really need to think through, because it will affect your everyday crossbow usage, no matter the purpose.

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