Best 3D Printed Gun Accessories

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As the world of 3D printing has expanded and grown extensively over time, people have now begun printing their own 3D gun accessories.

An extensive collection of free downloads of gear to 3D print for your gun are available online. Magazine holders, rounds cases, and loks are just a few of the products that a 3D printer can create in a matter of hours.

Continue reading to discover the top gear and accessories you can 3D print for your gun and why these accessories are considered a must-have if you’re a 3D-printing, gun-enthusiast.

Best 3D Printed Gun Accessories

Should You 3D Print Your Gun Accessories?

As 3D printing technology expands and becomes more accessible than it was even a few years ago, more individuals can create more objects than ever before.

It’s no surprise that gun owners are turning to 3D printing because of its simplicity of usage. Plastics have grown so sturdy and valuable that you can even use your printer to produce gun components. 3D printing gun accessories today is as simple as pushing print to receive an attachment for your rifle, from grips to stocks, magazine stackers to shell holders.

What Supplies Do You Need To 3D Print Your Own Gun Accessories?

Small 3D printers can now be bought for approximately $300.

If you’re going to try 3D printing any gun attachments, make sure you have PETG filament on hand. PETG filament costs approximately $20 a spool.

However, keep in mind while PETG has the benefit of being extremely hard, it also has the reputation of being quite tough to peel off the base plate.

The Best 3D Printed Gun And Ammunition Organizers

Single Stack 9mm Magazine Wall Holder

If you have extra 9mm magazines at home, solo92s10’s Single Stack 9mm Magazine Wall Holder is a lovely print to have. A magazine wall holder might assist you in keeping all of your magazines in order.

After printing, all you’ll need is an extended drill bit that can go through the holes on this mount to attach it. The screw heads will be less likely to harm your magazines thanks to the rear countersunk holes.

This design makes it simple to preserve your magazines visually appealing and immediately accessible when you need them the most.

3D Printed Mag Wall Holder

MagPul PMag Rack Organizer

A MagPul PMag Rack Organizer from is a magazine rack organizer which is highly convenient for AR-15-gun owners. You may print numerous racks to hold your AR-15 magazines and utilize them to hold three magazines each.

These organizers have a basic appearance but are quite adaptable in terms of mounting options. You may mount them on your floor, ceiling, or walls by putting them in the interior of your gun safe.

These are excellent for lifting magazines off the floor or a rifle rack shelf. Since each rack includes four holes, you’ll need to use #4 countersunk wood screws to attach it. Not only will your magazines be easier to find, but the printable racks’ computer files will allow you to print for one, two, or three magazine racks.

Belt Ammo Holster For .38 Special

The .38 Special Belt Ammo Holster is ideal for keeping a few extra revolver rounds on you in an easily accessible location. While this one was printed using PETG, a more flexible filament could be preferable.

It’s like strapping a tiny hard 24 to your belt using PETG. You’ll have a hard time finding a leather belt to fit comfortably through this one.

So, a lightweight fabric clip belt is optimal for this ammunition holster, like the ones used on dry-fit jeans.

Walther P22 Gun Stand

This gun stand is an excellent addition to your Walther P22 or other weapons of the same sort. You can store models like the Walther P22 pistol and ten 9 mm bullets and a clip in this attachment.

The holder keeps everything together in one place, which is a big plus, but the way it accomplishes it, with the Walther and the clip standing upright, provides a superb presentation of the pistol and its parts.

The Best 3D Printed Gun Accessories For Safety

Best 3D Printed Gun Accessories For Safety


This trigger lock is a very basic mechanism. However, it provides an extra safety line for you when using your weapon. The trigger lock fits over the trigger and is held in place by a simple countersunk screw and bolt, providing safety and security for your gun.

Printing a trigger lock from adds an added layer of protection for you and your weapon by preventing you from pulling the trigger when it is not needed.

You may use a 10-24 or 10-32 nut and your chosen tamper-proof screw for the nut. ABS is preferred for printing, although other polymers might work as well.

Flame Cover M4 V1

This Flame Cover M4 V1 is made for an M14. This flame cover is substantially lighter than its metal predecessors, weighing only 7 grams. The printer settings are simple to print this Flame Cover M4 V1 from It is recommended you use a PLA material or higher with a .2 accuracy.

Since the plastic components used to 3D print this Flame Cover M4 V1 from are durable and won’t burn for lengthy periods of time, they may be used as a handmade flame cover.

The Best 3D Printed Round Cases

7.62×39 100 Round Case

Depending on how much ammunition you keep and use, being able to manufacture your own cases for it can become quite beneficial and convenient in the long term. If you already have some on hand, you may use this file to construct your own ammunition case out of ABS plastic. This case from has a capacity of 100 rounds and prints in one piece.’s 7.62×39 100 Round Case download has a low cost of just under $4.

30-06 20 Round Carry Case has created another excellent carrying case for your ammunition, specifically your 30-06 rounds. Most gun owners will use this round at some time in their lives, therefore having a case to keep it in is necessary. Even though it stores 20 rounds instead of 100, this case prints as a single piece with a 302 mm width. Thus, you’ll need a big printer to create it.

This download is similarly inexpensive, costing roughly $1.50. Not bad for a case that shuts on hinges and has a little clip to keep the lid tight, and stores 20 rounds of ammunition. When printing the case, use a layer height of 0.02 and no infill.

Trap Shooting Shell Holder

Shotgun shells can be a hassle to manage, but with this shell holder from, you can store them right next to you, conveniently accessible and organized. Since the holder is created to fit the shells’ proportions, you may load them in the direction that makes the most sense when you grasp one.

This holder is exactly what it appears to be, with jagged apertures all around for a see-through sensation that lets you evaluate how low your shells are.

The Best 3D Printed Magazine Holsters

Pistol Magazine Holder

Organizing and keeping track of ammo and magazines is one of the greatest gun accessories. The Pistol Magazine Holder from is an excellent wall-mounted option for storing and displaying magazines. All you need now is the hardware to place the rack on your wall once you’ve printed it out.

This magazine holder is compatible with Walther PPQ Q4 TAC, CZ Shadow 2, Glock 19 Gen5 MOS, and Beretta APX magazines.

With this magazine rack style, you won’t have to deal with magazines strewn on the floor or in boxes. To attach it, you’ll need to buy some countersunk wood screws after you’ve printed it.

Dual Magazine Holder

This belt loop magazine holder from was initially created for competitive shooting, but the hole measurements of 1.65 inches by.25 inches might work for various belts. It was made to hold Smith & Wesson.45 magazines, although it should fit other .45 magazines with comparable dimensions.

You may print your own magazine holder with this sturdy design for easy reloading with your .45 pistol, whether in a competitive environment or just at home or at the range.

Glock Holster makes printing a holster for your Glock a breeze. A printed 3D holster that is made of tough plastic and has a solid design can really operate well and fit neatly on your belt. It has the appearance of the Glock merely sitting on your belt. This design was created for the Glock Model 17 and supports various file formats.

The Best 3D Printed Gun Grips

Glock Grip Plug

A grip plug is an essential Glock attachment. It keeps the magazine from snagging when being loaded and dirt and debris from entering the rifle through the grip. This plug from is meant to be a trim and snug fit, so it rests flush with the gun’s frame and seems to be an integral component of the weapon.

One of the advantages of printing 3D gun components and accessories is customizing them to fit your specific handgun. Simply grab a knife and trim as needed, then go to work.

M-Lok Stubby Grip has created a short grip that is meant to fit with an M-lok rail system. You may add an extra-secure grip to your M-lok compatible rifle with this grip. You simply need the appropriate hardware, two bolts, to attach it to the M-lok system once you’ve printed it out. This is an STL file for a cubic pattern with a 20% support and a 50% or greater infill.

The grip on this fantastic little item includes grooves on both sides for a firm grasp. This grip also has a 15-degree angle back to make it more comfortable.

CZ 75 Aluminum Style Grips

These CZ 75 Aluminum Style Grips from appear like aluminum but are actually plastic and include the CZ logo. They have a fantastic flashing style and are simple to install with only a handful of store-supplied screws.

The grips also include a spot for grip tape. CZ 75 Aluminum Style Grips are compatible with CZ 75, CZ 85, CZ SP01, and CZ Shadow models.

M-Lok Angled Foregrip’s M-Lok Angled Foregrip is modeled by the Nightstrike Diamondback foregrip and serves a similar purpose of allowing the shooter to grip the front of the weapon.

This was designed for a PSA AK-47. However, it may be used with any M-lok rail system. When printing this model, ensure the infill is at least 50%.

Installing this M-Lok Angled Foregrip might give you additional options for how you handle your firearm and save you money on brand-name purchases.

Other Top-Rated 3D Printed Accessories

20mm Picatinny Rail Riser

If your red dot sight or scope isn’t aligned with your iron sights, you may consider printing a 20mm Picatinny Rail Riser from DNeves’. As always, when using printed Picatinny attachments, make sure you have enough screws to keep them in place.

A Magazine Coupler For The Magpul Pmag AR-15

A magazine coupler from is an excellent addition to your AR-15. It links two magazines together, allowing you to retain a full magazine on hand while the other is in use. This allows for faster reload speeds and a magazine that is easily accessible. It’s practically at your fingertips and can be used with only a twist of the wrist.

You can now build your own 3D coupler to use with the Magpul Pmag AR-15 Magazine Coupler. This simple yet efficient design, which tightens the clips, is designed exclusively for Pmag 30rd magazines.

Laser Polar Alignment For Astro Tracker

When using this Laser Polar Alignment attachment from, a metal laser sight for a gun may be aligned to a polar alignment. This mount keeps the laser sight in place while rotating it using a 6806 ZZ ball bearing and aligning software.

This printable will take some assembly, but the technical aid it can provide with your vision should make the extra work well worth it.

USP HK Flashlight Mount’s USP HK Flashlight Mount is a fantastic attachment that lets you mount a 20 mm long flashlight to the USP rail. With just a touch of extension past the barrel, the flashlight mount sits tightly against the trigger guard and provides quick access to the on/off switch.

All you need is a screw and a nut that fits flush on the mount with this single printable. The designer admits that the installation is a little difficult. This appears to be a required evolution of the design. The inner rails of the mount have been strengthened after early models broke.

Remington 870 Pump Forend

Sometimes accessorizing your pistol entails replacing a part with one that works better for you. This may be the case with this 3D-printed Remington Pump Forend, which can be made with rectangular slats for a secure grip or a smooth, streamlined attachment.

This download is compatible with the Remington, Mossberg 500, as well as the Winchester 1400, Winchester 1300, and Winchester 1200.

This attachment contains supports and requires a minimum of 35% infill. PETG is definitely the best filament.

Ruger MKII Charging Handle

This printable bolt racker works for a Ruger MKII and might save you approximately $30 off the retail price of an aluminum one. This charging handle resembles a can opener for weapons, with nubs on both sides of the opening.

The tool, which is constructed of PLA, has a 1.75-inch aperture and works nicely. It does not require any support. However, it does require a 50% infill. You should scale up the size a little if you’re using a material that shrinks a lot after printing. After it has been printed, some slight adjustments may be necessary.

300 Blackout Trimming Fixture

If you trim your own cartridge casings, you’re well aware that over-insertion can sometimes lead to excessive trimming. This is when’s helpful 300 Blackout Trimming Fixture comes in useful. This Blackout Trimming Feature is a printable plastic jig for holding the shell in place while trimming it to the desired length.

Your cut will be true every time you use this jig. It was particularly built to fit into the vise of a Harbor Freight 2-inch tiny chop saw.

Rusty Lok

This rusty lok from is a 3D printed alternative to metal tek-lok devices for attaching stuff to your belt. Gun and knife owners love these products because they allow them to connect any gear they need to their belts.

The rusty lok from is meant to carry shotshell caddies, mag carriers, as well as other ammunition carriers.

Round Forend Molot Vepr-12

Instead of being a grip for pumping ammunition in a shotgun, this Round Forend Molot Vepr-12 from is round and encloses the barrel of a Molot Vepr-12.

It’s 245 mm long and fits barrels up to 483 mm in diameter. With a pair of M4 screws, this is a reasonably simple attachment to install on Weaver rails.

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