How Far Can A 30 06 Shoot?

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The 30 06 is a respected rifle caliber with a long and chequered history, dating back to the early 1900s. While this ammo cartridge has a rich history, and some hunters prefer a .270, the 30 06 remains a popular hunting rifle caliber to this day. Why is this the case, and how far can a 30 06 shoot accurately?

A modern 30 06 can shoot a maximum distance of 3500 yards or 3200 meters with a bullet weight of between 150 and 180-grain. The maximum effective range of the same ammunition for hunting is 500 yards or 460 meters. The 30 06 is known for its stopping power, making it suitable for large game.

The range capability of the 30 06 has been a point of contention since the false claims of the first 30 06 cartridge manufacturers regarding how far it can shoot. The distance for the cartridge has both military and hunting applications which is why the range of the 30 06 is a frequent question.

How Far Can A 30 06 Shoot

How Far Can A 30 06 Cartridge Shoot?

The 30 06 cartridge has a long and varied history and was used extensively in World War I as the cartridge of choice for most nations fighting against Germany.

The 30 06 was developed as the first US military cartridge to use smokeless powder. It was intended to compete with the feared German 7 x 57mm Mauser cartridge, famed for its accuracy.

The cartridge’s name is a combination of the bullet caliber and the year in which it first came into service. The 30 part of the name refers to the diameter of the cartridge, which is .308 inches, or 7.62mm. The 06 part of the 30 06 name comes from the year it was produced, 1906.

The distance a 30 06 can shoot will be determined by the type of weapon the cartridge is used in and the grain of the bullet used in the cartridge, which we will investigate as part of our discussion.

What Distance Do 30 06 Manufacturers Claim?

The original 30 06 Springfield cartridge was claimed to have a range of 4700 yards or 4300 meters, but this was inaccurate. The distance was overstated by Springfield, which became apparent when the cartridge was deployed for use by soldiers during World War I.

The tests on the cartridge were done in an M1903 Springfield rifle modified to take the 30 06 cartridge. The original test was done at 1800 yards or 1650 meters, and the results for longer distances extrapolated from this test.

The maximum range of the 30 06 was overestimated by a massive 40%, which led to some distrust in the cartridge for some people.

So what was the actual range of this cartridge, and is it still useful today?

What Is The Range Of A 30 06 In A Rifle

What Is The Range Of A 30 06 In A Machine Gun?

When the USA entered World War I, it did not have production machineguns of its own, resulting in the US army using European machineguns, predominantly from Britain and France.

When the US produced their own machine guns chambered for the 30 06 or M1906 cartridge, it had almost half the effective range of the European weapons.

When used in the US machine guns, the maximum range of the 30 06, using a 150-grain bullet, was 3400 yards or 3110 meters.

This was effectively half the maximum range of the German machine guns, which left the US troops at a serious disadvantage. This prompted the military to develop the 30 M1, which used a heavier 174-grain ball tip bullet, combined with an improved propellant, which increased the range to about 5 500 yards or 5000 meters.

After the war, the Military version was revised back to the original M1906 cartridge with a new bullet design of 152-grain and an improved propellant that achieved a maximum range of 3450 yards or 3150 meters. This was called the 30 M2 and became the staple cartridge for US troops in World War II.

The 30 06 was phased out of use for the military in the 1950s in favor of the NATO 7.62mm cartridge.

What Is The Range Of A 30 06 In A Rifle?

The military M1 Garand used the 30 06 Springfield cartridge. This semi-automatic rifle had huge success during the war. Since wartime, the 30 06 has been modified to take anything from a 110-grain bullet to a 220-grain bullet, each with different purposes and maximum ranges.

The 30 06 is considered a great all-around ammo cartridge, but many people consider this to be their downfall. The argument is that they are good all-round but don’t do anything exceptionally well.

However, this is disproven by the continuous popularity of this caliber in the hunting community. The maximum range of a 30 06 in a hunting rifle is similar to that of the military cartridges.

The maximum range of the 30 06 in a rifle is about 3500 yards or 3200 meters. This is using a bullet with a weight of 150 to 180-grain.

The maximum effective range of a cartridge is somewhat different from the maximum range. For hunting purposes, no ethical hunter will be taking a shot at a range anywhere near the maximum range of the cartridge.

The maximum effective range of the 30 06 is around 500 yards or 460 meters with a bullet weight of 150 to 180-grain.

While this is the maximum effective range of the ammunition, most hunting shots will be taken at a closer range within the comfortable shooting range of the shooter. Hence, the effective range is also dependent on the ability and confidence of the individual shooter.

The 30 06 cartridge remains a popular ammo caliber because of the range of bullet weights available for the cartridge and the good stopping power of the higher grain bullets. This makes the 30 06 a versatile cartridge for a wide range of applications, ensuring its popularity for years to come.


While the 30 06 may not be popular with some people, many hunters still consider this cartridge to be a superior choice. The wide range of rifles chambered for this caliber and the availability of the ammunition make it a perpetually popular choice in the hunting community.

The cartridge’s versatility from small to large game contributes to the continued support that this cartridge receives among gun owners and hunters.

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