Metal Detecting Gifts Ideas

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What can you buy a detectorist? If you’ve arrived here you’re probably going out of your mind trying to think of the perfect gift for a metal detector enthusiast. Well never fear, we will give you an idea. You see what I did there?

There’s nothing worse than being stuck for a gift idea! Well, there are probably worse things but it’s pretty frustrating, right?

In this article, I’m going to give you a big list of metal detecting presents & gift ideas in the hope that I inspire you and you find the perfect item.

I will organise the metal detecting gifts article into sections. You can use the table of contents above to skip through or you can browse at your leisure.

As I think of more I will keep adding.

Metal Detecting Gifts Ideas

Metal Detecting Mugs

A cliche gift idea, an idea none the less. There are many metal detecting mugs and cups available and some of them are pretty hilarious, some more serious.

You know what the person in mind is like so we’ve gathered a few together to show you what kind of metal detecting mugs are available. Everyone loves a good mug as a gift!

I’d Rather Be Metal Detecting Mug

There are many variations of this mug available and this is just one kind, you can take a look via the orange link to see other designs.

I might look like I am Listening Mug

So true to many detectorists worldwide, we kind of just drift off into our own little world, daydreaming of a gold hoard. We aren’t listening to a word you say!

Evolution of Metal Detecting Mug

The evolution of metal detecting mug depicts apes evolving into a metal detectorist. It’s a funny mug that any detectorist will appreciate.

I Love My Wife More Than Detecting!

One for the husband, go on remind him of his priorities. A funny mug for a detectorist to show him who the real boss is. I just wish I could find a wife to be honest!

Metal Detecting Books

Your significant other, friend or family member, if anything like me, probably spend their time when they aren’t metal detecting, reading about metal detecting, watching a detecting video, on the Facebook groups or looking at their treasure finds. Something to do with the hobby no doubt. So my first gift idea is a metal detecting book.

There are many books available about the hobby, first, we need to how long they have been detecting. You don’t want to go out and buy a seasoned expert a beginners book now do you!

However, with that being said, if they are a beginner a beginners metal detecting book could be the perfect gift idea.

Metal Detecting A Beginners Guide – Mark Smith

If your loved one is a beginner to the world of metal detecting then this is probably the top rated beginner’s book available to buy. With many positive reviews, it’s full of valuable information.

Metal Detecting Journal, Record, Log & Track Finds – Mark Smith

Another great book by Mark Smith is the Metal Detecting Journal which teaches you how to record, Log and keep track of your finds, A very handy book to have full of great info.

Metal Detecting Hats

It gets cold in the fields or on the beach metal detecting sometimes so cold that your ears are actually burning! Keep your loved one warm and get them their very own metal detecting hat.

You could go full-on thermal hat, one with a funny design, camo or one with the brand name of their favourite metal detector. Don’t worry we’ve got you and gathered metal detecting hats below.

Garrett Logo Black Metal Detecting Cap

You will need to be sure that the detectorist you’re trying to buy a gift for is either a fan of Garrett or owns a Garrett Metal Detector to ensure they appreciate the Garrett Logo, Baseball Cap.

History Hunter Beigh Metal Detecting Cap

A Beige metal detecting baseball cap with the silhouette of a detectorist and the words “history hunter” on the front. Just another metal detecting hat gift idea that would be nice.

Minelab Logo Metal Detecting Cap

You will need to be sure that the person you’re trying to buy a gift for is either a fan of Minelab or owns a Minelab Metal Detector to ensure they appreciate the Minelab Logo, Baseball Cap.

Stripey Funny Metal Detecting Wooly Hat

A wooly beanie hat in blue, green and white (also available in other colours). With a nice bobble on top. Displays the “I’d rather be metal detecting motif! Doesn’t it look lovely and warm.

Metal Detecting T-Shirts

If your loved one is a metal detecting enthusiast then they probably tell everyone and anyone about how they love to go metal detecting, they love to show the world how proud they are of their hobby.

Let them say it with a Metal detecting Tee shirt, there’s many available some of them funny, some more serious, again like with the hat you could even get them a metal detecting T-Shirt with the brand of their metal detector on it.

Sweep, Beep, Repeat Funny Detecting T-Shirt

Taken from the original eat, sleep, repeat motif the “sweep, beep, repeat” is a very funny metal detecting t-shirt which I believe is a great gift idea.

Beach Better Have My Money T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a gift for a detectorist that spends their time at the beach, then the beach better have my money is a funny and fitting metal detecting gift.

Detectorist Metal Detector Tee Shirt

Available in different colours this awesome metal detecting tee shirt will make a fantastic gift. Displays “Detectorist” and a metal detector.

Metal Detecting Accessories

There are quite a few metal detecting accessories to choose from and a lot will depend on your budget. So as I am kind I’ve done the work for you and listed out small budget metal detecting accessories and bigger budget metal detecting accessories that your detecting enthusiast may appreciate.

You’re of course going to have to do a bit of recon to see what they already have in their arsenal so you don’t buy a duplicate.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

You’re going to need a little bit more to your budget but if your loved one doesn’t have a pointer in their kit then this is the one they will want, an amazing gift.

Garrett Edge Digger with Sheath

The Garrett Edge Digger with Sheath tool is the number 1 voted digging tool worldwide. It’s an absolute godsend, cuts through the earth like butter and will never break! Making for a great gift.

Garrett Finds Pouch

A very handy little accessory to have, the finds pouch will always be a welcomed metal detecting gift. You probably need to check they don’t already have a good one already.

Random Metal Detecting Related Gift Ideas

I thought I had finished then I had a few more metal detecting gift ideas. So I’ve put them here.

Detectorists TV show DVD

The best metal detecting TV Show ever! If your loved one hasn’t seen it yet this is a must-have gift. A 3 season drama that gives an insight into the life of UK detectorists. Hilarious.


Well, I hope you have been inspired and have found the perfect metal detecting present.

If you thought my list totally sucked and you have even better ideas I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave me a little message in the comments below and if it’s a good idea I will add it to the list!

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