Colorado Hunting Seasons Dates (Updated)

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Welcome to the Colorado Hunting Seasons page. Updated US Hunting Seasons for 2021-2022.

As part of our comprehensive guide to US Hunting Seasons By State on this page you will find out “When Is Hunting Season for Colorado?”

There is also general information on the different hunting seasons for a wide range of wild game species. You will find links to the relevant State Authority so you can make sure you have all the correct legal obligations in place before you start your hunt.

Colorado Hunting Seasons Dates

The Colorado hunting season website describes the hunting in this State as follows:

“Colorado offers 10 big game species. The Big Game brochure contains regulations for deer, elk, pronghorn, moose and bear. It also has an identification page that helps identify animals by gender.”

They also have a great video on Hunting Public Lands. “An overview of big game, small game and waterfowl hunting on Colorado’s public lands. Including National Forests, Bureau of Land Management, State Wildlife Areas, State Trust Lands, State Parks.”

IMPORTANT. All care has been taking in preparing this hunting season information for you. Please check the relevant State Authority’s Website for further information and any changes to current US Hunting Season Regulations. We have provided a link to each States hunting season website for your convenience.

Colorado Deer & Elk Hunting Season

Hunters have access to whitetail deer, plains deer, elk, moose and pronghorn during the Colorado hunting season. This is all set in some truly special scenery. Brochures on all species are available for free download from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Hunting CategoryHunting Season 2021-2022*
Deer (General firearms)Oct 19-27, Nov 2-10& Nov.13-17
Deer (Muzzleloaders)Sept 14-22
Deer (Bow)Aug 31-Sept 29
Plains Deer (General Firearms)Oct 26-Nov 5 & Dec 1-14
Plains Deer (Muzzleloaders)Oct 12-20
Plains Deer (Bow)Oct 1-25, Nov 6-30 & Dec 15-31
Elk (General Firearms)Oct 12-16, Oct 19-27, Nov 2-10& Nov 13-17
Elk (Muzzleloaders)Sept 14-22
Elk (Bow)Aug 31-Sept 29

* Season dates may vary by zone. Please check the relevant State Authority Website.

Colorado Moose & Pronghorn Hunting Season

Hunting CategoryHunting Season 2021-2022*
Moose (General Firearms)Oct 1-14
Moose (Muzzleloaders)Sept 8-16
Moose (Bow)Sept 8-23
Pronghorn (General Firearms)Oct 5-11
Pronghorn (Muzzleloaders)Sept 21-29
Pronghorn (Bow) (Bucks)Aug 15-31
Pronghorn (Bow) (Bucks & Does)Sept 1-20

* Season dates may vary by zone. Please check the relevant State Authority Website.

Colorado Bear Hunting Season

Colorado offers some great Black Bear hunting opportunities.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife offers the following tips.

“The location of bears is highly predictable during September, luckily for hunters! Still, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Nearly all bears concentrate at the lower-elevation habitats where fruits and nuts are abundant from mid-August to late September or early October.

Most of the good berry and nut producing vegetation in Colorado is found in dense stands where visibility is limited. Hunters should use terrain to obtain visibility into stands of shrubs.”

Hunting CategoryHunting Season 2021-2022*
Black Bear (General Firearms)Sept 2-30 (By draw)
Black Bear (General Firearms)Oct 12-16, Oct 19-27, Nov 2-10 & Nov 13-17
Black Bear (Muzzleloaders)Sept 14-22
Black Bear (Bow)Sept 2-30

* Season dates may vary by zone. Please check the relevant State Authority Website.

Colorado Small Game Hunting Season

During the Colorado hunting seasons there is a wide range of small game available for the hunter. Game species include Coyote, Bobcat Rabbits and Squirrel to name just a few. Refer to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website for the full list of small game species.

Hunting CategoryHunting Season 2021-2022*
BobcatDec 1-Feb 29
CoyoteOpen All year
RabbitOct 1-Feb 29
Wyoming Ground SquirrelOpen All Year
Prairie DogsJune 15-Feb 29
MarmotAug 10-Oct 15

* Season dates may vary by zone. Please check the relevant State Authority Website.

Colorado Game Birds Hunting Season

Colorado has some good Turkey hunting during the hunting season. a great video on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website provides up to date forecasts, tips and techniques. In addition to Turkey, Geese and duck are also available to hunt in Colorado.

Hunting CategoryHunting Season 2021-2022*
TurkeyApr 13-May 26 Sept 1-Oct 25 & Dec 15-Jan 15
Dark geeseNov 4 – Feb 16
Light GeeseNov2 – Feb 16
DuckOct 12-Dec 2 & dec 19-Jan 31
Canada gooseOct 5-Oct 14 & Nov 2-Jan 26

* Season dates may vary by zone. Please check the relevant State Authority Website.

I hope you have found this State hunting season information helpful in planning your next great hunting adventure. Please feel free to share this page with your hunting buddies. In addition to these US Hunting Seasons by State pages, you may be interested in these posts.

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