Materializing Money: The Meaning For Hearing Coins Drop

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There are some things in life that seem to have no logical explanation at all. This can seem especially true when speaking about the paranormal world.

Strange events that happen all of a sudden and then inexplicably disappear before we can even begin to make sense of it. Today’s article will cover the meaning of hearing coins drop.

The materializing of coins is one of the most bizarre phenomena associated with the afterlife. In fact, most people that have had paranormal encounters can recall several instances of coins dropping.

The Meaning For Hearing Coins Drop

Materializing Coins

Materialization is the peculiar appearance of solid objects out of nowhere. Materializing coins is the appearance of coins out of thin air, without any logical explanation.

Although there have been many different stories of such events, most of them also include the sound of the coins dropping and hitting a hard surface.

There is no set location where it can happen or even a specific time frame. The stranger the time and place, the more likely it is for the materialization to take place.

Ghosts tend to be mischievous like that. The one thing that most experts can say for sure is that the occurrence is almost always associated with paranormal activity.

Coins mysteriously appearing in random corners of a house or falling out of the sky with no explanation can usually be attributed to some type of paranormal activity.

Through many years of research and experiments experts in the field have come to a conclusion. It is now believed that coins and their materialization are one of the many ways a ghost will attempt to make contact.

Materializing Coins

The Meaning For Hearing Coins Drop

In many religious practices, it’s common to place coins on the eyes of the dead. It wouldn’t be odd to think the sound of coins falling could mean that a recently passed person has just risen.

That sound would be the coins falling off their face. To be clear, I don’t mean they’re alive as a zombie from the walking dead.

The idea of the dead rising, in this case, could mean they have officially left this realm and passed on to the next realm.

Many consider the sound a good thing as if the person leaving is sending a sign of a final goodbye.

Some individuals in the community have come to believe that episodes involving coins are caused by poltergeist activity or shadow people.

The person witnessing the materialization is frequently already aware that some sort of ghost it trying to make their presence known. 

They have already experienced other supernatural sightings and can easily notice an entity is present.

What is the Significance of Coins?

Throughout the paranormal community, there are a few different beliefs as to why coins hold so much meaning to ghosts.

As I mentioned earlier, Some believe that coins have a meaningful significance because they’re placed on the eyes of the dead in certain rituals.

The main purpose of this method was to keep the corpse’s eyes closed and prevent them from opening involuntarily. This and the numbers found on coins could be used to send us messages about specific dates and times.

Others believe it has more to do with the value we place on coins (currency) while we are alive.

In the world of living, money is traded for food, work, material goods, and most importantly time. We like to use it in order to buy gifts and then give it to those we care about and value.

Ghosts might be simply carrying on the tradition once they have passed. Even though currency and coins no longer have any real worth to them, they know it does to us.

This is usually seen in cases of family members or loved ones trying to make contact.

Then you have those that believe coins are just simply convenient for entities to catch our attention.

They are mostly shiny objects that will catch our eyes without them having to try too hard. Simply placing them around the house or letting them hit the ground could be enough.

Stories of Materializing Coins

Stories of Materializing Coins

Throughout many paranormal experiences and much research, I have come across many stories of paranormal activity and coins.

Thousands of stories have also been posted online for us to examine and compare.

Even though each story is unique and describes different events, they all mention the appearance of coins. Below are a few of those stories:

Dropping Dimes

A woman by the name of W.D. believes that something tried to communicate with her while home alone.

One morning, she had woken up a little early and decided to stay in bed until her snooze alarm went off. All of a sudden, W.D. claims to have felt someone tapping on her mattress.

She swears something then touched her leg. At first, she even though it could have been her small puppy, but he was still sleeping outside of the room.

When she placed a hand on her leg, W.D. felt something small, round, and cold. She grabbed it and realized it was actually a dime. To this day, she is convinced it was a sign from the spiritual world.

Penny For Your Thought

Dawn B.’s dad used to have a jar full of coins on a shelf in their kitchen. Dawn explained that her father would give out some of those coins to her and her mother whenever they needed some change.

After he died, he continued to do so. It wasn’t long after his death that Dawn and her mother started finding random coins all over the house.

The coins would randomly appear in the sink, under plants, and in jewelry boxes. After she had children of her own, the coins began to appear in her car, her children’s high chairs, and even on their walkers.

Ten years after Dawn’s father has passed away she still continues to find coins without any logical explanation. To her family, it has become a sense of peace and a way to know her father is still around.

A Quater Past Two

A woman and her boyfriend were spending the night together when the loud sound of coins dropping woke both of them up.

The couple described the sound like a bunch of coins had hit the dresses and had continued to spin. They got out of bed and looked all around the house, but did not find any coins at all.

At three in the morning, their backdoor flung open on its own waking them up again. No more sounds of coins were heard, but their door continued to open even after they would close it.

From that point on, the paranormal activity slowly got more and more drastic.


Louise Parelli tells the story of when she went on vacation with her husband.

Louise claims that the strange occurrences began when she felt someone flick her while she was alone. Her husband then claimed that someone had pinched him and left a bruise on his skin.

Again, he was alone in the room. Mysterious things continued to happen and on the last night of their vacation, the couple heard coins dropping.

The coins could be heard hitting the ground and then rolling from the door to their bed. However, when they checked there were no signs of any coins in the whole house.

Are you Being Haunted

Are you Being Haunted?

The truth is that the sound of coins dropping on its own does not automatically mean a haunting is taking place.

Before you make any assumptions make sure the proper amount of research has been done. Pay close attention to your surroundings and your intuition.

Even though the thought of your house being haunted by an evil spirit might scare you, always stay calm. Remember that not all ghosts are evil or have bad intentions.

As I mentioned before, you may, in fact, be dealing with a lost loved one or even a peaceful soul who simply has not left our world yet.

However, if you keep on hearing the strange sounds, feeling like touch and other strange occurrences, you might be dealing with a haunting. A haunting will usually start very small.

You might notice personal items are out of place or seem to keep on mysteriously falling. This can easily lead to hearing cries in the middle of the night or the notorious sound of coins dropping.

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Poltergeist & Coins

The word poltergeist actually means “noisy ghost”. This type of entity is believed to have the ability to move objects, change the physical environment, and make loud noises.

These types of entities would have no problem materializing change and dropping coins.

A poltergeist is still one of the rarest types of hauntings. Despite them not being so common, these kinds of ghosts are referred to as one of the most terrifying types.

Having the ability to break objects, throw things across the room, open drawers, turn lights on and off, create loud noises, or even start fires.

There have been countless cases reported of poltergeist activity throughout history. Although all of these cases vary in intensity the one thing that has been linked to most of them is the sighting and sound of coins dropping.

If the sounds of coins being dropped are by a poltergeist, this is definitely not a good thing and further action will need to be taken to dissolve the entity. Learn more about this type of entity here.

Shadow People & Coins

Shadow People & Coins

Shadow people’s sitings are often reported after hearing coins being dropped. They can be described as silhouettes or humanoid figures that don’t seem to have any distinct characteristics.

The term “shadow people” was created by the author and paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis. Heidi stated that “Shadow people have been around since the beginning of time and are a dark influence upon society”.

Shadow people aren’t usually known to be a threat. They usually first appear as a blur or blur in someone’s peripheral and suddenly vanish when they try to get a better look.

This is why it can take people a few sightings to really realize something out of the ordinary is going on. The first sighting is usually written off as a simple misunderstanding or a dust particle in their eye.

After a couple of encounters, the person will begin to feel a ghostly presence and realize that something is going on.

Nearly all encounters with shadow people have been accompanied by the sound of coins dropping. If they don’t happen simultaneously, it is within the same day, or within a few minutes of each other.

Since they aren’t typically dangerous, if you’re experiencing shadow people and coins dropping at the same time, things should eventually pass with time.

Final Thoughts

Being a ghost hunter, it is easy to see how materializing coins a sign of can definitely be a paranormal being.

It could easily be a poltergeist, the shadow people, or even a loved one trying to make contact. The truth is that the only way to truly know is by further investigating.

Record and document all occurrences that you believe might be associated with the coins and any paranormal activity. The more details that are collected, the more accurately you will be able to make a decision.

Have you ever heard the sound of coins dropping with no explanation? What about inexplicably finding them around your house? If you have, what do you think it meant?

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