Are GoPros Good For Ghost Hunting

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GoPros are widely known as being the best action cameras. They can usually be seen by many extreme sports athletes as a practical way to capture the sport from their point of view.

However, athletes are not the only ones that have taken a keen interest in the brand. In fact, a large number of paranormal investigators are now making the switch.

They are dumping their old bulky devices for the ultimate GoPro Ghost Hunting experience!

GoPros Good For Ghost Hunting

Advantages Of GoPro Ghost Hunting

Unlike some other video cameras out there, GoPros are extremely versatile gadgets. They have a wide variety of qualities that make them the perfect tool to add to any ghost hunters’ arsenal.

Below is a quick overview of the top characteristics that make these cameras so suitable for the job:

1. Compact & Convenient

One of the main qualities that GoPro cameras have is their ability to be easily carried or moved. They were specifically designed and created to be highly functional and portable devices.

Ghost hunters actually find this to be of extreme importance. It is well known that hunters usually have to carry around a lot of heavy equipment.

Having a small and compact camera that still performs can make the investigation go by much smoother.

While most other cameras are bulky and require a large bag to carry it around, the GoPro can easily fit in someone’s pocket. This can be especially useful for paranormal investigations where the individual has to travel long distances.

A compact device will also come in handy during the research itself. The GoPro can be easily attached to a head harness that allows the individual to record footage while not occupying his/her hands.

Superior Sound Quality

2. Superior Sound Quality

Those in the field know just how important being able to capture audio sounds during a hunt is. In fact, it is one of the most crucial pieces of data that can be collected.

Without a good quality sound to the record, any possible ghost sounds that are happening will be completely missed.

One of the biggest issues that ghost hunters experience with cameras is their poor quality sound. The audio that is recorded by the camera is usually useless.

There is too much static and nothing can be heard unless extremely close to the device. Most investigators will end up having to purchase an external microphone to compensate.

Some will even have to go out of their way and buy a voice recorder to get the job done. Not only does this add more equipment to the already lengthy list, but it can also turn out to be quite expensive. 

GoPros, however, do not seem to have this issue. The brand, in general, handles audio much better throughout all of their designs.

3. Great Image Quality

When it comes to ghost hunting, a camera’s resolution is very important. This is, in fact, one of the GoPros’ strongest qualities.

It has 4K resolution without being overly priced. Footage recorded by the device will be incredibly crisp and clear, without any static.

There is no use in even recording video footage or pictures if nothing can be seen clearly. Also, proving that the evidence found is real and legitimate will be a rather hard task with overly blurry images.

Paranormal beings are not easy to properly capture on film in general. Having equipment that is not up to par will only make things more difficult.

4. Stabilized Footage

GoPros are known for their durability and sturdiness. With the right protective equipment, they are pretty much indestructible. This is very useful during any paranormal investigation.

Entities can sometimes turn hostile and even aggressive. Poltergeist, for example, is known for being quite “active physically”.

They might purposely knock things over or even throw them across the room. Having a camera that can withstand harsh environments and does not break easily, will be extremely beneficial.

Additionally, most of the latest GoPro models are waterproof up to 33ft (10 meters). Although ghost hunting underwater is not really a thing, this feature is still very useful.

Those that have taken their paranormal research outdoors will find it very comforting. They will no longer have to stop recording simply because it starts raining.

Disadvantages Of GoPro Ghost Hunting

Disadvantages Of GoPro Ghost Hunting

Despite its numerous amazing qualities, GoPros do also have some disadvantages to consider. Below are the few weak points of GoPros:

1. Poor Battery Life

Although it’s hard to tell the reason why GoPros do not have a very long battery life. It could be that their small and compact size doesn’t allow for it. However, it’s undeniably a disadvantage when it comes to ghost hunting.

Most paranormal investigations are long in nature and the camera might be needed for long periods of time. Having the device run out of battery throughout the research could turn out to be an inconvenience.

Some models, however, do have the option to change the battery. This would be one quick way to combat it’s otherwise short battery life.

When the user notices that the power is almost drained, they could simply change it for another fully charged one.

2. Stabilization Is Not Standard

To my surprise, some GoPro models do not have image stabilization. Perfect stabilization is not necessarily a must-need feature for ghost hunting. However, it can turn out to be somewhat of an issue.

If the user does not hold the camera steady, the recordings might turn out looking a bit shaky. This can cause distortions in the images and make it hard to detect any ghosts.

One way to counteract this problem would be to simply buy one of the newer models. If using an older model, a stabilized could always be purchased separately.

3. Flip Screen Inavalibility

When it comes to ghost hunting, a flip screen is not a necessity. Even though some users might prefer to be able to see what’s being recorded, this could also be a disadvantage.

It can be easy to become a little distracted by looking at the screen all the time. Which, can end up leading to missing vital signs of paranormal activity.

I find this particular feature to be more of a personal preference. If you are the type of investigator that wants a flip screen, then most GoPros might not be a good option.

But, if you don’t really care about it, it is truly a minor aspect to consider.

4. Limited audio options

Although the GoPro has good quality audio sound, it doesn’t allow for a microphone to be added easily.

I personally don’t find this to be that much of a big deal, but some investigators might. In that case, an adapter can be purchased. I will say though that it is rather bulky.

List of Best Ghost Hunting GoPro

List of Best Ghost Hunting GoPro

GoPro cameras have made huge improvements throughout the years. In fact, they are currently on their 7th generation.

Each new version of the camera is a little more advanced and eliminates previous issues. With so many options to choose from, it might be a little hard to pick the right camera for you.

Below you can find a few of the different models to choose from:

1. GoPro HERO7 Black

The GoPro HERO7 Black is the most advanced camera of all generations. Although it has many features, it’s new “hyper smooth” electronic image stabilization is one of the biggest improvements on the camera.

In other words, the camera already comes with an inbuilt system that prevents the footage from coming out shaky. The Hero7 Black also comes with a slight rubber finish to is.

I found this feature to be especially cool since it makes gripping such a small camera even easier. It can be a great help to avoid dropping the device while out on the field.


  • Touch screen
  • Up to 4K at 30fps (“Ultra HD”)
  • Advanced wind reduction
  • Superb image stabilization
  • Improved audio quality
  • Impressive video and decent stills
  • Waterproof without needing a case
  • Huge range of mounts and accessories
  • Now offers live streaming
  • Time-lapse shooting mode
  • Voice Command


  • Bigger than the other two models
  • Can get hot when recording 4k

2. GoPro HERO5 Black

The GoPro HERO5 Black is the most advanced camera of the 5th generation. One of its main features is the touch display screen. This allows the user to see what he/she is recording in live time.

The HERO 5 Black would allow any material shot to be reviewed right on the spot. Ghost hunters that have a preference for the screen, might want to invest in this model instead of any previous ones.

Another improved feature that this specific model has is its advanced wind noise reduction. This can help the audio portion of the recording come out more clear and easier to understand.

Ghost hunters could especially benefit from this advancement if trying to capture any EVPs in the area.


  • Touch screen
  • Up to 4K at 30fps (“Ultra HD”)
  • Image stabilization
  • Advanced wind reduction
  • Voice Commands
  • Waterproof without needing a case
  • Additional still image functions
  • Improved design
  • Superb image quality


  • Bigger than the other two models
  • Poor touchscreen responsiveness when wet

3. GoPro HERO4 Session

The GoPro HERO4 Session is the simplest version out of all the GoPros right now. This model doesn’t offer voice control or image stabilization.

Depending on the location and type of investigation taking place, having no stabilization can be a little tricky for some hunters.

Its wind reduction system is also less advanced compared to other models. Therefore, if you’re if planning to perform a paranormal investigation outside this might not be the right camera to choose.

Since it is an older version and not as advanced, the HERO Session is the most affordable model. This might be a better choice for amateur ghost hunters that are just getting started.

Using this model to get your feet wet and gain some experience might be the smart thing to do.


  • Small
  • Budget-friendly
  • Up to 1440p30 resolution


  • No screen
  • Lack of 4K resolution
  • No image stabilization

Best GoPro Accessories For Ghost Hunting

The GoPro is a pretty well-rounded device that does not really require any accessories to perform its job.

However, when looking to maximize its potential there are a few items on the market that can really push the limits. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind when purchasing one of the older models.

Here’s a small selection of items to consider:

1. Protective Case

In order to make sure that the camera lasts as long as possible without breaking, you can purchase a case.

This will protect the device from harsh environmental factors or it being dropped on hard surfaces. A case will be especially useful for ghost hunters that like to perform a lot of outdoor investigations.

It’s hard to accurately predict the weather and having an extra layer of protection is always a good idea. 

2. Windscreen

windscreen would also be a very useful accessory for any outdoor investigations.

This is a protective shield that will help reduce wind noise to enhance sound capture.

Therefore, making it extremely useful for catching any EVPs and making sure that they are as clear as possible.

3. Straps and mounts

One of the reasons why the GoPro is so useful for ghost hunting is that you can mount it anywhere.

There is all kind of accessory packages available that will allow the camera to be strapped on anything from a vehicle to someone’s’ head. This gives the user complete freedom of their hands.

All while still getting as much footage as possible throughout the whole experience.

4. Monopod

monopod might be useful for investigators that would like to hold the camera steady while filming. This can also be used as a “selfie-stick” for trying to capture ghosts behind you. 

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s safe to say that a GoPro camera has the potential to be a great asset to any paranormal investigator.

It is an extremely compact device that still manages to include all the main features needed to get quality data and more.

Of course, like any other piece of equipment, it does have its small disadvantages or features that still require some work. The good news is that there is a variety of models for people to choose from.

This allows you to choose the camera that best fits all of your needs! Have you ever used a GoPro for ghost hunting? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it?

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