9 Common Ghost Sounds & What To Do Next

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It might not be Halloween year-round, but ghosts don’t tend to stick to a very strict schedule when it comes to making their presence known to the living.

Some might come in your dreams or show up in your photographs, while others will send chills running down your spine with a simple breath on your neck. But what about those noisy ghosts that choose to disrupt your quiet home with loud ghost sounds.

Using noise is one of the most common ways ghosts interact with the living. With the endless amount of questions, complaints, reports, and research that I have come across over the years, there are a number of cited sounds that have seem to consistently arise.

Common Ghost Sounds

Different Types Of Ghost Sounds

As I have mentioned in Ghost vs Spirit, there are many different types of entities. They all come with their own set of characteristics. Many ghosts will still resemble traits they had when they were the person that they were when they were alive.

Their personality and main defining habits will show through the form of familiar sounds.

Their living personalities along with their energy and level of strength, will usually determine what types of noises or sounds a ghost will make. Throughout the years beyond my own personal experiences, I have found evidence and heard stories from others about various types of ghost sounds.

Here’s a diverse list of sounds and noises that ghosts have been known to make:

Moving Objects

Poltergeists or “noisy ghosts” are usually associated with sounds of moving objects. These types of ghosts are known for their ominous ways and vandalism around the place or location they have attached to.

There have been several cases of poltergeist hauntings with reports of eerie sounds of chairs being dragged across the room, doors shutting close, or even portraits unexplained smashing on the floor.

Usually, mysterious sounds of things moving around the house with no logical explanation can be attributed to some sort of paranormal presence lurking around.

Ghost Footsteps

Ghost Footsteps

Most people that have come in contact with ghosts can easily remember hearing someone walking through their home when they were completely alone. This is beyond any doubt a terrifying feeling and situation to experience, especially if you live alone or in a remote location.

Moaning or Gargling

Like a never-ending loop of eternal pain, suffering, and torment… Ghosts might project echoes of moans in many haunted places. Ghosts’ intense feelings and profound emotions might just be strong enough to give them the strength to exteriorize these types of sounds.

Perhaps you haven’t experienced paranormal activity yourself, but I am willing to bet you have definitely heard these sounds in plenty of horror films.

Even though movies are not always the best source of facts and information. When it comes to ghosts, they do seem to have gotten this part quite right.

Ghost Cries

As we have discussed before, ghosts usually come from a place of suffering. Their life and/or death is usually filled with pain and plagued with fear.

It should come with no surprise that one of the most common sounds associated with ghosts is sobbing or crying. A ghosts’ suffering does not come to an end once they have entered the spiritual plane.

Their deep-rooted agony can be felt through their cries, especially when it’s that of a small child. Sobbing or Crying sounds are usually reported by individuals who live in or near a haunted house.

Ghost Tapping

Ghost Tapping

Although sometimes unnoticed or simply brushed off initially, banging and knocking sounds are commonly reported in haunted locations. They tend to be inexplicable in nature and come from desolate areas of the home.

Whether they appear to be coming from the floor, a window, a door, or an unknown source these sounds can be utterly terrifying.

Ghost Whispering

Have you ever heard your name softly called when no one was around? Home alone and in the middle of the night hear distorted murmuring? This might have just been a ghost attempting to make contact and get your attention.

Ghost whispers are often heard in the stillness of the night and are not always clear or easy to understand. Although it is believed that whispering or murmuring is a sign of a ghost that is weak in strength, it’s occurrence can still feel threatening and eerie.

Many of those who have experienced this particular sound, again and again, reports its detrimental effects on their emotional health.

Rattling Chains

The sound of chains clashing against each other or crackling noises is typically associated with haunted houses that have had a sinister history of torture and even slavery. They can sometimes also been heard in old asylums or mental institutions that used rather unconventional methods for treatment.

Slaves, prisoners, or so-called patients would be kept chained, locked away, and usually mutilated. These rattling chain sounds and crackling noises are a reminder of the agony and torment they endured before their death.

Ghost Screaming

Ghost Screaming

Just like crying or rattling chains, yelling or screaming sounds usually come from ghosts who have endured unbearable amounts of pain or torture. They come from lost and frightened souls who continue to suffer after their death.

These sounds are usually heard in the middle of the night when the person is sound asleep, which causes confusion and even doubt in the individual.

Ghost Language

It would be more than a little naive to believe that all ghosts speak English or our native language. A ghost can be from any country, region, or time frame and consequently speak any language that exists or has existed.

It has been particularly reported in religious hauntings or hauntings related to old ghosts to hear the speaking of ancient languages or dialects unknown in today’s times.

Signs Your House Is Haunted

Signs Your House Is Haunted

If you have been experiencing any of the sounds and noises that we have just discussed above, there is a possibility that a ghost is lurking around your home.

Aside from sounds and noises, there are also plenty of other clues that could be letting you know a ghost is nearby. Here are a few examples to look for if you think you might be hearing ghost sounds:

Strange Animal Behavior

It is commonly believed and acknowledged that animals have unique abilities when it comes to the paranormal world. They are known for having higher sensitivity and capability for detecting levels of energy and frequencies that humans typically cannot.

Pets might growl, hiss, bark, screech, or even refuse to remain in a particular area of the house for no reason. This can all begin to happen unexpectedly and without any scientific underlying cause. Paying close attention to your pets at home can serve great aid in determining whether or not a ghost might be around.

Weird Feelings or Vibes

Although it is not always the case, some of us might be more sensitive to paranormal activity. Some people have been able to develop and strengthen their connection with the spiritual world.

What seems like minuscule oddities and changes to some, might have a whole lot more meaning to others. Some things to pay close attention to are:

  • Noticeable goosebumps and cold shivers across your body for no apparent reason.
  • Feeling like someone is breathing on your neck when you are alone.
  • Sudden eeriness that someone is watching you or following you.
  • A strong feeling of doom and fear in one particular area of the house.
  • If you feel the temperature change unexpectedly and without explanation (Usually getting colder).
  • The sense of someone touching you when you are alone.
  • Tingly sensation all over your body or face at random times of the day.
Light Changes

Light Changes

It is commonly known that entities tend to manipulate lights and electronic devices around them. This is thought to be one of the things that they can manipulate with ease since they are a form of energy themselves.

Light bulbs might explode, candles blow out, lights flicker, or your clock might get stuck at a specific time without any explanation. Other devices might stop working altogether, experience static, or have their batteries continuously drained.


Seeing strange shadows where there is no one or anything around can be an obvious sign that your house is being haunted. The shadow could appear out of nowhere and suddenly vanish if you try to get close to it. They often manifest themselves in the shape of a human silhouette or creature.

It is common for them to also dissolve or disappear when you try and show them to other people. They will only allow being seen by those who they choose. Some other shadow like sightings could include orbs captured in video or photographs.

For those of you that are interested in learning more about obvious signs, your house is haunted… There is a really in-depth article here.

What Should You Do If Your House Is Haunted

What Should You Do If Your House Is Haunted?

If you ever begin to experience paranormal activity in your home or place of residence, you may begin to wonder if there is anything that you should be doing about it.

Below are a few tips and advice on what I, among many experts, recommend you do:

Remain Calm

Always try to keep your composure and remain calm. Even though, ghosts can hurt people in a number of ways… Entities are better known for feeding off of your energy and emotions.

If you allow yourself to give in to your fears and negative emotions a ghost will most likely take advantage of that. It’s like they can smell it! Even though it can be easier said than done, it is very important that you surround yourself with positive thoughts and pure clean energy.

Document Your Experience

Notate as much of your encounter as possible. The more information that you are able to gather and record, the easier that it will be to look at the situation as a whole and better understand what type of ghost you are dealing with.

When writing down your notes here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Try to always write down the exact date and time when the activity occurred and started.
  2. Write down everyone that was in the home when the activity occurred. If anyone else was able to see, feel, or sense any of it, you should ask them to write down what they experienced.
  3. Keep track of the weather conditions and temperature at the time of the activity. Any and all information that you are able to gather will be of great help if you ever decide to get help from a professional in the subject.
  4. Take note of when the paranormal activity started. Although it may be hard to accurately determine what was the exact first occurrence, any information could help.

Has something drastic changed in your life? Was there a death in the family? Did you attempt to use an Ouija board or any other paranormal communication device?

Call On Professional Help

Depending on your religious beliefs you might want to contact a spiritual medium or religious figure who has more knowledge and experience in the field.

They might be able to perform specific procedures to get cleanse your home and get rid of the ghost. A highly qualified ghost hunter is another option you may consider. They use tools like Spirit Boxes and EMF readers to detect lurking entities.

Collect Visual Data

Get a cheap ghost hunting camera and take photographs as well as videotape as much activity as you are able to. You never know what you might get on camera that you were not able to notice at the time of the activity.

Situations like these can be extremely nerve-wracking, which means we might get easily distracted and miss important signs.

what ghost sounds

In Summary

Hearing strange noises and sounds around your home can be a terrifying experience. Eerie whispers, dragging chairs, and loud moaning can make the toughest of people want to run away and hide.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea and understanding of what ghost sounds are… As well as what you should do in such a situation.

Above all, always remember to remain calm and document as much information as possible. This is a subject with still so much to be discovered and learned about.

Have you ever experienced ghost sounds in an environment before? Tell your story below for other readers to see.

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