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While some people choose to contact ghosts to say goodbye to a loved one… Others simply like the thrill and excitement that such activity brings. However, despite a person’s motives for making contact.

One thing they all seem to have in common is the desire to document their experiences. Most people want to have some sort of proof that what they experienced did in fact happen. What better way to show proof of that ghost you were able to see then capturing it with night vision camcorder!

Cheap Night Vision Camcorders

Unlike the past, ghost hunting is not a frowned upon subject anymore. The paranormal has become more and more popular throughout the years and in doing so it has grown quite a large following. People no longer have the misconception that dwelling in the world of spirits is the devils’ work.

Instead, it is now seen and accepted as a form of science on its own. Ghost hunting has become more respected as a way for individuals to prove the existence of a being with the use of modern technology. Some choose to do it as a hobby, while others even make it their life long profession and career.

What Is A Night Vision Camcorder?

night vision camcorder is a camera that has the ability to record video footage under extremely low light surroundings. This type of device will easily become a ghost hunters’ most valuable asset.

The right device will allow for objects and figures to be more clearly seen in the dark. No matter how vigilant and hypersensitive a person might be, there will always be some signs and details that get missed by the bare eye.

Even a regular camcorder will prove to be ineffective when it comes to recording ghost activity in the dark.

How Does Night Vision Work

How Does Night Vision Work?

The non-technical answer to this question can be best described this way… Night vision devices are able to detect infrared light which is invisible to the human eye.

Through a process of enhancement, it turns the infrared light into visible light. There are two ways that images appear if you are using a night vision camera: Black and green or black and white.

The most common type of night vision used in camcorders is known as infrared night vision, which utilizes infrared light the way I explained earlier. The cameras’ field of view is then filled with the infrared light using miniature LED light bulbs. It then turns to a monochromatic view, which makes it a lot easier for the bare eye to see.

Humans tend to have an easier time differentiating between colors like black and white, rather than red and blue.

There are many different ways that night vision work is made possible. It could also depend on the device that you are using.

For example, night vision goggles use something known as intensifier tubes to take in and magnify as much light as they can. This is especially great for outdoor activities since even the nights that appear to be the darkest will have some sort of source of light.

The goggles will then simply absorb as much light as they can pick up and create a significantly clearer image for the bare eye to see.

Are All Night Vision Camcorders the Same?

The honest answer is simply no! There are some night vision camcorders available out there that simply won’t be able to provide the same quality of work at night.

A night vision camcorder’s quality and level of performance will most likely not always be determined by its price. There are plenty of high performing cameras out in the market that can be very cost-effective as well.

Ghost hunters that are still in the learning process and not experts yet, might want to begin practicing with a reliable night vision camcorder that won’t make them go broke.

Beware of overpriced camcorders that promise to accomplish perfect quality. There isn’t much that a night vision camera will need to get the job done properly when it comes to hunting various types of ghosts.

The most important feature the camcorder will need to have is proficient visibility range and clarity. Its ability to clearly distinguish shapes in the dark and minimal light should be a top priority.

Although some of the other fancy and elaborate features might be tempting to fall for, they truly are not needed to detect ghosts. Finding the best and most productive night vision camcorder should not leave you in debt!

Tips For Buying a Night Vision Camcorder

Tips For Buying a Night Vision Camcorder

Before running off to the store to purchase your very own night vision camcorder, it is important you do a little bit of research. There are many different models out there and they not only tend to have different characteristics, but also different prices.

The last thing I’d want you to do is to fall for one of those overpriced camcorders. The kind that has either way too many unneeded features or not enough of the ones you actually want. Below are a few tips to keep in mind while out shopping:

Battery Life

When it comes to ghost hunting this might just be one of the most important features to look for in a night vision camcorder.

Ghosts are notorious for draining the batteries of electronic devices that they are around. If you plan on being able to actually get any footage…

It is essential you choose a camcorder that has a dependable battery that will last a few hours. Keeping extra fully charged batteries with you might be a handy tip to get through the whole night.


Considering the type of work that the camcorder will be used for, always look for one that is durable.

Interacting with the paranormal is not always a smooth process. Things might get knocked down by a mischievous ghost or even dropped in fright. Regardless, finding a camcorder that won’t shatter into a million pieces on its first fall will come in very handy.

Keep in mind that finding a camera compatible with tripods could also be of great help when trying to record certain ghost activity.

Lux Value

Lux value is “a measure of the intensity, as perceived by the human eye, of light that hits or passes through a surface”.

In other words, it is the minimum amount of light that the camcorder will require to properly function in the dark. Keep this in mind when shopping for a night vision camcorder in order to get the best possible images of any ghost encounters.


“A camera stabilizer, or camera–stabilizing mount, is a device designed to hold a camera in a manner that prevents or compensates for unwanted camera movement”.

This will be particularly helpful when trying to record the best possible footage of any paranormal activity. By nature, our hands tend to shake when trying to hold an object steady.

When recording images, especially those of a ghostly shape or entity, it is very important that the image is not distorted by any involuntary or unwanted movements. Most new cameras already come with a built-in stabilizer. This might be even better in order to avoid having to carry any extra equipment.

Camcorders for Hunting Ghost

Best Night Vision Camcorders for Hunting Ghost

After careful consideration and years of experience in the field… Here is a comprised list of night vision camcorders that won’t break the bank:

1. 4K Ultra HD Infrared Night Vision and Full Spectrum Camcorder

Although it’s not the cheapest night vision camera on the market, this camcorder is actually specifically designed for hunting ghosts. This particular camera was designed by ghost hunters.

That on its own is a remarkable benefit to consider. Rest assured that everything needed in order to get some quality footage of paranormal activity can be found in this camera. It has the ability to shift from full spectrum to infrared in a matter of seconds.

In addition, it already comes with an amazing 4K UHD Wide Angle Lens. This camcorder even includes an extra battery to allow for optimal recording time.

2. Hausbell 302S Remote Control Camcorder

One of the main features of this camera is that it can be remote controlled. No need to continuously carry this camera around or needing to run back and forth to hit record anymore.

This camera has built-in infrared with a 1920×1080 full HD recording ability, which allows for extremely clear images at night. It has live zooming and a built-in HDMI output for quick footage review.

Overall this is a great choice when it comes to getting the most out of any ghost recording experience.

3. Camcorder Digital Camera

This is the perfect camera for new ghost hunters looking for a camera to experiment with. It is very affordable and has all of the features required to get some great quality paranormal activities in action. This camcorder comes with one extra battery.

Has a resolution of 1920x1080p.

Allows for 270-degree rotation, and of course, has built-in night vision.

4. Wi-Fi Full Spectrum Camcorder

Built-in High lumens Dual LED Fill Lights and Ultra Bright Infrared light allow for extremely crisp and clear images while using this camera.

No more distorted or fuzzy footage! Its built-in high-quality microphone provides clear capturing of audio. That will come in very handy when recording any potential ghost sounds.

This camera also has an extended battery life due to its use of external LED lighting. It is the world‘s only colorful Infrared and Full Spectrum camcorder with 1080p HD Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor and a touch screen LCD.

Perhaps one of these camcorders’ best qualities is its Built-in Wi-Fi for remote viewing on Android. This feature allows you to review footage on your phone from a distance.

5. The Bestguarder HD Digital Night Vision Camcorder

This night vision camera is one of the best options for those looking to record video in low light or even pitch-black conditions.

It has a built-in infrared illuminator that allows for a viewing distance of even up to 1150 feet. This camcorder will produce great quality videos that are very clear and easy to see…

Even in the darkest parts of the night. The camcorder comes with an external battery to ease any worries about not being able to get all the footage needed. To top it off, its body is exceptionally rugged, IPX water-resistant, and very durable.

All perfect features for any type of situation!

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Regardless of whether ghost hunting is just a hobby for you or the way you make a living; You never want to find yourself in the middle of a ghostly encounter without the proper equipment.

Every time you are out on the field without the right device… You take a chance of missing the opportunity to gather precious data on the event.

There are no particular locations ghost hunting must take place. With that in mind, it’s still safe to say that most of all paranormal tracking takes place during the night.

This means that most of your research will be happening in total darkness. Any device used in the exploration of a haunted house will have to be equipped to handle the lack of visibility in the surroundings.

In times like this, a night vision camcorder will be a knight in shining armor or at least make the job a heck of a lot easier.

In Summary

The right night vision camcorder has the power to completely change the way evidence is being captured and recorded in very low light conditions. While most basic cameras will only be able to record with little to no detail…

A good quality night vision camcorder will provide the clarity and preciseness that this hobby requires. Those who love to ghost hunt will want to explore different night vision settings. Even those who simply want to shoot videos at night will love these camcorders.

We hope that our guide will help all of those in search of the perfect camera to record their ghost hunting adventures! Have you used any of the cameras above? If you have, how did you like them?

Are there any other night vision camcorders that you would recommend using for ghost hunting? We would love to hear about your experience with any of these products!

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