Different Ways Ghosts Hurt People

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As mysterious and intimidating as the spirit world can seem, it is only reasonable that most people wonder whether or not ghosts hurt people. If so, then why they are being a subject of the abuse. It is, in fact, one of the most frequently asked questions that experts in the field face.

Different Ways Ghosts Hurt People

Can Ghosts Hurt You?

We tend to have this distorted idea of what ghosts look and act like because of tons of overly hyped horror movies. Most, if not all, of those movies, have an unintentionally exaggerated representation of what ghosts can do for dramatic effects.

The straight forward answer is yes, ghosts have the power to harm those in the physical world. Yup… Just gonna rip the bandaid off on this one. But let’s dive deeper into how and why ghosts have the ability to hurt people.

Ways Ghosts Hurt People

It is not common for a ghost to purposefully set out to harm a living person. Most reported cases of people being harmed by a ghost are not what you would initially imagine.

The harm that is being caused, in most cases, does not come as wounds to the flesh. Instead, it is emotional and psychological damages that can be easily recognized in all of those individuals.

Unlike living people, the typical laws of physics don’t always apply in the same way to ghosts. Even though you might be able to see a ghost, does not mean that it exists in the same perceived way physically. When you see a ghost in our world you are perceiving a manifestation of their energy in the purgatory they remain in.

If the wounds caused by ghosts are not on our physical bodies, then how are they hurting us? Reported occurrences that people have been harmed by ghosts are in a number of over ways:

Psychological Pain

Psychological Pain

Physical harm is most definitely not the only way to bring harm to someone. In fact, as human beings, most of the pain and suffering that we inflict on each other comes from psychological and emotional pain.

Screaming at someone, lying, inflicting fear or panic, and taunting is some of the many examples of actions that qualify as psychological abuse. In this case, ghosts are not that much different from humans. They too are capable of tormenting our mind and causing unimaginable amounts of distress.

Despite this, I think it’s safe to say that most of the time someone reports being hurt by a ghost, it’s not intentional or even by a ghost at all. So if this is truly the case, then why do we have so many reported cases of people that have been hurt by a ghost?

If you know someone that make claims of being psychologically harmed by an entity, consider getting an EVP recorder to see if there are indeed spirits present. If you’re a tech-savvy type you could even download an EVP app on your phone to be more discrete about your observations.

Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma can also become a factor after psychological pain has been ongoing for an extended amount of time. One of the reasons for this discrepancy is the problem of miscommunication between the living and that of ghosts.

Being from two completely different realities can make it extremely easy for most attempts at communication to end up lost in translation. Since ghosts are not from the physical world, like humans are, they have to resort to different methods of interaction.

As humans, it is in our nature to be suspicious and even afraid of that which we do not know.

Seeing something that you cannot find a logical explanation for would cause distress in any individual. The way that a ghost might choose to manifest itself…

Or even trying to communicate can easily be misinterpreted as malicious or evil in nature by someone who is not familiar with it. Something like a simple tap on the shoulder or soft whisper alone can be interpreted as something quite unnerving. Meanwhile, to a ghost…

It might just be their way of letting you know they are there. They might wish to speak to you peacefully. I’d highly recommend the Mel-8704R, in this case, to test for messages a spirit might be trying to send. Read /hunting/ghost/more about my review on it here.

Symptoms Of Being Harmed By A Ghost

The following are symptoms that may indicate an individual is being psychologically or emotionally harmed by a ghost may include:

  • Anxiousness
  • Newfound phobias of some sort
  • Short-tempered
  • Overly confused
  • Fear of specific types of people
  • Noticeable behavioral changes
  • Suddenly withdrawn from favorable activities
  • Insomnia
  • Loss or gain in appetite

Ironically enough, all of the above symptoms can almost always be observed in an individual dealing with an undesired paranormal encounter. Always seek medical advice before assuming the cause is predominantly spiritual.

Physical Pain

Physical Pain

Physical pain caused by a ghost is most commonly associated with a poltergeist encounter. Poltergeists are some of the most disturbing entities that you will ever come across.

They are best known for being the loudest, most violent, and destructive ghosts to exist. Most people that have experienced one will willingly let you know that its sighting is something you will never forget.

Poltergeists will usually focus on one particular individual in the family in order to isolate their victims. Although at first glance a poltergeist haunting my appear very similar to a regular ghost haunting, the violence, and aggressiveness of the encounter is what sets them apart.

Real poltergeist activity tends to include physical violence against individuals. They have been known to inflict scratches, bites, punches, bruises, and even strangulation injuries on their victims.

Physical injuries caused by poltergeist can be traced all the way back to the first century all around the world. Countless incidents of documented cases of people being pushed downstairs and picked up in the air have been attributed or associated with poltergeist hauntings.

Consider picking up a cheap night vision camcorder to set up in the area you feel the energy strongest. Some are specifically designed with ghost hunting in mind and will even come with wifi capabilities and remote control.

Stories Of People Hurt By Ghost

Stories Of People Hurt By Ghost

Although there have been many cases in the history of such violent encounters, for the sake of time, I will only include a few of those stories below:

Poltergeist of Greyfriars

Even though a poltergeist tends to focus on a specific house or member of the home, it can also attach itself to one place. One of the worst known cases surrounding a poltergeist is that of the Greyfriars Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This terrifying experience can all be attributed to alleged Bluidy Mckenzie, a man in charge of the deaths of 18,000 men who were rivals of Charles the II winning him the grisly nickname.

One of the first reported experiences of poltergeists in the burial grounds happened in 1999 when a man disrupted the grave of Mckenzie to seek cover. The homeless man wound up spending the night in the grave amid a stormy night, and Mckenzie’s grave fell apart.

The man immediately jumped and ran away, terrifying a nearby man walking his puppy through the graveyard. Just imagine the shock on this bystander’s face, watching a man emerging from a grave covered in dirt.

It appears that that the occurrence triggered something in the graveyard. From that point forward, there have been various reports of poltergeist sightings in the area. It is even said that at one point the burial ground ended up having to close it’s doors to future visitors.

A ghost tour was set up with the goal that individuals from the public could experience and appreciate this phenomenon for themselves. From that point forward, over 170 individuals have supposedly fainted or collapsed during the tour.

Over 350 guests have been assaulted and various wounds, including broken bones, have been accounted for in that same graveyard.

Poltergeist Of Enfield Council House

In 1977, at a home in Enfield, UK, a family started hearing strange sounds in their home. Out of the four kids that lived in the house, two started hearing thumping on the walls and doors so intense that it would wake them up in the middle of the night.

Even though the family tried several times to find out what was causing all the strange sounds, they were never able to. At long last, with no end in sight, the police were called to investigate the situation.

Once inside the home, a police officer reported to have seen a chair “wobble and slide” and heard shouts and screams with no apparent explanation.

Later on, the family, and others as well as visiting the home saw strange things. Things like: rocks being tossed, seats being turned over, and even the kids themselves being suspended off the ground and then dropped were reported.

Throughout the following year and a half, late into 1978, over 30 different individuals including neighbors, paranormal examiners, ghost hunters, reporters, and police all experienced puzzling happenings.

For example, furniture moving on its own and items being flung out of nowhere. In spite of the fact that the occurrences later died down, and incidents weren’t being reported, paranormal specialists and analysts are certain it was a poltergeist trying to frighten and hurt the family until they moved, which they in the long run did.

The Mackie Poltergeist

A Minister by the name of Alexander Telfair, around the 1600s, wrote about some very strange occurrences. A man by the name of Andrew Mackie resided at a farm known as the Ring Croft of Stocking. According to numerous accounts, there were a large number of bizarre occurrences that took place on that farm.

It was told that buildings would suddenly go up in flames… Messages are written with human blood… Rocks mysteriously being thrown at people… Even instances when the man’s family even being tortured and dragged through the farm.

Most of the people that fell victim to these occurrences have expressed feeling like a paranormal entity had taken over their bodies. Even though almost all of the incidents had been seen by others. They still remained a mystery with not much logical explanation to them.

After much suffering and frustration, Alexander Telfair and a group of religious leaders from the town decided to get together around the farm and recite several prayers.

Eventually, all the strange activity seemed to come to an end. Mr. Telfair believed that with the help of the prayers the poltergeist that had attached itself to him farm was finally able to move on.

Why Ghosts Hurt People

Why Ghosts Hurt People

Throughout history, there have been countless stories reported of people being harmed by ghosts. The idea that a ghost can manifest enough power to physically touch a living human being is most definitely not a new topic.

An even more terrifyingly, fascinating thought is not so much the idea thata ghost can hurt you… But rather why that entity may want to do so in the first place.

Even though there are situations where a ghost might have a strong desire to harm someone. Most of the time, there is no real malicious motive. In fact, most cases end up being an unintended encounter with a subject.

Other Reasons Ghost Might Harm A Person

Throughout history, there has been an assortment of legitimate cases where ghosts harm people… Not only psychologically, but also physically. Despite this fact, most of the cases that are reported can be easily debunked through means other than the paranormal.

A very well known paranormal investigator, Frank Podmore, as well as various other experts… Believe that most reported cases of poltergeist activity could be explained by means of attention-seeking. Like for example, a young child trying to get their parent’s attention.

They also believe that adults themselves were also the culprits of such claimed paranormal activity simply to taunt others for their own amusement.

Similar in nature, those in the medical science field tend to believe that the reported cases of harm caused by ghosts… Could actually be fully explained by mental illness and its’ characteristics.

They believe that the individuals in question are almost always plagued by unfounded delusions. Which makes them self inflict the wounds and not realize that they did it on their own.

If you know someone like this and would like to discretely rule out the idea of a ghost being present, try downloading a ghost hunting app and scan the area for signs of an entity.

summoning ghosts

In Summary

The truth is, some ghosts do have the ability to cause psychological or in some cases physical harm to the living. However, most paranormal encounters can be easily explained with logic.

Most of the harmful actions that come from ghosts… Like objects moving around the house, lights flickering, screams, scratching, or even bites… It can periodically be debunked, often just being tricks and pranks plotted by another human.

In general, being hurt by a ghost is not something that you really need to worry about. Exploring the spiritual realm… Even summoning ghosts can be an amazing and enlightening experience that you should not be discouraged from.

Many of all ghosts simply exist because they have not yet been able to fully pass on to the spiritual plane.

For those of us interested in studying the paranormal… We have to resist our fearful instincts even when it comes to the obscure. Fear will only hinder our exploration and comprehension of one of the most captivating parts of the human experience.

Have you been harmed by a ghost at some point in your life? We would love to hear about your experience… Maybe we can explain why it happened to you…

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