The Truth About Ghost Hunting Apps

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As technology continues to advance, there has also been a vast amount of progress in ghost hunting methods. Sometime not long ago, enthusiasts had to perform their investigations with their own two eyes and some very basic tools.

Now, there is a wide variety of gadgets and tools that will not only help aid the detection of any paranormal activity… But also record and track all information.

Ghost Hunting Apps

What Are Ghost Hunting Apps?

One of the many benefits of the growth in technology has been the development of mobile apps.

Ghost hunting apps, in particular, can be downloaded directly to your phones and used at your disposal whenever needed. Long gone are the days where paranormal investigators had to carry around loads of equipment in order to get any work done.

With a simple application on your phone, it is now possible to gather proof of your findings quickly and efficiently.

These ghost hunting apps are not only for professionals in the paranormal field. Their user-friendliness and easy attainability mean that they can be used by anyone.

Whether you just simply have a feeling that there might be a spirit lurking around your house… Or are an experienced investigator looking to improve your ghost hunting methods, ghost hunting apps can work for you!

What Will You Need?

These days, not much is needed to begin hunting ghosts. If you plan on using one of the apps, these few additional items will be essential to a successful quest:

Mobile Device

 It might seem a little redundant to even have to say this. Believe it or not, not everyone has a smart device with app functionality.

So just to be clear, you will need an iPhone or iPad that can utilize iTunes. Without one of the two, you will not be able to download any of these apps.

You will have to be conscious of the make/model of the device that will be used… Android or iOS is the dominant makes these apps will operate on. Not all apps work with all operating systems either.

Therefore, be sure to check the side note on each app we cover to know if rather or not that app is compatible with your device.

Extra Batteries

It is well known within the ghost hunting community that ghosts will deplete the batteries of electronic devices. If in contact with an entity, there is a very high probability that the phone or tablet will “die”.

In order to prevent this, always try to have an external source of energy available. It might be wise to invest in a portable power bank/charger.

The last thing a ghost hunter would want is their equipment shutting off in the middle of a promising investigation!

The Right Location

Last but not least, the last thing needed to begin this adventure will be the proper location. To get the most out of this experience, it will be a good idea to pick a location known for paranormal activity.

If there is a sense of suspicion that a ghost might be roaming around your house, it won’t hurt to give one of these apps a shot!

Top 6 Ghost Hunting Apps For iPhone

There is a great amount of variety when it comes to ghost hunting apps. Despite this, not all apps are trustworthy or even authentic ghost hunting tools at all.

To avoid the lengthy trial and error method… we’ve provided a list of tested and proven ghost hunting apps below:


1. EchoVox – Daniel Roberge

Echovox is one of the best apps used for ghost hunting. This app comes with a collection of words and phonetics, that will be used to communicate with any spirit.

This app works by allowing the entity to interact with the app itself. The ghost will affect the collection of words and phonetics in order to create words and speak through them.

In other words, it will manipulate phone sensors like microphone and motion detector, to make its presence known.

The app has even been used by a variety of professional investigators. Including the well-known experts featured in ghost hunting tv shows like “Ghost Hunters International” and “Ghost Chasers”

Ghost Communicator

2. Ghost Communicator – Andrew Gronek

Ghost Communicator uses radar to indicate the presence of a ghost. In order to connect and begin scanning for any entities, it will require you to place your finger over the fingerprint design.

Instead of showing the actual location of the ghost, this app will let you know what the ghost is saying. Although it usually uses one word at a time, this app has proven to be quite effective.

Ghosts don’t tend to speak in large quantities in general. When their strength does not allow for them to keep on speaking, a simple word can usually be enough to get their message across.

Ghost Radar

3. Ghost Radar – Spud Pickles

Ghost Radar is known for being one of the most user-friendly ghost hunting apps on the market. It is extremely easy to use while simultaneously remaining very effective.

Using a radar on the screen, this app measured the quantum fluctuation in the surrounding areas to determine if there is an entity present. If one is detected, a green circle on the radar will pinpoint its location.

Ghost Radar will even allow the ghost to communicate with the user through messages on the screen.

Ghost Detector

4. Ghost Detector – First Class Media B.V.

This ghost hunting app uses device sensors to identify sources of variable magnetic emissions. In doing so, it helps to identify any paranormal presence in the surrounding areas.

Unlike other apps, Ghost Detector uses EVP and EMF measurements instead of quantum fluctuations.

Using a radar on the screen, this app will show you the location of any present ghosts using a small blue circle.

The ghost is then able to communicate with the investigator using a sequence of words that will appear on the screen. If you are looking for a reliable app with an easy learning curve, look no further!

Ghost Locator

5. Ghost Locator – Sebastien Mougey

Out of all the apps that I have tested, Ghost Locator is by far one of my favorite ones. With the simple “flick” of a switch, a radar on the screen will begin to scan for any paranormal activity.

Besides the regular detection of the ghost, this app will also provide further information about the particular ghost detected. Once you click on an entity, the app will let you see how old the ghost was when it died, when it passed away, how old it would be now, and even its weight.

This will provide most of the basic information needed to identify and classify a ghost, without having to do much work.

Ghost Observer

6. Ghost Observer – AKEV

If you really want to kick things into high gear, Ghost Observer is the app for you. This ghost hunting app uses technology to its full extent in order to provide the best experience and results.

Ghost Observer will show you any paranormal activity in your surroundings through an augmented reality experience. In other words, it uses your device’s camera to show you a real-life representation of what is happening around you within the spirit world

Ghost Observer will detect any messages that the entity might be trying to get across, and with a $1.99 upgrade, even translate it so that it’s understandable. It will not only determine what type of entity you are dealing with specifically but also take pictures of it for you.

What To Look For When Ghost Hunting

What To Look For When Ghost Hunting

It might not always be easy to determine when to resort to higher measures and use the help of a ghost hunting app. Not everyone has an easy time figuring out if there is any paranormal activity taking place around them.

If this is the case for you, there are a few things to look out for that will let you know there is a ghost lurking around.

Ambient Noise

One of the most common ways that spirits will make their presence known is through the use of sounds. Most notably, during the middle of the night when the world is at its quietest.

Don’t be surprised if you are still hearing strange sounds throughout the day. Although ghosts tend to seem more present at night, they will still be around during daylight.

Paranormal beings will usually make footstep sounds, whisper, knock on things, or even cry out. With that in mind, be alert to any weird noises around your home that have no probable explanation.

This could be letting you know it’s time to pull out that ghost hunting app and confirm your suspicions.

Animal Etiquette

Animals have unique abilities that exceed our own when it comes to the paranormal. They are known for having higher sensitivity and are capable of detecting levels of energy humans typically cannot.

Pets will growl, hiss, bark, screech, or even refuse to remain in a particular area of the house for no reason. Pay close attention to nearby pets or wildlife during your hunt.

If you notice abnormal behavior and are unable to find any logical explanation, use the ghost hunting app to see if there are, in fact, an entity present.

Cold Spots

Experts believe that ghosts operate at lower temperature levels than the living do. Ghosts will absorb the heat around them to strengthen their energy.

This is why the temperature in parts of the house will appear to drop when ghosts are around. If you are experiencing these random fluctuations in temperature around your house…

You’re more than likely experiencing a cold spot. Make sure that windows aren’t left open and there are no electrical problems with your a/c system. In the case that no explanation can be found, you can use the ghost hunting apps above.

Electrical Static

Ghosts are known for messing around with electrical devices. Everything from the flickering of lights… To static white noise from TVs… Even turning on random electronic devices.

If a ghost is attempting to make the initial contact, they might choose this method of communication and interfere with your electrical appliances. Once you notice any of these occurrences, always try to find a reasonable explanation first.

Do not automatically assume that flickering light is a ghost when it could easily be a loose lightbulb. If there is no logical explanation for the issue, then you should consider further investigating the paranormal.

Somatic Senses

Somatic senses are the sense of touch, position, and movement. These are natural tools we all have that can aid in a ghost hunting session.

Be open-minded and pay close attention to the environment using these senses. The ghost will use these feelings in a very subtle way. This asset combined with an app will make your experience that much more successful.

For those of you that are interested in more clues about what to look for when ghost hunting… There is a really in-depth article here.

In Summary

Are you having any doubts that some sort of paranormal activity might be taking place around you? If you are, a ghost hunting app might just be the tool you need to confirm your suspicions.

Do your research and pick the right app for you. You never know what kind of information you have been missing out on when it comes to properly document your paranormal findings.

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