Ghost Hunting Apparel: Best Dress Code Practices

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So you are all set with your ghost hunting gear and ready to head out in the field… Looking down you realize you might not be properly dressed for the occasion. Well, don’t worry because in this article I will cover ghost hunting apparel and the best dress code practices.

Not only will you be well suited, but clients are going to receive that professional first impression that will make a difference between a one time sell and a returning customer!

Ghost Hunting Apparel

Everyone has had that “plumber guy” experience where they walk into the kitchen to find a sloppy butt crack being revealed from under the sink.

On the other hand, opening the door to a well-fitted craftsman gives off a sense of mastery for even a total amateur.

Understanding how a paranormal investor should dress will not only help you aesthetically but will also provide an additional safety measure that can really help prevent the unexpected while out on the field.

Ghost Hunting Apparel

Ghost hunting apparel is the attire a supernatural researcher wears while out on the field investigating paranormal activity. All levels enthusiast should always contemplate what clothes they are going to wear before going out to hunt ghosts.

The outfit should be dark in color to hide dirt or debris from the habitat being studied. The following items outlined below are a template to what you should consider following when going on a paranormal investigation:

1. Shirts & Hoodies

While evaluating what to cover your upper body with, before heading out on a ghost hunt… It primarily comes down to a few aspects: What the weather will be like in that area…

Will you be working mostly indoors or outside? Is the environment you are investigating a hazardous area? What is your personal preference when it comes to comfortability?

Always remember, it is better to bring more than less so dress in layers. Bring a hoody regardless if rather you think you will need it or not.

Never know if there will be unexpected showers or if the establishment is messy. Ghost hunting hoodies can either be a pullover or zip up.

I personally prefer zip ups because they are easy to peel out of or zip open to accommodate for sudden changes in temperature. Ghosts are known to cause cold spots in areas.

Ghost hunting shirts can either be T-shirts or long sleeve. branded shirts are a very simple way to show competence and professionalism. Do keep that in mind.

If you are not part of an official investigation team, consider wearing the institute you received your practice from. It is a good way for beginners to exert the fact that they are fully capable of taking on the paranormal task being given.

2. Pants

The ideal ghost hunting pants should always be long enough to cover their legs. This will help shield bare skin from environmental elements and possible poltergeist attacks. Imagine walking through a wooded area where things like knee-high thorns lace the ground.

It is very possible to find yourself in an area where rusted metal and broken glass is sitting in a position to easily rub past calves and ankles. Always put safety first when pursuing supernatural activities. It is better to be safe and tetanus-free than sorry!

The more pockets, the better too. I prefer cargo pants because they have plenty of pockets big enough to store tools and spare batteries.

A good belt is also highly recommended to complement the pants and provide additional ghost hunting gear to anchor from. shorts can be useful for locations higher in temperature like some of the haunted places in Florida I have visited.

Just try to go for cargo shorts so that you have the same amount of optimal storage space.

3. Shoes

A solid pair of ghost hunting shoes are vital to any kind of investigation. Tennis shoes, sandals and flats should really be avoided.

I am sure that is a commonsense thought to not think about, but you would be surprised. Think about a situation where you out on vacation. Suddenly, a sign of paranormal activity presents itself.

Before stepping into a dark alley, This post comes to mind… See, almost went down that potential danger zone with those flipflops on? Now read more so we know which shoes to run home and grab before getting back in that alley!

Boots with good ankle support and grip are what a ghost hunter should aim for. I recommend steel toe boots for the sake of precaution. Besides weather conditions and messy surroundings, Some locations could have weak floors or dangerous debris scattered around.

The last thing you could possibly want to experience is fumbling around in the dark and stepping on a nail… speaking from experience on this one, trust me!

4. Backpacks

Ghost hunting backpacks are essential for a number of reasons. All ghost hunting equipment can be stored within it for easy transport.

They provide a level of safety for the gear to be shielded from unexpected weather elements… Especially if it is a waterproof backpack. If possible find a bag with external straps and mounting support.

This will come in handy for hanging ghost hunting lights from as well as provide a way to quickly free hands if open pockets are not available.

5. Wear & Repeat

Ghost hunting apparel is a numbers game, the more you have at your expense the easier the job will become.

Many professions out there in other industries require the same level of attire. Military individuals, law enforcement and even emergency responders all require this amount of wardrobe, if not more.

The garments discussed so far are the bare minimum every paranormal investigator should have in their archive. The list of items I will cover next are not necessities but accessories one will definitely want to work towards collecting to improve the workflow the right ghost hunting outfit provides.

Ghost Hunting Accessories

In terms of apparel, ghost hunting accessories are additional tools that elevate the workflow and productivity of a paranormal investigation. Having accessories alone will do little to aid research…

But pairing them with any or all ghost hunting apparel will most certainly give you an advantage. Apart from being useful add-ons, These attachments also make nifty souvenirs on their own.

Any ghost hunter would appreciate these as gifts if they did not have them already.

1. Hats

Hats are really good for keeping your head warm and providing a stylish look. Wearing one provides a way for an investigator to block out bright lights from fellow hobbyist out in the field assisting.

The brim of a hat also makes a nice bonus spot to mount ghost hunting gear like lights and cameras. Consider getting a branded cap that will match the team or institute apparel or rock funny ghost hunting hats. Everyone appreciates a good sense of humor right?

2. Gloves

Gloves are something many investigators will appreciate in the colder climates of the world.

These really come in “handy” when research is being done in freezing temperatures or environments showing consistent patterns of cold spots. A good set of water-resistant gloves are also ideal for situations where you find yourself removing scrap material.

Sometimes it will be necessary to remove objects from potential paths and gloves will make the job cleaner and safer.

I would recommend two pairs of gloves be kept in inventory at all times. One set of warm fingerless pair to keep hands warm while simultaneously allowing easy access to tech equipment.

Another set of water-resistant gloves to have for messy occasions. You can also easily brand these as well for unification to the rest of the outfit.

3. Goggles

Goggles are something to consider working up to for a number of reasons. It is always recommended to have a set of safety goggles on when working with hazardous materials.

If you are in a location where dust or smoke is easily stirred up… Having them will mean a difference in the duration of the inspection. Safety goggles come in a range of styles.

I highly recommend going with a pair that have straps on them for easy accountability when removed. A pair with additional lighting is also something to consider.

Night vision goggles are also something to contemplate. Though they are obviously going to be a bit more pricey than safety goggles… They could count towards an alternative to a night vision camera.

Using these oppose to a night vision camera will allow better focus and observation while viewing. I have really been entertaining the idea of getting a pair for myself because it will make a nice addition to my collection of equipment.

4. Charms

Charms can prove to be a very valuable asset to have when dealing with the supernatural. Many associate items like jewelry, pendants, and rings with good luck.

Having something you feel sentimental value can work as a form of protection from harmful spirits. Whatever that charm may be, I recommend keeping it close to you…

Keep a conscious eye on it at all times ensuring that it is indeed where you placed it at all times… And don’t acknowledge its worth to others while out in the field.

Knowing how much that hidden charm means to you might become a trivial validation question to ask fellow investigators later. Maybe for some reason, you feel a phantom is impersonating someone close to you…

This charm may be the very thing that helps expose that entity for the deceitfulness it is trying to present. I have multiple charms I alternate between before going into an investigation.

My team and I always verify what we brought with us outside of the car before heading out to our investigation.

Other Convenient Items

Other Convenient Items

There really are an endless amount of items someone could consider ghost hunting accessories. Things like keychains, phone covers, poppers, and even pens are really nice stocking stuffers.

Keychains are good for keeping keys together in one place. Phone covers provide extra protection and in some cases, aid in keeping the phone dry. Poppers are nice little gadgets that make it easy to handle phones while out in the field.

They also make great props to keep cellular devices upright when doing a quick hands-free recording. When it comes to pens, you can never have enough pens!

The convenience aspect of these extras is something all paranormal investigators will appreciate. When branded, These little fittings make the perfect addition to complete the ghost hunting apparel.

On the outside of the night vision camera, I truly feel these little extra attachments are just as important as any proper pants, boots, or jacket.

In Summary

Hopefully, the urgency of adequate ghost hunting apparel has been stressed. It is better to have some than all before attempting investigations of any kind.

But like everything else, grow as you go if you have to. Don’t let the lack of steel toe boots stop you from pursuing your ambition… Just make sure your shoes are tied while doing it.

Being in a position where you end up sick with a head cold because you did not have a hat while being out in the snow chasing orbs just isn’t worth it. I am definitely speaking from experience again…

On another note, showing up to a location with team members in proper ghost hunting attire will lead to return customers and referrals. The confident booster the respect will provoke will help too.

Having confidence while out an investigation will do a number on morale and stimulate better results from productivity. It is also a good quality to have when dealing with bad spirits. Entities like poltergeist prey on negative emotions and uncertainty.

My intent with this article was to be insightful and acknowledge the significance of having a uniform look. If you think I might have missed something covering the dress code for paranormal investigators, be sure to let me know down below.

Do you currently have any, if not all, of the attire listed above? How would you rank the magnitude of the garments listed above from highest to lowest on the priority scale?

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