9 of the Best Deer Hunting Magazines to Read

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Remember the days when us hunters would check the mail and get enormous pleasure in seeing the latest issue of our favorite deer hunting magazine.

Well, those days have not yet disappeared thankfully.

While the world is going digital there is still an enormous pleasure to be had opening up a quality deer hunting magazine.

If you are an avid reader of hunting stories, enjoy looking at quality deer hunting pictures and love the feel of a new glossy magazine:- Then this list of 9 of the Best Deer Hunting Magazines is for you.

A great thing about having a deer hunting magazine subscription is being able to easily read the information over and over to get new takeaways.

Best Deer Hunting Magazines

No need to remember what website did I read that interesting article on, or  “oh shit the wifi is down”. I can’t read my favorite deer hunting stories.

If you are anything like me reading over an interesting deer hunting article in a nice relaxed place, perhaps with a beer or coffee is a very enjoyable way to spend an hour or two.

Plus some added bonus of subscribing to your favorite deer hunting magazine are that they are great to read around camp or on those long road trips. They also look great on the coffee table!

Here is a list of 9 of my favorite deer hunting magazines to read. Many of them also contain more than deer hunting articles. 

1. Deer And Deer Hunting Magazine

F&W Publications. 12 Issues Per Year

A deer and deer hunting magazine subscription for the deer hunting fanatic. 

Nothing but deer baby!

In-depth articles on all things deer hunting. You will read and learn everything about deer hunting including:

  • Latest deer hunting equipment.
  • Hunting strategies and tactics.
  • Gather inside information on deer habits and behaviours.
  • Management of deer habitat
  • And a whole lot more

And as an added bonus if you subscribe to the print version from Amazon you also get access to the digital edition for free.

2. North American Whitetail Magazine

Outdoor Sportsman Group. 8 Issues Per Year

A more focused deer hunting magazine subscription to get is North American Whitetail.

This great magazine is full of stories about whitetail deer hunts told by hunters. There are incredible stories of big buck hunts sure to get your heart pumping. And these stories are all told with amazing detail to really give you something to ponder.

North American Whitetail also contains up to date whitetail deer hunting news, tips and strategies we can all employ and learn from.

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3. Field & Stream Magazine

Bonnier Corp. 6 Issues Per Year

Whilst not just about deer hunting, Field & Stream magazine is one of the best hunting and outdoors magazines you can ever have the pleasure in reading.

There is s a reason this is America’s number one sportsman’s magazine and why it has been in publication for over 100 years. It is just that good!

It is read by over a million readers each year. In fact Field & Stream magazine is a world leading publication dedicated to the great outdoors.

The photography you will see in this magazine is world class. They have a wide range of brilliantly written articles. Covering everything hunting, fishing and other outdoor adventures.

Importantly, their articles are seasonal meaning they are published at the right time for you to be reading them. Great hunting gear reviews, hunting techniques, and tips are all contained in this go to magazine.

If you only have one deer hunting magazine subscription to select this is the one to get.

4. Petersen’s Hunting Magazine

Outdoor Sportsman Group. 11 Issues Per Year

A Petersen’s hunting magazine subscription is jam-packed with great instructional articles.

Written for both the experienced hunter and beginner. Like Field & Stream this is not a deer only hunting magazine. It provides great information on a range of seasonal hunting opportunities.

For someone like me who likes to hunt all year round across wild game species this is a valuable hunting magazine I turn to.

There are honest and in-depth equipment reviews. They describe what is best for the experienced or novice hunter alike. Another thing I like about Petersen’s hunting magazine is the stories about unsuccessful hunts as well. Something we can all learn from.

5. Bowhunter Magazine

Outdoor Sportsman Group. 10 Issues Per Year

A great deer hunting magazine subscription for the bowhunter. Expert bowhunters share their stories, tips, and tactics to help you land that big buck. Articles cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Bowhunting locations and updates from bowhunting organizations. 
  • Overall complete coverage of deer hunting with a bow.

Bowhunter magazine is the “voice of authority” when it comes to hunting deer with a bow.

6. Outdoor Life Magazine

Bonnier Corp. 4 Issues Per Year

The sister publication to Field & Stream. An Outdoor Life magazine subscription will have you entertained with a wide range of outdoor adventures.

Articles include hunting, fishing, boating and wilderness conservation. There are tons of articles on deer hunting in this magazine and some superb quality photography as well.

Their articles go further covering topics such as wilderness survival. As well as some great political points made in response to the anti-hunting brigade.  

This will keep you turning the pages.

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7. Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine

Outdoor Sportsman. 10 Issues Per Year

Like Petersen’s Hunting Magazine, Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine is an amazing source of information for the serious bowhunter.

Packed with articles and quality photographs you will learn all about the tools, tactics, techniques, and strategies that go into making a great bowhunter.

More in-depth equipment reviews on everything from the latest bows and archery equipment through to clothing and related bowhunting products.

8. Sports Afield Magazine

Field sports Publishing. 6 Issues Per Year

Sports Afield was first published in 1887 as a hunting and fishing magazine.

That makes it the oldest continuously published outdoor magazine in North America.

Along with Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, it is one of the big 3 American outdoors magazines.

And there is a good reason it has survived this long. It is only published 6 times a year and then what is does publish is pure hunting reading enjoyment.

Like the other big 2 outdoors magazines the breadth of hunting topics discussed is huge. Well worth the investment.

9. Quality Whitetails Magazine

QDMA. 6 Issues Per Year

Whilst not technically a glossy hunting magazine, this publication provides an unbelievable scientific insight into whitetail deer.

For information on deer harvests, whitetail biological reports, food plot management, hunter education and conservation news, Quality Whitetails is a great source for the whitetail fanatic.

Particularly if you are managing your own land and deer population.

Summary of the Top Hunting Magazines to Read

I hope you take a step out of the digital world for a moment and get one of these quality deer hunting magazines subscriptions to enjoy.

I promise you will learn some more about deer hunting techniques to help you become a better hunter.

You will enjoy many other hunting stories in addition to deer hunting and be able to do that all will sitting in your favorite chair enjoying the beverage of your choice.

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