Best Hunting Arrows of 2023

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Bowhunters know how important it is to own high-quality arrows. It is the first and essential piece of equipment you need to invest in, in order to make sure your shots will be accurate and trustworthy.

Arrows can be made of different materials and can come with a different set of features. Here is the list of top-rated hunting arrows you can currently find in the market.

Top 10 Carbon Arrows for Hunting

Best Hunting Arrows

1. Carbon Express Maxima Red Fletched Carbon Arrows


  • Six-piece set
  • Launchpad precision nocks
  • Great durability
  • Excellent accuracy
  • BullDog nock collar

Carbon Express is offering a set of six arrows made of carbon for professional shooters. Each of these items comes with a launchpad precision nock that will provide you with a controlled arrow release, great alignment, and a better accuracy shot.

These arrows are designed and crafted with patented hi-tech carbon-based construction that will make sure broadheads fly better and have great performance. The manufacturer developed stiff ends in order to make sure there is a certain amount of flexing during the flight of an arrow.

The outer layer of an arrow is made with 100% diamond weave carbon to guarantee unparalleled spine consistency and stiffness. They all have a BullDog nock collar that will protect the arrow from nock end impact damage. It’s a standard feature on all Maxima RED pieces.

Thanks to that, these arrows will offer you great durability and a long lifespan. Arrows are laser checked for straightness to 1/10,000 of an inch. Thanks to the BuffTuff technology, Carbon Express arrows have one of the world’s toughest and quietest carbon finishes.

2. Linkboy Archery Carbon Arrows


  • High-quality made
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel arrow tips
  • Adjustable nocks
  • Fluorescent shaft

Linkboy Archery wanted to offer every bowhunter an opportunity to use the high-quality made arrows, so they created unique looking pieces that meet all the highest standards and guarantee a great archery experience. They are made from carbon, and they can be very durable and long-lasting.

These arrows are suitable for practising and targeting for draw weight 30-75 pound recurve bow, compound bow, and longbow. Linkboy Archery arrows have stainless steel arrow tips, which are perfect for hunting because they are removable and can be changed quickly.

All eight of the arrows are made with adjustable nocks, which means these parts are not fixated. You will be able to change their orientation the way it suits different types of bows. Also, these arrows feature classic fluorescent shafts, which will make them very noticeable from far away.

There’s no doubt these are one of the best hunting arrows, especially since they can offer excellent performance and a straight flight path. They are a great choice for archery lovers who are simply enjoying target practising, but also for professional competitors.

3. Carbon Express Maxima Blu Rz Fletched Carbon Arrows


  • BullDog collars
  • Launchpad nocks
  • Great speed and accuracy
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Excellent spine consistency

If you are looking for the best arrows for hunting, we suggest you to consider purchasing these Carbon Express ones, since they are known for their speed, accuracy, and the quality they are made. They are all designed from diamond weave carbon material, which is the brand’s proprietary, so you will find them to be very durable and long-lasting.

These arrows feature high-tech carbon shaft design and stiff ends, which is why they only flex in the middle of the shaft, in the red zone. The professional shooters claim they have lightweight performance and great accuracy.

As it turns out, Carbon Express BLU RZ arrows are a great choice for those who shoot a lighter draw weight, and those who want to achieve maximum kinetic energy. The set includes six fletched arrows with blazer vanes, and each one comes with launchpad nocks and BullDog collars.

Based on the material these arrows are made of, we can conclude they are very stiff, and they have great spine consistency. Also, they are very light, so if you are looking for the highest possible speed of an arrow, this is a choice for you.

4. Easton Full Metal Jacket 6pk


  • Tough carbon core
  • Durable alloy jacket
  • Great performance
  • Fly quickly
  • Heavy arrows

Here is another set of good hunting arrows that are made out of tough carbon core and durable alloy jackets. They are designed in a way that will guarantee their great performance and outstanding strength, which is extremely important for hunting sessions.

These Easton full metal arrows are pretty heavy, and they won’t be suitable for all types of bowhunters. They are small diameter arrows that can fly quickly across the wind, and very straight. We are talking about one of the most popular sets of arrows currently in the market.

They are very durable and long-lasting, and they are completely made of metal, which decreases friction in flight. Also, these small diameter arrows are very easy to pull, and they have quite good of a reputation.

When it comes to some of the downsides of these items, some customers reported that they don’t bend as much as they should, but the manufacturer claims the reason for that lies in the fact they didn’t use an arrow puller.

5. Carbon Express Piledriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt


  • Great penetration
  • Excellent power impact
  • Three sets of nocks
  • Durable
  • Available in two sizes

The best arrows for deer hunting need to be extremely strong and to provide great penetration. The Carbon Express has their line of bone-crushing arrows with the ability to create maximum kinetic energy and tremendous power impact.

You will be able to engage in a large pry hunt with these arrows, without fear they might let you down. They are based on an advanced construction that will guarantee spine consistency and high accuracy. Thanks to the fact they are made of carbon, they will prove to be super durable and reliable no matter how many times you use them.

The package includes six arrows, and just as many moon nocks, universal nocks, and six C nocks. They are available in two sizes – 20 inches (442 grain) and 22 inches (479 grain), and they are fletched with 4-inch vanes.

6. Ms Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows


  • Deep penetration
  • Great accuracy
  • Real feathers
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Great consistency

Finding the best carbon hunting arrows can be quite a challenge, but the MS Jumper created ones that are known for their quality, performance, and speed. You will be very pleased with these arrows if you engage yourself in target practicing and hunting with a traditional bow, recurve bow, longbow, or compound bow.

These arrows have tips that can be easily taken out from hardwood boards, which means they will be a great option for shooting range. They are suitable for draw weights of around 65-70lbs, and they are very accurate and reliable.

Thanks to the fact the forward end of the fletching is built in an excellent manner, your finger protection will be increased. Their construction will offer you a steady flight and perfect balance.

They are also capable of deep penetration and consistent departure during bow hunting. The fact they have little flex in the air will make sure you always have an accurate shot. The real feathers will be responsible for their high kinetic energy.

7. Carbon Express Maxima Red Carbon Arrow Shaft


  • BullDog nock collar
  • BuffTuff patented technology
  • Launchpad precision nocks
  • Great consistency
  • Durable and accurate

This is a 12-piece set of black and red finished shafts that are marked as one of the best in class when it comes to consistency. They are made of patented hi-tech carbon, and with a super durable construction that makes sure broadheads fly better.

Each arrow comes with launchpad precision nocks that will guarantee controlled arrow release, great accuracy, and better shaft alignment. They are laser checked for straightness to 1/10,000 of an inch, and they feature a red zone section that manages arrow flex during the flight.

The arrows also have a BullDog nock collar that will protect them from impact damage. This part is made with aircraft-grade aluminium, and it’s placed outside of the back end of the arrow shaft in order to keep your arrow safe from another one.

The BuffTuff patented technology that’s been integrated into the outer layer will make sure you are using arrows with a super quiet carbon finish. These arrows will be a perfect choice for hunting expeditions, but also backyard target practice.

8. Guide Gear Trophy Hunter Arrows


  • Affordable
  • ICE coating
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Consistent
  • High-quality made

For less than 50 dollars, you can get a 12-piece set of arrows made for maximum velocity. They are made from carbon and two inches long Bohning Blazer vanes, and they come with Bohning Double-Lock Blazer nock.

Their construction brings a very strong and durable shaft that’s also pretty light, so your arrows will fly with great precision and accuracy. You will get 12 arrows and inserts, with 300, 400, or 500 spines.

The manufacturer is claiming that there’s no better option for you in the market regarding the relation of price and quality of the arrows set. They are suitable for target practicing and hunting and will offer you great consistency.

The fact they have new and improved coating makes them even better than before. They are now covered with Victory Archery’s advanced ICE coating, so they have excellent penetration and speed level, while they remain very silent.

9. Gold Tip Hunter Pro Arrow


  • Unmatched durability
  • Super tight tolerance
  • Uncompromised balance
  • Strong penetration
  • High-quality made

These arrows made by Gold Tip are famous for their unmatched durability and super-tight tolerance. Many bowhunters claim that these are the arrows that will last for years and remain undamaged no matter how much you use them.

They are the mid-weight arrows that feature high speed, uncompromised balance, and ability to penetrate the target with tremendous force. That’s why you can use them in any situation, no matter if you are in a field, hunting, or simply target practice.

Gold Tip arrows are constructed of a brand’s smart carbon technology, using some heavy-duty materials, so they are very durable and long-lasting. You will be able to depend on them and their consistency without a doubt.

They are available in four different sizes – 500, 400, 340, and 300. They have factory fletched two-inch long raptor vanes, and GTO series nocks with bushings. Bear in mind that nocks will be installed, but that vane colors may vary.

10. Gold Tip Hunter Xt Arrows


  • High-quality made
  • Tips not included
  • Inserts not installed
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Great speed and accuracy

Gold Tip Hunter XT arrows are super popular among bowhunters, and they are the brand’s best sellers. That’s because they are proven to have tremendous accuracy, great speed, and satisfying levels of stability and performance.

These are very strong, durable, and reliable arrows most professional competitors use for target practicing. But also, they are one of the best deer hunting arrows in the market, the set that can be used for big sized animal pursuit.

These items come with two-inch long blazer vanes, and they include GT series nocks and Accu-Lite inserts. They will be an adequate option in any situation you find yourself in, and they will be able to answer pretty much any challenge shooting wise.

Thanks to the patented carbon technology, their speed and consistency are something you should not question. The tips are not included, which means you can create your ideal arrow with your favorite parts, and inserts are not installed, which will give you an opportunity to cut the arrow on a certain length if needed.

What arrow should I use for hunting

How to Choose the Best Hunting Arrow

We presume you are already familiar with all arrow parts and the significance each of them has regarding the shooting. When it comes to choosing the right set for your needs, you should consider several things we listed below, like the type of shaft, the draw length, the spine, the straightness factor, etc.

Types of Shaft

The shaft can be made of carbon, wood, and aluminium. The carbon ones are mostly used these days, and they became very popular because of their strength and the fact they are pretty lightweight. They are capable of developing great speed, accuracy, and penetration.

The wooden shafts are the basic version that was used since ancient times. They are a bit outdated, given that they are much heavier, harder to control, and slower. The aluminium shaft is usually used by hunters since it is a cheap material and a lightweight one, but also very firm.

Poundage and Draw Length

This is one of the most important things to consider when buying new arrows. You need to know what is the draw length of your bow, and then to pick arrows that are longer than that.

Beginners should choose arrows that are around two inches longer than bow’s draw length, while experienced shooters can pick those that are only one inch longer.

It can be quite dangerous to have arrows that are inappropriate length. Also, the poundage of arrows is another thing you need to pay attention to.

There are standards in this matter you need to follow in order to make sure you have the right set of arrows in your hands. Usually, lighter bows should use lighter arrows, and heavier bows should be paired with heavier arrows.


The spine rating is a feature you need to pay extra attention to because it will show you how precise and effective your arrows will be. You should make sure to find a set that has just the right amount of spin.

It is the parameter that will define how your arrow will behave while traveling to the target. If the arrow has little spin, it is not good because it will collapse or wiggle too much, and if the spin is too big, it will not be accurate enough.

Also, you should know that it is important to have a set with the same spin. Only that way, you will be able to get consistency with your shooting.


The style of the vane will affect arrow flight, so it is extremely important to know how to pair them with the shaft and broadhead of an arrow. This aspect can significantly improve your accuracy and overall performance when shooting.

They can be short, long, low, and high profile. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, high profile vanes will provide you with more correction of arrow flight than those with a low profile, but they will be slower too.

Straightness Factor

The general rule is – the straighter the arrow is, the better. The manufacturer is always going to tell what the straightness tolerance is. Where the tolerance is smaller, the arrow will be more reliable, and therefore more expensive.

This aspect is less important than a spine, according to the experts, and only professional bowhunters may know the difference. So if you are a beginner, this is not something that should preoccupy you or affect your decision regarding arrow purchasing.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Arrow

Frequently asked question

What Is the Spin of an Arrow?

The spin or spin rating is a measurement of the arrow’s stiffness. This feature affects how the arrow will behave when travelling from bow to target, and it’s marked with numbers. The lower the number is, the stiffer the arrow is.

Are Heavier Arrows Better for Hunting?

One thing is for sure – heavy arrows will provide you with better, stronger penetration. Depending on what type and size of animals you are hunting, you should decide on the weight of arrows. But you should bear in mind that heavier arrows will be a bit slower than those with less weight.

How Long Can Arrows Last?

These new-generation arrows can be in good shape for 30 to 40 years. But their lifespan can be significantly shorter if you don’t take good care of them.

It is important to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from the place with high humidity. Also, you need to make sure not to use them on hard and stiff surfaces because they could break.

Do Longer Arrows Fly Better?

No, shorter arrows are usually lighter, and they are generally stiffer than long arrows. That means shorter arrows will have better speed and will fly further. Also, shorter arrows will flex less during their flight towards the target, which will provide additional acceleration.


We hope we managed to help you decide what type of hunting arrows you should buy. If you are new to this world of archery, you should start with cheaper, more basic arrows and practice until you get to a certain level of skills.

Then, you may think about investing in a new, more serious, and professional set of arrows. Also, bear in mind that some arrows won’t come assembled with all the pieces, you will get only the shaft, and then you can choose different points, vanes, nocks, etc.

That’s a great option for more experienced bow hunters, while the beginners should decide on pre-made arrows.

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