Best IWB Holsters of 2023

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Choosing the right gun holster is not an easy task. You need to make sure it’s comfortable, suitable for your needs, and that it does its job perfectly.

If you prefer carrying an IWB – inside the waistband holster, we suggest you go through our list and see what we picked up as the best choices.

What are the Best IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

What are the Best IWB Holsters

1. Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster


  • Posi-click system
  • Sweat guard
  • High-quality made
  • Suitable for concealed carry
  • Lifetime warranty

This is a classical minimalist holster made of Kydex, suitable to wear under an untucked shirt. It will be concealed, and you will feel quite comfortable while having it on you. It is designed over the brand’s crafted aluminum molds, and it features consistency, great quality, and durability.

Thanks to the undercut trigger guard, this holster will not be on your way when you try to draw your weapon out.

This item has a sweat guard on its entire length, so your firearm will be protected from sweat impact. It’s made in the USA, from start to finish, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

In order to make sure no one will know you are carrying, there is a fiber-reinforced stealth belt clip that will keep your holster hidden and on its place the entire time.

The oxide steel hardware with thread lock will allow you to adjust it right but never to lose a screw.

This product has a posi-click system, so you will hear a sound of clicking when you place your handgun inside of the holster, and the carry angle will make sure you can position your IWB holster as you would like, from -5 to +20 degrees.

2. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5


  • Flexible
  • Easy to adjust
  • High-quality made
  • Super comfortable
  • Breathable

Alien Gear holster is designed to welcome Springfield XD Mod.2 four-inch service model pistol and to provide you with great comfort while you are carrying your holster inside the waistband. There is a model for left-handed and a model for right-handed people.

This holster is fully adjustable, it will allow you to get the right cant and height, and to place it however you find it to be the most comfortable. Also, you will be able to adjust the retention by tightening the screws.

The holster is made by two parts – one is a spring steel pistol pocket that has a trigger guard and closed bottom, and another is neoprene backing that will softly reshape to the curves of your body.

Even if you wear it for a long period of time, you won’t be irritated by it since it’s created from sweat-wicking and breathable material.

The product is made in the USA, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. But also, you will get a 30 days test drive to see if it really fits you and your needs.

The manufacturer claims a team of engineers worked on this product with one goal only – to make it the most comfortable holster in the market.

3. Concealment Express Holster Claw Kit


  • Comfortable to wear
  • High quality made
  • Affordable
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight

This is one of the best IWB holsters on the market, according to the people who use these types of concealed carry pouches. It’s pretty affordable, and it’s reversible – it can be used by both left and right-handed people.

This product is compatible with Concealment Express IWB and tuckable lines of holsters, but they must have two retention holes. It is pretty comfortable to wear, and it will eliminate any sort of printing.

You will maintain concealability thanks to the claw kit that pushes the end of your gun towards your body.

The product is high-quality made, it’s designed in the USA, and you will get a lifetime warranty if you decide to purchase it. This kit includes one reversible claw base, one tall claw, one short claw, a nut, a flat screw, two short pan head screws, four rubber spacers, and two long pan head screws.

This holster is pretty lightweight, it has only 0.8 oz, so you won’t even know it’s there. It goes inside your waistband, attached to the belt.

It will protect your trigger and keep the gun in its place even if you are running, sitting, walking or you are engaged in some different action.

4. Crossbreed Holsters Minituck


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Leather and Kydex made
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High-quality made

If you are looking for the best IWB holster, and you are a right-handed person, here is another suggestion for you. The Crossbreed’s holsters go inside your waistband, and it can be adjusted from three to five o’clock position.

It’s high-quality made from two parts. The part that goes next to your body is super soft and created from cowhide leather, in black color, and the pistol pocket that’s attached to it is made of Kydex. This holster is a perfect fit for Sig Sauer P938 gun frames.

It will keep your gun well concealed, it won’t be uncomfortable to wear for many hours, and the manufacturer claims it is the best solution for deep concealment of smaller gun frames.

You will have two weeks to try it on and return it if you don’t believe it fits you, but if you decide on purchasing it, you will get a lifetime warranty.

Crossbreed holsters are suitable for any sort of situation that demands to have a weapon on you.

You can carry it with or without your shirt tucked in, and its steel belt clips are modular, so you will be able to set the cunt and the height as you find it best.

5. Concealment Express IWB Claw Compatible


  • Adjustable cant
  • Comfortable
  • Deep concealment
  • Posi-click retention system
  • Lifetime warranty

According to IWB holsters reviews, this model is highly rated and very popular. It has a simple but reliable and effective design, it’s made of Kydex, and it will cost you only 40 dollars. It should be worn inside of the beltline, with an untucked shirt if you would like to keep it well concealed.

This holster is very comfortable, durable, lightweight, it will protect your trigger guard and allow you to draw out your weapon quickly and easily at any moment.

It will protect your firearm from the sweat and impact, and it will keep the gun in its place with the help of reinforced stealth belt clips and steel hardware.

This IWB holster is claw compatible, so there won’t be printing. Thanks to that, the gun you are carrying won’t be visible by anyone. It has a posi-click retention system, which means you will hear a click sound whenever you place the weapon inside the holster.

It is a sort of security system that will let you know the gun’s firmly attached to your belt, and it won’t come off unless you do it yourself.

The product is completely made in the USA, designed and built by Americans, and the manufacturer will offer you a lifetime warranty for it. It’s formed over aluminum molds, it has a slight undercut and adjustable cant.

6. Maxx Carry IWB Leather Gun Holster


  • Leather made
  • Adjustable
  • Sweat guard
  • No imprint
  • High-quality made

Now here is something a bit different. It’s a gun holster wholly made of leather that has quite a simple and a bit an old-school design. It will provide you with absolute protection and comfort, given that this IWB holster will feel natural and light on your waistband.

The suede-lined interior will keep your gun from any kind of condition, and it has a full-length sweat guard, which means your sweat won’t be able to damage your firearm. Thanks to its high back, it will create a shield between your gun and your body.

This holster is easy to put on and take off, mostly because of the tempered steel spring clip that will fit belt widths up to 1.75 inches. It will make sure your gun will remain undetected since there won’t be any printing.

You can adjust this holder and wear it on your hip, on the back, or in front, whichever way you choose. It is affordable, and it comes with a lifetime warranty, which is quite commendable.

It can welcome Taurus 1911 full size, Kimber 1911, Colt 1911, Ruger SR1911, and other 1911 pistols.

7. Galco KT652b Kingtuk Inside the Waistband


  • Leather and Kydex made
  • Adjustable
  • Quick draw
  • Super durable
  • Reliable

The last one on our best IWB concealed carry holsters list is this item made by Galco. It has a modern look, it comes in black, and it’s designed from two parts – one made of leather that goes next to your body, and another made by rigid Kydex that can hold and keep your gun hidden.

It is super comfortable to wear, and the manufacturer claims you will be able to quickly draw your weapon, as well as to easily holster it back.

It is compatible with belts that are up to 1-3/4 inches wide. The backing plate will adjust to your body shape, and it has a nice Napa leather front.

Thanks to the removable metal clips, the shooter will be in a position to choose the carry high and carry angle. That’s because these clips can move up and down to several holes. It’s very high-quality made, super durable, and pretty lightweight, which means it’s perfect for field officers.

With this holster that’s made in the USA, there will be no printing, and thanks to the support this gun pouch has, you will be able to act and operate normally, without worrying about your weapon being safe. It’s available only in black colour.

How to Choose the Best IWB Holsters

IWB holsters are pretty much the most popular ones since they can offer concealed and comfortable weapon carry.

If you are one of those people who will always choose the IWB holster model, you need to make sure it’s made of good quality material, that it’s adjustable, safe, able to provide you with a quick draw, etc.

How to Choose the Best IWB Holsters


Gun owners prefer holsters made of leather or some firm and sturdy material like Kydex. As it turns out, they can provide with most reliability and comfort. The quality they are made of depends on their price, but mostly these are the materials you should look for in an IWB holster.

Leather is the most comfortable option because it loses its stiffness after some time and feels natural next to the skin, and plastic materials like Kydex is the most durable option.

Moisture Control

This aspect is something you need to take into consideration too. The climate you live in is the thing that should dictate the choice you make when it comes to gun holsters.

If the climate is extremely hot, you shouldn’t purchase a leather holster because it can chafe your skin when it rubs against it. In those circumstances, you should go with plastic holsters and vice versa.


If you are planning on carrying your holster for a long period of time, this is something that should concern you. It needs to feel natural and comfortable while you are walking, sitting, running, or engaging in any other activities and situations. You cannot allow it to be annoying, uncomfortable, or to restrict any of your movements.

Make sure to try on the holster you are planning to buy, so you can determine if it’s pinching you, and also, pick the lightweight one because it can be a problem if it’s pulling your belt down.


Safety is the number one priority whenever we talk about weapons. In this case, it means that your holster should fully cover the trigger guard, so any type of accident can be avoided, and also, it means your gun should stay in its place, inside the holster pouch, however, you behave or move.

There are several systems that can provide you with that, you just need to choose the one you feel most comfortable with.


This aspect is in a tight correlation with the previous matter. Holster needs to keep your weapon in its place no matter what and to have the best possible retention.

Some people say IWB holsters quite often have problems with that because they are usually created from two parts, where one is plastic made and other designed from leather. Leather can become supple over time, which can result in not so go retention.


When you are choosing the perfect IWB holster for your weapon, you should make sure it can welcome a great number of different gun models.

The holster is something you shouldn’t buy quite often, and it should be able to carry more than one firearm, so if you are a gun collector and you would like to use your holster for more models, check what types of guns it is compatible with.

How to Keep the Holster From Sliding on the Belt

Frequently asked question

Are IWB Holsters Comfortable?

This is something we cannot speak about in general. IWB holsters, just like any other kind, can be very comfortable, but some people find them to be the opposite.

The truth is holster is something you need to try on and wear for some time in order to see if it fits you. The shape of your body and the type and size of your weapon can make a significant impact on this matter.

How to Keep the Holster From Sliding on the Belt?

One thing is for sure – you cannot allow this to happen. Your gun, and therefore your holster needs to remain in its place so it can be hidden and in the reach of your hand when you try to get to your gun. In order to prevent this problem, you should check if your belt fits the holster loop perfectly. It cannot be narrower than the loop.

What Is the Most Comfortable Way to Concealed Carry?

If you want to be certain that your weapon will stay concealed, you should wear your holster at four o’clock position under an untucked shirt.

Sometimes, concealed carry can be possible with a tucked shirt, if the belt, the angle of the holster and the size of the gun are right, but it is a bit harder to achieve that. When it comes to IWB holsters, most of them will not leave the print and will remain hidden.

Is the Kydex Iwb Holster Comfortable?

Kydex holsters are highly appreciated because they are super durable and reliable, but the comfort isn’t their strongest side.

Given that they are made of a material that’s not flexible and will not bend to the shape of your body, you may find it to be a bit stiff and uncomfortable. This is especially the issue with IWB holsters because they are super close to your skin.


Buying an ideal IWB holster can be quite a nightmare, especially if this is the first time you are facing this decision. They are made in different ways, with some specific features, so it’s our recommendation to try more than one on and wear it for some time, just so you can gain insight on what it would feel like having it on you all the time.

There are a lot of things to think about, like the material, safety, retention, comfort, etc., and it would be best to go through our list one more time and see if you get everything right.

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