Best Ankle Holsters of 2023

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If you don’t like to show off, and you prefer concealed carry, you will love ankle holsters. Not only are they practical and quite often very comfortable, but they will allow you to have a second weapon on you that nobody knows about, just in case of an emergency.

So here are the top seven products of this kind that are currently available in the market.

What Is The Best Ankle Holster?

What Is The Best Ankle Holster

1. Comforttac Ankle Holster With Calf Strap


  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • For a wide range of guns
  • Silent and quick draw
  • High-quality made

We think that the best ankle holster is the one made of neoprene. This band is super comfortable to wear even if you place it directly on your skin because it won’t irritate you, but it will remain in its position when you move. It also has foam pads behind the gun case, so it will protect your ankle from feeling pressure.

This holster is suitable for a wide range of guns. You can place a revolver, micro pistol, subcompact and compact gun in it without any problems. It also comes with an extra case for a magazine that can be held thigh thanks to the elastic wrap that can go above it. Overall, it’s an adequate piece for guns that have a total length under 6.5 inches.

This previously mentioned retention strap, that’s also attached to a gun case, will allow you to have a fast and quiet draw at any moment. So it’s a great option for military, police, safety personnel, but also civilians who like to have their weapon on them.

If you are an average height, you will find this holster ideal for your needs. Its design is one size only, it’s breathable, so your skin won’t sweat under it, and the band is adjustable so you can make it tight as you want. It’s one of the best concealed carry ankle holsters in the market.

2. Galco Ankle Glove Holster


  • Leather made
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Compatible with Glock 26, 27 and 33

Galco created a beautiful and super practical revolver ankle holster that comes only in black. It is a 100 percent leather made piece that’s suitable for everyday concealed carry. It’s designed from premium steerhide, and it’s compatible with Glock 26, 27, and 33.

The case will keep your weapon firmly in its place, and it will protect it from scratching and damaging. It is moulded to perfectly welcome these guns, and it comes with a retention strap that will prevent them from falling out while you are walking.

The ankle band is made of neoprene, so it will feel super comfortable on your leg, even if you wear it on your skin directly. The band is attached with a Velcro fastener, so you can easily remove it at any point.

The gun case comes with padding that will prevent feeling pressure on your ankle. It’s suitable for right-handed people, and you will be able to easily draw your weapon. It’s lightweight, so it won’t be a burden on your leg.

3. Concealed Carrier


  • Very comfortable
  • Fits all gun sizes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Breathable
  • Durable

According to ankle holster reviews, universal leg holsters are the most popular ones. And with a reason they are. They will allow anyone to wrap it around their calf and keep their weapon hidden and in its place. This one, in particular, is also super comfortable, and it fits all gun sizes.

It is made of surgical grade elastic neoprene that’s breathable and padded, so you won’t sweat underneath it, but also you will not feel the pressure of the gun while you are carrying it. The band that goes around your leg has air holes that will provide you with constant ventilation.

This holster is designed by US military veterans who know what a person who wants to use an ankle holster truly needs. So it is very effective, high-quality, made, and durable. The product we are talking about will welcome any type of gun, and it can be used for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.

There’s a retention strap that will make sure the gun stays in its place, but you will be able to draw it quickly after you flick up the strap with the back of your thumb. You will be in a position to run, jump or workout with this holster. It contains an additional magazine case that’s super elastic and can be used for knives too.

4. Alien Gear Shapeshift Ankle Holster


  • Fully adjustable
  • High-quality made
  • ShapeShift system
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable

Among the best ankle holsters is definitely this one that can be customized to fit your specific gun, you just need to pick the pistol’s size. It has fully adjustable retention and the possibility to swap the plastic shells for the gun you need at that moment. The retention will stay maintained even in this scenario, with the ShapeShift system.

The holster is built from neoprene straps that will provide you with a great level of comfort when you place it around your calf. It will reduce footprint and allow you to be flexible. This material is breathable, so even if you wear it all day long, you won’t sweat and feel irritated.

The product is made in the USA, in a high-quality manner, and the manufacturer is willing to offer you a 30-day period trial during which you can decide if this is the holster you were looking for. It has a slim design, and you can wear it openly, or in a concealed way.

Everything can be adjusted, from retention to cant angle, and ride height without any tools. The holster has full trigger guard protection, and thanks to the ShapeShift shell, you can use it with other holsters from this line.

5. Desantis 4007527 Die Hard Ankle Rig


  • High-quality made
  • Worn inside of your ankle
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Quick and silent draw

Here is another leather ankle holster that comes with a thumb break and neoprene band for the most comfortable and practical wear. If you are a concealed carry kind of a person, you will love this small but effective holster designed to last.

This holster is made to be worn inside of your ankle, and the pistol case is moulded in a way that will welcome Glock 43. The smooth leather lining will protect the gun finish and allow you to have a quick and silent draw. It’s very durable and high-quality made. The manufacturer wanted to make sure you have a holster for life.

Thanks to the elastic neoprene band you will be very comfortable while wearing your gun, it will make sure your weapon stays concealed, and the best part is that it’s universal size. The longevity and performance are what you will get without a doubt with this holster.

The combination of these materials is designed for Federal law enforcement, so you definitely can be sure the quality of the product is unquestionable. The leg band is padded with foam, so you won’t feel the pressure of your gun on your ankle.

6. Pro-tech Outdoors Ankle Concealed Holster


  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

If you are looking for the best concealed carry ankle holster that’s also pretty affordable, we suggest you this Pro-Tech model. The complete outer layer of this product is made from Cordura ballistic nylon that’s super durable, but also very lightweight so you won’t have a problem wearing it all day long.

Your gun will be safe, and its place thanks to the adjustable Velcro strap that will secure it. But it will also allow you to easily access your gun and draw it within a second. This holster is designed to fit only right-handed people.

It is attached to a wideband created from the same material that will go around your calf. You can adjust it to your needs easily, thanks to the Velcro straps. The Pro-Tech holster is super durable and water-resistant, so it’s suitable for outdoor usage.

The holster is double stitched at the places where the pressure points are, which will make sure you wear it comfortably. It will stay in its place even if you are running, or doing some workout. You will not regret investing in this holster.

7. Ankle Revolver Nylon Holster by Houston


  • High-quality made
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable

The last one on our list is the ankle holsters for revolvers. It is a piece made for people who prefer concealed carry, and like to remain comfortable while wearing their holster. You will be able to pun in its case several different types of guns, including Smith & Wesson 642, .38s, M&P Bodyguard, Rossi 272, a Taurus 85s.

It is made of durable material that’s famous for its long lifespan and extreme comfort. There are also foam padding cells that will make sure you are not irritated and pressured by the gun, and the elastic high resistance strap that goes around your calf.

The strap is also breathable, so you won’t get sweaty underneath it, and it is very stretchable, so you can fit it to suit you right. In order to make sure your gun stays in its place, the holster comes with a Velcro fastener. You can easily detach it and reach for the weapon.

The manufacturer claims that the safety of your gun will be guaranteed and that you will be able to wear this holster even when you jog, walk, run, or workout. It will be completely undetectable when you wear your pants.

How to Choose the Best Ankle Holsters

Finding the best ankle holster is not so hard, you just have to know what gun you are going to use it for, and what do you expect to achieve.

They are all usually made for concealed carry, they are adjustable, and they will make sure your weapon stays in its place until you reach for it. Now, here are the things you need to consider before you make your purchase.

How to Choose the Best Ankle Holsters


Most ankle holsters are made from leather, or from nylon. Leather holsters are usually very durable and pretty comfortable. They have a very protective finish that makes them resistant to water and other elements.

They will protect your gun from scratching. Nylon holsters are the most common choice because they are super comfortable to wear, usually breathable, and adjustable. Also, they come with pads that will make sure you don’t feel your gun is creating pressure, and they are much cheaper.

Moisture Control

It is super important for your holster to have good moisture control. It should be breathable and designed with some kind of a ventilation system, in order for you not to feel sweaty underneath it.

The holster with this type of feature will allow you to wear it all day long without any problems, and your skin will remain uninitiated and dry. That’s why it is important to pay attention to the materials the holster is built from. The leather ones are usually problematic when it comes to this issue.


You need your ankle holster to feel very comfortable because you will probably wear it for a certain period of time, and it would be very difficult to relax and enjoy your activities if your holster is pinching you.

They are usually made with foam pads that will eliminate pressure from the gun, and they can be adjustable to fit your specific needs. It would be good to try several holsters before you decide which one to purchase, just so you can determine which one is more comfortable.


It’s crucial for your holster to remain in its position even if you are running, working out, sitting or laying down. It’s not good if it starts moving, sliding, or wobbling because it may lead to your gun falling out of the case, which could put you in a dangerous situation.

So make sure to check out what kind of a safety feature manufacturer implemented. It would be good to have a holster with Velcro or nylon straps because they can be trusted to keep it in its place.


And while we are talking about safety, let’s not forget about the importance of good retention. It is essential for your gun to remain inside the holster case, up to the moment you draw it out with your hand. The most common method regarding this issue is based on a thumb strap that goes around your gun and keeps it safe from falling out.


A good ankle holster will provide you with quick and easy access to your gun. If that’s not the case, you should definitely continue with the search. Ankle holsters are usually built for right-handed or left-handed people, it is rare they can be used in both ways, so you need to pay attention to this detail.

Also, you need to try it before purchasing it, and try to pull out the gun. The availability of your weapon is the number one rule ankle holsters need to follow.

What Guns Are Best to Use With an Ankle Holster

Frequently asked question

What Guns Are Best to Use With an Ankle Holster?

Every manufacturer will tell you what guns are suitable for each holster, but generally speaking pocket pistols and subcompacts are mostly used with ankle holsters. That’s because they are very lightweight and easy to carry in these types of holsters.

On What Leg Should I Wear an Ankle Holster?

You should wear your holster on your dominant leg. The dominant leg is usually on the same side as your dominant hand. This way, you will be able to reach and draw your weapon easily and more comfortably.

Are Ankle Holsters Any Good?

Ankle holsters are very practical and effective, especially if you are looking for a concealed carry option. They can be a safe carry case for your second or backup weapon. Depending on how they are made, and from which material, they can be less or more comfortable to wear, but mostly you will forget they are even there.

Are Ankle Holsters Comfortable?

Again, this issue depends on many things. The first one is what materials they are made of, are they heavy or lightweight, are they breathable or not, etc. A good ankle holster will allow you to wear it all day long without feeling irritated or uncomfortable.


You wouldn’t believe what a difference having a good ankle holster can make. People are often quite sceptical about carrying their guns concealed in an ankle holster because they can be pretty impractical and heavy.

That’s why we made sure to present you only with the best holsters that can provide you with an excellent level of comfort, and good breathability, the ones that are lightweight and allow you to access your gun in a second. Now it’s up to you to decide which one is the best solution for you and your needs.

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