XP DEUS Metal Detector Review

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An honest and fair in my own opinion XP Deus Review.

Quite possibly the most spoken about metal detector in the past couple of years.

If you frequent the Facebook groups and online forums you will no doubt come to realise that the XP Deus comes highly recommended and is often worshipped by its owners. When it comes to the most popular metal detector in the world the XP Deus is definitely in the running.

If you have a bigger than average budget and serious about the hobby, then you’re going to want to read on.

XP DEUS Metal Detector Review

Appearance & Assembly of the XP Deus

The first thing you will notice about the XP Deus metal detector is it’s sleek and quality design. With this metal detector being the first ever to boast wireless technology there are no wires tangled around the stem or hanging loose.

There are 3 elements that make up the Deus, The coil, The Remote control and the wireless headphones. These all communicate with each other via a radio link. However there is a lite (a little cheaper) version available of this detector which doesn’t include the remote control, you simply control the detector via the wireless headphones.

What is the difference between the lite and full version of the XP Deus?

In the full Package available here both the remote and wireless headphones are included.

In the “LITE” XP Deus Package only the wireless headphones are included and NOT the remote.

There are two options available for the wireless headphones, the WS4 and WS5 both are fully weatherproof.

This innovative futuristic metal detector is also only one of very few that is telescopic and foldable. Meaning you can assemble or fold away with ease.

The angle of the metal detector has been scientifically studied to give the best possible setup for comfort. There is also a very comfortable rubber handle to grip.

The weight of the XP Deus is simply unbelievable, somehow they have managed to create a strong and reliable metal detector at a mere weight of just shy of 1kg. 987 grams is the total weight.

Modes and features of the XP Deus

There are 9 switch on and go programs preset into the machine. With the custom option available to store your own personal preferences and search modes. There are also many programs out there tweaked for things like beach hunting available so ask on Facebook and other forums and you should be able to obtain some of these.

Something you may not have heard of before are motion and non-motion modes. It sounds a lot more complicated than what it actually is. Some detectors are motion detectors some are non-motion. The difference between the two is rather self-explanatory.

A motion detector will only pick up a signal and “beep” if it’s being moved over the target whereas a non-motion will pick it up regardless of motion. The XP Deus boasts both modes.

Tonal Discrimination will allow you to adjust sizes and tone pitches for all four conductivity ranges. The tonal zones enable you to reject or accept targets by listening to the sound without the frustration of hearing the audio response from unwanted targets.

The tonal discrimination can be used by entering the “expert” menu in discrimination. There is a reason for this though, it can be pretty hard to get used to and is aimed at the more seasoned detectorist.

High-speed sweep mode will allow you to swing the detector like a madman and still pick up targets. I’m a little bit dubious about this but others have sworn by this mode proclaiming it doesn’t miss a target. This is due to the very high-speed recovery of the machine.

Ground balance which is always a welcomed feature, in my opinion, can be set manually or with auto tracking.

The frequency of the XP Deus

4 Frequency settings are included, 4khz, 8khz, 12khz and 18khz. A good guide to what the difference frequencies mean on metal detectors can be found here – Frequency Meaning Metal Detecting 

Best Settings and programs for the XP Deus

There are many programs and settings available for the XP Deus to allow you to customise and optimise your search depending on what you want to find and the conditions you’re hunting in.

In my opinion, the best I have used so far are listed below. If you have other opinions on the best settings and programs for the XP Deus please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will add them to this article accordingly.

XP Deus best settings for Roman and hammered coins

Load up the Deus fast program, alter the discrimination settings to between 0 and 5, use discrimination 5 and dig every tone which is repeatable, select full tones, set iron volume to 0, set audio response to 3-4.

XP Deus best settings for finding field hot spots and coin shooting

Load up Goldmaxx power settings, change the discrimination to 6, set the tones to 2 tones – Tone 1 202, Tone 2 702, set the frequency to 11.7.

XP Deus Price & Buyers Guide

XP Deus Price & Buyers Guide

You can buy the XP Deus  full new for between $1150 – $1400

You can buy the XP Deus lite new for between $700 – $850

You can buy the XP Deus full used for between $800 – $1000

You can buy the XP Deus lite used for between $400 – $600

XP DEUS Pro & Con

Mega LightweightComplicated and takes practice
Rechargeable BatteriesExpensive
Wireless tech no tangling in wires
Very powerful

XP DEUS Technical Specifications

Wireless multi-channelYES 36
Weight with remote987 grams
USBYes for battery charge and program updates
Battery LifeApprox 20 hours
Changeable Frequencies4, 8, 12 and 18khz
Ground BalanceYes – Track, Pump, Manual & Beach
Motion/Non MotionYes both
Stock coil9″ carbon fiber DD
WaterproofYes Fully
Modes8 custom slots, 10 preset
Warranty5 years

XP DEUS Coil upgrades

There are options for XP Deus Coil upgrades, these coils allow us to increase the performance in different ways for example depth, coverage, accuracy etc.

XP Deus 9″ High-Frequency Coil

XP Deus 13″ x 11″ Coil


All in all the XP DEUS metal detector is a very powerful productive machine. If you have the extra money and are ready to upgrade your detector I would completely recommend the Deus. So would many others.

It’s not for the faint-hearted and the options, modes and settings can be rather overwhelming at first. You WILL need to read the manual and practice before you can truly use the detector to its full capabilities.

There’s a lot of literature and resources to help you get the most out of your Deus and I’ve found Facebook has a very helpful Deus user community who are more than happy to offer advice.

The XP DEUS is in another league and is perhaps the most popular and powerful detector amongst seasoned detectorists.

I like how upgrades to the software are free and how flexible this metal detector is, you can fine tune just about anything.

It’s also future proof with regular software updates available to download.

There have been many significant finds made with the XP Deus which proves the worthiness of this machine.

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