Quest Q40 Metal Detector Review

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The next model in the line of Quest metal detectors is the Q40. The “middle” machine.

Most metal detecting companies seem to release in 3 models, for example, Garrett with the Ace – 150, 250, 350. Then Minelab with the X-terra 305, 505, 705.

So how does the Quest Quest Q40 fair as the middle machine?

Quest Q40 Metal Detector Review

Quest Q40 Appearance

Appearance wise nothing has changed from the Q20 so I won’t go into great lengths talking about it.

You can view appearance information for the Q20 above. Same colour, same innovative sleek design.

Quest Q40 Control Panel & Buttons

The control panel and buttons on the Q40 are exactly the same as the Q20.

The only difference between the two is the information you receive on the LCD screen.

You can see the information you will receive to the LCD screen on the image below.

Quest Q40 Modes & Features

So what added features and modes does the Q40 bring in comparison to its junior model the Q20.

As per the Q20, we have the preset modes, coins, jewellery, and all-metal, an added beach mode, and the addition of a much-welcomed custom mode so the user can preset their own preferences and fine-tune the program.

The Quest Q40 has all of the same features as the Quest Q20. (You can see these above in the Q20 specs) That being said it throws in a couple of major differences.

The machine runs at 13khz as opposed to the junior model which runs at 9khz. The frequency of this model can also be shifted when near other detectorists or in a location with high interference.

Wireless headphone technology is also a major upgrade from the Q20. You still, however, have the option of plugging in the usual headphones.

6 Tone response as opposed to the dual response in the lower model. Allowing you to receive a much more detailed audio response.

FESEN, this allows you to hear good targets that could be masked by iron or bad targets. Using this feature will increase the audio capability and allow you more of a chance of hearing the good signals.

Deteknix Q40 Buyers Guide

So what’s the difference in price between the Q20 and the Q40?

You can currently buy the Deteknix Quest Q40 from a few places online. If you wanted to buy from a metal detector retailer then we have found them in stock on

You can also purchase your Quest Q40 from eBay and Amazon below for the following prices.

Not a huge difference in price between the Q20 and the Q40. For me, the wireless headphone technology is worth the price difference alone.

Deteknix Q40 Pro’s & Con’s

Wireless Headphone TechNot Fully Waterproof
Fantastic USB Battery LifeLimited Coil Upgrades
User Friendly

Deteknix Q40 Technical Specifications

Frequency13khz induction balance
Length80 – 130cm
BatteryUSB rechargeable 2000mAh Lithium battery
Stock Coil9×5″ Turbo D Waterproof Coil
Programs/Modes5 Programs 1 Custom
AudioInternal Speaker, Wireless Headphones, Headphone Jack
LCD60 x 70mm Backlit LCD
TonesMulti 6 Tones
Battery Life20 hours with wireless headphones, 30 internal speaker
Handle & ArmrestAnti slip handle, Armrest robust PP Ergonomic
Ground BalanceAuto & Manual
Numeric ID99 numbers Target ID


After extensive research and speaking to a few detectorists who have used the Q40 it has to be said that I’m still shocked that more people don’t own one.

The Quest Q40 is an absolute steal for the price.

The wireless headphone technology is probably my favourite feature, no more tripping over your headphones or taking them on and off constantly all day.

Again you are getting far more power and performance than you should for what you are paying.

I’d highly recommend this to beginners and even to more advanced detectorists wanted to upgrade from their first metal detector. For the beginner with a slightly larger budget this is going to last you a long time and as far as I can see the detector is future ready with a Sync menu option which is not used at the moment.

I investigated the “sync” menu option further and it seems that you will be able to update the firmware in the future activating more features.

It has everything you need and it’s lightweight. It looks nice and there are so many reports saying the recovery speed is fantastic.

As I am writing about these Quest metal detectors I’m convincing myself to buy one as a spare 🙂

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