Nel Tornado For Garrett Ace Models Search Coil Review

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Today we are going to take a look at the Nel Tornado 12″ x 13″ search coil for the Garrett Ace Models.

The Nel Tornado Coils have proven very popular and built up a solid reputation amongst detectorists worldwide.

The Tornado model from Nel is probably their most famous and successful Search Coil.

A lot of you have probably arrived here wanting to know more about the Nel Tornado Coil and if it’s worth the investment.

So let’s take a look and see what benefits this coil makes to the Garrett Ace line of detectors.

Nel Tornado For Garrett Ace Models Search Coil Review

Garrett ACE Nel Tornado 12″ x 13″ Review

The first thing you are going to notice about the Nel Tornado is the size of it. She’s a biggy! 12″ x 13″ so I’m sure as you would imagine when you attach this coil to your Garrett the weight’s going to increase. Well here’s the surprising thing. The Nel Tornado Coil is lightweight weighing in at just 560 grams so you really don’t actually notice.

Nels Tornado for Garrett is fully waterproof and submersible for those who like to beach detect, or detect in shallow streams etc just bare in mind though that your Garrett Ace detector is not fully submersible.

The body of the coil is filled with an epoxy resin and the coil comes complete with coil cover.

Attaching the Nel Tornado coil you will notice that in comparison to the stock coils of the Garrett Ace machines the components like the fixing bolt and rubber washers are of a much higher quality. I felt once I attached the Nel coil that it was a much more stable and secure fit to the stem.

The connection from the coil to the control box will come plated in either silver or gold. I really don’t know how much impact this has but it can’t hurt right!

Garrett Ace Nel Tornado Depth

So most of you will want to know if the Nel Tornado actually has any effect on the depth capability of the Ace models.

To put it quite simply. Yes. An incredible amount.

When I tested the Nel Tornado I went to an old local permission that I hadn’t visited for over a year.

When I was last there I had been using the Euro Ace, I had been to this permission many times because of how close it was. I chose this local permission to test because I’d only ever used the Euro Ace there. So I dusted off my backup-machine the Garrett Euro Ace attached the Nel Tornado and off I went.

Bare in mind I had not been back there at the time because I felt I had found it all. How wrong was I. It was like being on a new field!

I couldn’t be precise with exactly how much extra depth the Nel Tornado added but it was a minimum of 3 inches.

So does it add depth? Yes. 

I decided to do some more digging, not on the field but via Google. There are literally countless people who will tell you pretty much the same thing.

The actual stats that are claimed are as follows:

How much depth does the Nel Tornado add to Garrett Ace machines?

Depth increase stats 

100% increase in depth in comparison to the stock coil on a Garrett Ace 150, Garrett Ace 250, Garrett Ace 200i & Garrett Ace 300i.

25% depth increase in depth (personally I’d say more) in comparison to the stock coil on a Garrett Euro Ace or 400i.

Other Benefits of the Nel Tornado search coil

Ground coverage. You’re going to cover much more ground due to the sheer size of it. More ground coverage obviously means an increase in your day’s productivity.

I had no problems with false signals and to be honest as I recall where I tested the ground was a little iffy. So I do believe the coil itself doesn’t struggle in the mineralised soil.

Garrett ACE Nel Tornado 12″ x 13″ Buyers Guide

The Nel Tornado coils really do seem to hold their value well. There actually isn’t much of a price difference between buying a new or used coil. This to me shows me how in demand the coils are and how much people are willing to pay for the improved depth.

You have a few options if you want to purchase the Coil, you can opt for an online supplier like where the new price will be around £130.00

New Price

To buy the Nel Tornado 12″ x 13″ Search Coil for the Garrett ACE machines new you can expect to pay between £110 – £130

Used Price

To buy the Nel Tornado 12″ x 13″ Search Coil for the Garrett ACE machines used you can expect to pay between £70 – £100

Garrett ACE Nel Tornado 12″ x 13″ Pros & Cons


  • A huge amount of added depth capability.
  • Increased ground coverage.
  • Submersible and fully waterproof.


  • Nope I can’t think of one! Maybe it’s a little pricey.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend the Nel Tornado Coil upgrade for your Garrett Machines? Hell yes. You will notice the difference I am very confident in saying this.

If you have the money to spend on a coil then, in my opinion, the Nel Tornado is one of and if not the best coils available for the Garrett Ace machines that will substantially increase your depth and ground coverage.

A big thumbs up for the Nel Tornado Coil!

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