What Should I wear While Metal Detecting?

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When I first started in my metal detecting journey, before I had been out with my metal detector, I joined a lot of Facebook Groups.

I took note of all the pictures of other detectorists and quickly saw that the majority have a full “kit” that they would wear while out dirt fishing.

This was generally made up of camo wear and wellingtons, a cool military jacket, and a handy finds pouch.

What Should I wear While Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting Clothes & Attire

You, of course, do not “need” to rush out and buy this full range of clothing and attire for metal detecting. That doesn’t mean though that the kit doesn’t have its benefits.

What I would suggest is, if your budget won’t allow you to spend a lot of money to just build up your kit little by little. Clothing is not essential (no I don’t mean you can detect naked) When I say clothing I mean the camouflaged waterproofs and the multi-pocketed gilet.

Depending on the weather you are faced with, you’re going to want to wear different clothing when heading out metal detecting.

If it’s the winter a good pair of wellingtons or waterproof boots, some thermal socks perhaps, some old trousers, a couple of layers on top and a waterproof jacket. This will suffice to begin with, don’t overdo it with the clothing you don’t want to restrict your mobility, this could end up driving you mad.

If you’re out on one of the rare days where the sunshine is out, a loose fitting t-shirt, some loose trousers, preferably thinner than jeans and a good pair of boots.

This will be sufficient to start with, as I’ve just said if you can’t afford the full kit you can get it all bit by bit.

Whatever you do stay away from “steel toe capped” boots. Remember guys, you are metal detecting. I literally learnt this the hard way and spent the whole day digging false signals and then they would disappear and I actually wanted to have a meltdown.

So let’s talk more in-depth about different items of clothing for metal detecting, their benefits, costs and what comes highly recommended!

Metal Detecting Gloves

I personally don’t wear gloves while out metal detecting, a lot of my friends in the detecting world do. I probably should too, I’ve just always been someone who likes to see my hands dirty after a hard days work.

There are a few benefits to wearing gloves mainly safety really, imagine your grabbing some dirt from the bottom of the hole and there is some glass, some sharp metal or heaven forbid a dirty needle.

Digging all day long can also cause blisters so a good pair of gloves can save you from a painful blister or two.

Gloves are very cheap to buy, you can pick a pair of gardening gloves up for a couple of quid! You could, of course, go all out and get some reinforced gloves that are cut resistant.

Here are some recommended cut-resistant metal detecting gloves, remember to get the right size for your hands ensuring maximum comfort.

Metal Detecting Boots

In my eyes boots are a must-have especially if you’re going to be metal detecting in places that are damp or wet. Wellington boots would be my first recommendation.

If you’re not so keen on the wellingtons then many different kinds of boots for metal detecting are available. When you’re metal detecting a muddy ploughed field you will appreciate using a good set of boots. It can often be quite difficult to walk in.

Some people highly recommend military boots, but in all honesty, they are quite expensive and I wouldn’t personally deem it necessary to spend so much on boots when you can grab a good pair of wellies for a small amount.

Metal Detecting Knee Pads

While out metal detecting and digging holes you’re going to spend a large proportion of your day on your hands and knees scraping around in the hole you’ve dug trying to locate your target.

For some this may cause unnecessary pain and fatigue in the knees, a simple solution would be a good set of metal detecting knee pads. These will protect your knees from damage. Any knee pads will do and again these are relatively cheap and will last you a long time.

I personally don’t use knee pads at the moment, I have in the past and they really are great to have. I just keep forgetting to get myself some…I might go grab some right now while I remember actually 🙂

These are the metal detecting knee pads I use to have, the reviews are incredible!

Metal Detecting Trousers

I wear work trousers, waterproof ones you know the ones with the extra pockets. These extra pockets are pretty handy at times as they are secured by a zip.

I only wear these for the winter, in all honesty, I like to wear a pair of shorts in the summer and get some tan on my legs. Wearing the full kit in the summer can be quite uncomfortable and you can get very hot, pretty fast!

The trousers below are what I own, they are incredibly warm in the winter because of the thermal design, they are waterproof but do get a little wet in heavy rain. I recommend them!

Metal Detecting Jackets & Coats

Again not a necessity but there are many coats and jackets for metal detecting that are an excellent investment. For the winter you’ll want something waterproof and windproof.

While out in the fields that crosswind can cause quite a chill, and in turn cause you a backache or make you want to go home! In the summer something thinner is recommended or no jacket at all just a good finds pouch.

Some great brands for winter metal detecting jackets include North Face, Regatta or you could go all out and get a military Grade Goretex Camo Jacket!

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