Deteknix Quest Q20 Metal Detector Review

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The metal detectors I am reviewing and talking about below are the latest models and not the controversial first models that were sued for copyright by First Texas Products.

There are 3 Quest Metal detectors available, the Quest Q20, the Quest Q40 and the QuestPro.

Quite frankly I’m absolutely shocked at how little recognition these machines have had so far and why they aren’t making much more of a noise with detectorists.

Let me explain in depth what I have found about the Q20 metal detectors (quest pro review coming soon), their features, their pro’s and cons and their excellent value for money!

Let’s start by saying the Quest Q20 is the baby of the Quest metal detector range and subsequently the lowest priced.

Deteknix Quest Q20 Metal Detector Review

Quest Q20 Appearance

The first thing you are going to notice is the appearance. It’s innovative and sleek and has a slightly futuristic design and look to it.

When I first saw these detectors I thought that they were going to be very expensive.

The shaft is made up of 3 pieces which are demountable and adjustable.

Length can be adjusted from 80cm to 130cm.

It’s ultralightweight, weighing in at just over 1.1kg. 1050 grams to be precise. This is including the weight of the stock coil if you are to upgrade this would, of course, add to the weight.

When they first released the range there were apparently a few design flaws however these have all been ironed out now.

In general, the machine is very sturdy and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Q20 Control Panel & Buttons

On the control panel of the Q20, There’s a very large LCD screen complete with backlight. The Headphone Socket is located at the back.

There are 5 buttons in total: up and down arrows, an M for the menu, a pinpoint button, and a “level up” button.

The simplicity of a minimal amount of menu options and buttons is going to make this absolutely perfect for the beginner detectorist.

On the Screen, you receive a wealth of information on a large clear and easy to read screen. Firstly you have the target ID number, An Icon to represent the mode you are currently in, volume level, depth indicator, the target segments, battery level and when in the mode a pinpoint crosshair display.

Detecknix Q20 Modes & Features

There are 3 modes for the Quest Q20 these are coin mode, jewellery mode, and All-Metal.

All of the modes have the option to set ID discrimination so you can notch out target I.Ds numerically. There are 10 segments you can choose from.

For a machine that is so low in price ground balance is a rare feature, the Q20 includes a manual & auto ground balance feature this is achieved by selecting the menu option and pumping the coil up and down just above the ground or simply set it to Auto.

The inclusion of the USB chargeable lithium battery is another noteworthy feature of this metal detector potentially saving you hundreds over the year. The battery life is very good you should get roughly 20 hours worth of detecting out of a full charge.

Quest Q20 Buyers Guide

You can currently buy the Quest Q20 from a few places online. If you wanted to buy from a metal detector retailer then we have found them in stock on with free delivery.

You can also purchase your Q20 from eBay and Amazon below for the following prices.

There are not many used units showing up anywhere which is a very good sign. This is a solid indicator that people are not parting with the machine.

Quest Q20 Pro’s & Con’s

Excellent value for moneyNot fully waterproof
Amazing battery lifeNot many coil upgrades available
Simple to use and effective

Quest Q20 Technical Specifications

Frequency9khz VLF
BatteryUSB Chargeable 1200mAh Lithium Battery
Stock Coil9.5 x 5″ Turbo D Waterproof Coil
AudioInternal speaker, headphones
LCD Display60 x 70mm
Weight1050 Grams
Ground BalanceAuto & Manual
Numeric ID99 Metal I.D Target Identification
Forearm RestRobust PP Material, ergonomic


It’s got to be said these Quest machines are a hidden gem in the detecting world, especially for the budget price.

The recovery speed of the detector is very fast. Faster than one would expect.

The depth capability of the Quest 20 is highly dependent on the mineralization of the ground but reports show that it’s hitting 8 – 10″

You’re getting a very attractive metal detector that is aimed at the beginner that includes the power of a mid-range machine all for a budget price. Basically, the machine’s performance is worth twice its price.

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