Anthony Arms offers an on-site gunsmith to serve our customers with repair work on all types of firearms as well as general repairs on old and new guns.

Gunsmith Service Pricing List

(pricing subject to change based on each individual job)

Full Handgun Work Up – $150

Handgun work up includes trigger job and reliability package.  Experienced with most Sig Sauer P-series Hammer Fired Pistols (P226, P229, P239, P238, P938 Etc.), 1911’s Smith & Wesson Double Action Revolvers and M&P Revolvers and Pistols, Ruger Double Action Revolvers and Glocks. If your firearm is not on the list inquire with Gunsmith.

Trigger Job – $90

Trigger job includes polishing of hammer and sear engagement points and other surfaces (varies depending on the individual firearm) that will lead to a smoother, lighter, and more constant trigger pull. Lighter spring(s) will  be an additional cost if needed for desired trigger pull weight.

Reliability Package – $40

Reliability Package includes polishing of feed ramp and other surfaces (varies depending on the individual firearm) for a smoother and more reliable operation of your semi-automatic pistol.

Scope Mounting and Boresight – $40

There will be an additional fee if you want the GunSmith to “shoot in” your firearm. Rings and Mounts are not included

Night Sight Installation

  • Glocks – $25
  • S&W M&P – $30
  • SIG Sauer – $30
  • XD Series – $40
  • 1911 and other firearms that require fitting, the price will be subject to a $60 hourly rate

Barrell Threading Services

Cleaning – $25

There will be additional fees depending on how much time is required to disassemble and clean your firearm

GunSmith Hourly Rate – $60

Many other services offered. Inquire with Gunsmith for pricing.


Wednesday-Friday 12PM-8PM
Saturday-Sunday 10AM-6PM