We have listened to advice and concerns from our customer base and consulted with stars in the industry, and have come up with a new way to do business! It is our hope that these new procedures will speed up service on the gun range. Everyone now comes in, reads the range rules, signs once, and will get an hourly membership card (a cost of $2.50). Every time you come back, you present the card – which is valid until it falls apart from use or abuse – as well as your ID, then go out onto the range. That’s it.

If you ever are unclear on the rules, you may read them here, or ask at the range for a copy.


Two shooters walk into a gun range. How much does it cost?

It used to be that two shooters paid twice and may get one lane, may get two. Now, we rent by the lane! Two shooters may pay only once and share a lane – one may load magazines while the other shoots. Otherwise, they may rent two lanes, and enjoy their elbow room for paying twice – once each.


From here on in you may rent by the half-hour for $7 or $12.50 for a full hour. We know sometimes you just want to empty a few magazines to blow off steam, or to sight in a new acquisition. This new pricing allows you to spend your range dollars more wisely.