Gun Bashes

Anthony Arms is one of the premier providers of firearms and accessories in the Pittsburgh area. When you chose Anthony Arms for your gun bash, you don’t get intermittent attention. You get an entire department devoted to your needs.

With our size and fine business practices we are able to get allocated and rare firearms more than our competitors. As a public service, those firearms are saved for you.

We promise personalized attention that does not come in short bursts, or dribs and drabs, but works all year long to make gun bashes as profitable as possible.

We are not here for now, not for tomorrow, not even just until the day of your gun bash. We are here to help you on a continuous basis in your noble pursuit of public safety. Today; And tomorrow; And then after the event we are preparing for your next one. We want to be partners, because your job is too hard to shoulder all the weight alone.

Let us help.

Download the Gun Bash FAQ and our Gun Bash Flyer.

If you have any questions please contact Jamie Chonko at: 412-469-9992