Every firearm transferred to Anthony Arms & Accessories is subject to a transfer fee of $50.

A transferred firearm must meet all requirements of PA and Federal law, and must be shipped via UPS, FedEx or a similar insured, reputable carrier that provides tracking information to the customer.

• DO NOT SHIP FIREARMS VIA THE POST OFFICE. It is Anthony Arms & Accessories policy NOT to accept firearms shipped by USPS.

• Any firearm so arriving is subject to a $100 PENALTY and may be returned to the sender.

• Please do NOT violate this rule as we are unable to guarantee the security of firearms so shipped.

• It is the customer’s responsibility to make ALL arrangements with the transferring FFL, including delivery of required documents and payment of shipping costs, and to notify Anthony Arms & Accessories of any firearm transfer prior to its arrival at our premises. Notification should be made by e-mail ONLY (please put the name of the transferee in the subject line) to:

• This means a phone call to Anthony Arms & Accessories is NEITHER necessary, NOR sufficient. The email notification must include:

1. the make / model AND SERIAL NUMBER of the firearm being transferred

2. ALL contact information (name, address, daytime phone number) for the transferring FFL (including a contact name)

3. ALL contact information (name, address, daytime phone number) for the customer requesting the transfer.

• PLEASE! Do NOT call to double-check your gun’s arrival. You must rely on information provided to you by your shipping company.


• This means: do NOT come the same day it arrives as it will not be ready – we have paperwork to do for you.

• It is the customer’s responsibility to ascertain whether the firearm has arrived by contacting the shipping company, and to claim the firearm from Anthony Arms & Accessories within specified time limits as outlined below.

Firearms Transferred to Anthony Arms & Accessorie by Another FFL

• Transferred firearms must be picked-up from Anthony Arms & Accessories by close of the fourth business day after arrival on our premises (24 hours after arrival date plus two grace period days).

• Transferred firearms NOT picked-up within grace period are subject to $10/day storage fee every day after the grace period.

•  Transferred firearms NOT CLAIMED WITHIN THIRTY DAYS of arrival will be considered ABANDONED.

Abandoned Firearms

• Once a firearm is considered abandoned, Anthony Arms & Accessories reserves the right to possess and sell the firearm at no further recompense to the customer.

• If a firearm does not meet PA or Federal law, it will be returned to the transferring FFL at the customer’s cost, and may be reported to the proper authorities.

• If a firearm is not shipped with a gun lock or gun case, one must be supplied by the customer or purchased from Anthony Arms & Accessories before the firearm can leave store premises.

By shipping a firearm to Anthony Arms & Accessories it means that you understand and accept the transfer policy as put forth by this document.